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  1. the duck in his pocket is probably a plant mic.
  2. The loss is usually the s/n ratio, as most M/S single-tube microphones have better s/n ratio at the center capsule than the side one.
  3. You can use extra outputs (HP2, tape, mono out) and assign whatever you want to those. (you have to register to read) -------------- The outputs are routed 1:1 to card tracks when playing back. If you want more flexible playback routing use the HP2, tape or mono outputs since you can assign card tracks to those.-howy
  4. Well, the built-in antenna limits some range Glenn said, but I am sure it's enough. Looks like that, and the XLR is the only difference between the two....
  5. Glenn Sanders gave a hint, that it's not a "proper" plugon to be used on a boom. No interchangeable cones, for example...
  6. Happy Birthday Mr. Wexler! Enjoy good health and passion for sound always.... Thank you for this site.
  7. Where did you get that information (or how you tested that) ? On Nomad, at 96kHz which is the highest sample rate the box allows, Iso attenuation works just the same as at lower rates. Can you tell how do you know the signal suddenly only goes thru just one A/D converter?
  8. It might be a good idea to get one of them Sennheiser pouches for some rainy future :
  9. you can slip by frame down to sample in pro tools, and you can see it, too. I don't sweat it. It's easy enough to line up the phase in pro tools if you know what you're doing.
  10. Hey Thunderfm, still happy with the modified BeBop cart? any additional remarks?
  11. How do you connect the digital microphone to the Nomad Rado? regular XLR to AES input? How do you set the gain on that mic? Can you adjust the gain remotely from Nomad or there are two gain stages - one in the mic, one in the Nomad's digital input?
  12. how would one use kmr81d with a nomad? turn aes 42 powering on, and using it on aes input 1 or 2? not a word in a manual about this...
  13. Which regulator Rich? Are you talking HawkWoods here? What frequencies were affected?
  14. What the man said. Remote Roll is great! I wouldn't like to work without it now....especially in documentary work. You hit the lever, hear a beep - and you don't have to look at the machine at all, whichever menu you happen to be. Do yourself a favor, Matthias, and install one of them switches... you can have any of 1-0 type, be it flat or lever-like...
  15. 442 is pretty heavy. sounds great, but is not that practical to carry it alongside the lightweight 633. Kortwich did a 3 channel preamp for 633, you could try that. also, if can live with 2 additional preamps, i would recommend sound devices mixpre. Very lightweight, basically the same sound as 442 (tested two side by side).