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  1. I applied it to the "skin", not the fur. Doing sink tests (without the mic) water still can soak through, but it takes a lot. I don't think the nickwax would work well applied to fur, I believe it needs a smoother surface since it works by causing water to bead up and run off before it can soak in.
  2. The noise floor is my only complaint about the R1A. I find it a bit tiring when listening to all day. Otherwise they are fantastic.
  3. Running the AC, even with the heat on, dries out the air in the van a lot, and can work like a dehumidifier while you drive home. If rugs etc are really soaked I take them out at home, but I rarely need to. Most of the electronics are stored in pelicans and only stay in the van when being used the next day.
  4. I never would've imagined that nickwax would hold water inside the Kelly.
  5. The best! The shelves are bolted to the floor and the walls with half a dozen metal brackets. After this photo was taken I added permanent ratchet straps across the shelves that hold the crates in. They are quick to release, and very secure. I originally designed the shelves with a lip so I could take the crates out without loosening straps, but the extra couple inches per shelf added too much height to get 3 rows. Because of the curved shape of the Astro walls, there is space behind the crates to store items less often accessed like large rugs, mic stands, etc. I also store 5 cable rugs vertically on the back of the shelves behind the second rear door.
  6. The Kelly is great for reducing rain drop noise, especially with large drops, but is mostly ineffective for keeping water from soaking through. The nickwax coating is supposed to take care of that, but it can soak through over time. I have found the nickwax + medium fur to handle full days of rain with no drop noise and no leakage. YMMV.
  7. My two go to's are: A home made rain cover over the fur for heavy water situations. I haven't tracked down exactly what the material is, I originally purchased a cut to size air filter from home Depot and threw out the frame. The filter material has a fine synthetic thread and a fairly tight weave. It has little discernable effect on the sound, and essentially no water gets through, even after long exposure to rain. Also have been impressed with the effectiveness of a cinella piano. I don't use the rain cover they sell, just the fur, but the rain cover comes with a bottle of nickwax. Coating the fabric (neoprene?) cover with nickwax and the medium fur, and I haven't had any water get inside, even when shooting I heavy rains for hours.
  8. I built shelves in my Astro van and love it. My carts strap to the opposite wall from the shelves.
  9. That was exactly my thought. Especially since I see the Arri remote focus give 1st AC's a lot more trouble than Preston's.
  10. Correct. Usually the first thing I check when an AC tells me the cam is not receiving TC. It seems they default to present when powered down for a while, cause I have to set it on almost every job, even when I know it's the same body from the same rental house.
  11. Offline bounce to disk with the surround zone plugin doesn't work? Not exactly batch converting, but faster than real time.
  12. I love the look of the PH version. I currently love the function of my 742, and 3.5-4 hours on rechargables is just enough to not really bother me. I have always found the 742 to be too heavy to be supported by the xlr alone. This looks like a great step up for wireless boom.
  13. There is no single number, unless you set one and the seller agreed to it. Otherwise the transaction is complete upon receipt of the goods. There is no warranty on used goods unless one was negotiated in the sale. This is one of the big reasons so many here make statements about buying from people they "know", because much of the transaction is based on trust. In my opinion, used gear should be tested right away when received, ideally same or next day, and any issues should be brought to the sellers attention immediately.
  14. Sounds like a really fun trip. Personally I think your ability to search out and find unique sounds, and how you go about recording them will have a much greater impact on your final product than what recorder you use. There is no substitute for good mics imo. You may find your needs evolving throughout the trip, and you can always ship another piece of gear in whenever you are in a city. I would suggest not spending your efforts trying to nail down the minutia of differences between a zoom and an SD, and spend your time planning your trip and searching out places to go with unique sound scapes and beautiful scenery. Some of the best places I've ever been took a lot of effort to find and get to, and even if you capture those moments less than perfectly, you will still have a better end result because the experience will be unique.
  15. I work with a VTR guy here who swears by cable reels. Funny thing is his assistant hates them and swears by over under. They have to coil and uncoil hundreds if not thousands of feet of cable a day. So yeah, a very polarizing and personal subject. Personally I can see the advantage for long cables. My 100' XLR's are a bit of a pain to manage just coiled, and if you ever lay them out with knots it can be a real time suck to undo. Overall I find I'm really fast at over under cable wrapping, so I figured the cable rolls wouldn't save me time, and I steered away from them because they take up more space in the van than just a crate of coiled cables. When I'm doing jobs with a lot of cable out like music gigs, my van is usually completely full so the extra space became the deciding factor for me.