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  1. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    L-Com with an Omni antenna.
  2. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    @MartinTheMixer, it sounded to me like @ao lost Zaxnet control because he was using the IFB200 to send Zaxnet commands, and if he moves it away from himself he can't control it anymore. I run Zaxnet from my Nomad through an amp so I don't have that issue.
  3. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    I often do similar setups to @ao, with a dedicated ifb200 at video village and 1watt amp on my cart. Erx's set to voting. This has covered me in every video village / set configuration I have come across, including a bus down the street etc. The voting feature is one of many items I really like about the erx system.
  4. The use of compressors in location sound

    In a less common scenario I also use heavy compression on a return channel when I have to listen to a walkie. That way the loud and quiet walkie folks never blow out my ears and I can always hear them at a low volume while listening to program. I also use a decent amount of compression on a talkback mic when feeding earwigs. Not all of our tools are used for the final tracks
  5. Zoom F8

    At the end of 24 hours using this equation would be 2 frames off. Not an important difference for any one except for programmers who have to make sure the math is 100% accurate.
  6. #metoo and sexism in general

    Wow Jan, incredible. You're a rock star. When wiring talent, whether they are used to the camera or not, I think it's important to pick up on their body language. I always explain each step of what I'm going to do before I do it, and if I get the sense any of it makes them nervous I pause and talk it through. Sometimes that's asking them to do it, or sometimes it's just explaining in more detail what I am trying to accomplish and why the mic has to go where it does. Either way I make sure I have their permission. Even if talent makes jokes about what I'm doing, which some do, I won't engage because it is too easily misconstrued. I just stay polite and professional. +1 to having wardrobe and parents present while wiring.
  7. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    I honestly don't know the rules as they apply to frequency hopping and 2.4ghz. The behavior I described is what I can see on my RF explorer.
  8. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    Larry, while your post may have been pointing at the wrong frequency band, the underlying point you were making is a very real consideration in the 2.4ghz band as well, not just 900mhz. While Wifi is channelized, not everything that operates in 2.4ghz is, and the wide band spread spectrum technology you referenced in your original post is exactly why the Cintenna RatPac dimmers make an ERX unusable, no matter what frequency is chosen. The RatPac dimmers broadcast in short bursts changing frequencies across the 2.4ghz spectrum multiple times per second. This seems to keep it clear of interfering with technologies like wifi and bluetooth, however real time audio requires an uninterrupted signal. The end result being an ERX will still have audio, but that audio will contain glitches a couple times a second, everytime the ratpac broadcasts on the same frequency. No amount of amplification or moving closer to the transmitter seems to help. The timecode and remote control functions of Zaxnet still continue to work without issue with a ratpac dimmer running, just the audio stream is wrecked. I think the power limit set by the FCC in 2.4ghz is 3 or 4 watts assuming no gain at the antenna. Since Cintenna claims a range of 1/4 mile, I'm sure they are running as much power as they are allowed.
  9. Sometimes things slip through

    Who knows. They could've seen it and decided not to shoot it again, or it could've been a stolen moment. I am surprised that it got past the editors and they kept it in the show. That makes me think they were short on coverage. All speculation though.
  10. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    I have been using the ERX's for village for several years now. They're great... until they're not. With amps, or local transmitters I've always made it work without issue for clients, until recently when the cintenna ratpak dimmers were released. They make an ERX unusable. I was told they were going to be built into the new version of the skypanel as well, so it's likely they will be on a lot more sets in the future. This has forced me back to Comteks for village and R1a's for boom ops. I much preferred using AA's over 9V's, but it is what it is. I still own most of my ERX, and use them on cameras, as well as I know a few script supervisors who prefer them for the timecode display. I also like having the voting feature for when video village is in an isolated room, or on a bus down the block. People can take the same headset and walk around with it and get coverage no matter where they are. The ERX sounds the best to my ears as well.
  11. Sometimes things slip through

    It's hard to believe that no one in the whole process noticed this, so I have to assume they decided they could get away with it since they didn't hold on the shot for very long. Feels like they were pretty short on coverage from this scene. Either way, sometimes it's fun to notice these things. From the show Mr. Robot.
  12. Recording 160dB?

    I think your producers are missing something here. Even if you did manage to record the sine waves at those levels, they are too low to be replicated on most of the playback devices people watch on these days (and quite boring). I would say you can't escape the low frequencies, so instead focus on the sound of the viewers experience, aka all the rattling and shaking. The buzzes and rattles will be what sells the volume to the viewer at the end of the day. Find a cabinet in the room that buzzes and mic it.
  13. Dont let this happen on your set

    Completely avoidable and unnecessary.
  14. Deal Memo after the shoot

    This is a good policy. What do you do when they call you the afternoon before the shoot?
  15. Deal Memo after the shoot

    Interesting to know about the 1 party consent states. My state is a 2 party consent state, so I never considered recording my business calls. As a side note, how do you record them? Do you have an app that automatically records, or do you manually trigger the recording if you think you might want it? It's unfortunate that we have to deal with stuff like this. It seems to happen all to frequently for me. The company I'm in the same situation as you with had over half a dozen paragraphs I couldn't agree to, including one that required me to report to them Everytime I work for another company that could be considered a competitor. There is no way I'm reporting every job I do for every production company to this company. You are your only advocate, and as a freelancer unfortunately we have to stand up for ourselves. The thing I always remind people is that a contract is a mutual agreement between both parties. There are some people that it's just not worth doing business with. I hope you can resolve this without too much further effort. Best of luck.