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  1. I was under the impression that premier does not show the channel names entered into a field recorder. I went through this a while back on a project with an editor who wanted me to label my sound report in a way that corresponded to how premier was showing them when he imported, which was to rename each track A1, A2, A3, etc. So he had a reference of A2 is boom etc.
  2. I would be very interested in the patent stories surrounding the Nagra and other recorders, regardless of what opinions I hold currently, it's still an interesting story. Please do share. I also find David's patent stories interesting, thank you David for that bit of history. I'm not sure I believe that support for the legal process of defending a patent, and support for the companies you choose to work with are mutually exclusive things. We can all have feelings/opinions around this process, but those don't (can't / shouldn't) interfere with the legal process, or the end results of such.
  3. Thanks Olle. I have a couple days left, I'll look those up. I did find Akkurat? the other night, which was fantastic. One of the few places I've had Cantillon on draft.
  4. I also think the scope of the patent is too broad. Of course a broad patent is legal dillagence, and time will tell what the court thinks. Patenting a transmitter with a recorder built in is protecting the invention and is reasonable imo. But it seems the patent covers the idea of using multiple recorders on each sound creator, that could be combined, wireless or not, and that doesn't seem like an invention as much as a workflow. Patenting a workflow doesn't make sense to me. I fully support the protection of innovators and their inventions, but I also feel there are some deep issues in how US patent law is implemented. This may be a necessary move for Glenn, but I think it's quite possible to have a negative outcome for us, the end users of these niche products.
  5. Thanks everyone. I'm all set. Lots of figuring it out as we go on this one, but having a lot of fun too. I'm enjoying Stockholm very much. Olle, thanks for the beer offer. Any local brewery suggestions? I've tried a couple so far, finding local breweries is one of my favorite travel hobbies.
  6. This
  7. Thanks.
  8. I'm in Sweden for a job this week and our plans are changing. I am in need of an xlr line level input cable for a lectrosonics transmitter. Are there location audio dealers in Stockholm? Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. I default to the 4060 these days. I have never had an issue with loud actors on them.
  10. I applied it to the "skin", not the fur. Doing sink tests (without the mic) water still can soak through, but it takes a lot. I don't think the nickwax would work well applied to fur, I believe it needs a smoother surface since it works by causing water to bead up and run off before it can soak in.
  11. The noise floor is my only complaint about the R1A. I find it a bit tiring when listening to all day. Otherwise they are fantastic.
  12. Running the AC, even with the heat on, dries out the air in the van a lot, and can work like a dehumidifier while you drive home. If rugs etc are really soaked I take them out at home, but I rarely need to. Most of the electronics are stored in pelicans and only stay in the van when being used the next day.
  13. I never would've imagined that nickwax would hold water inside the Kelly.
  14. The best! The shelves are bolted to the floor and the walls with half a dozen metal brackets. After this photo was taken I added permanent ratchet straps across the shelves that hold the crates in. They are quick to release, and very secure. I originally designed the shelves with a lip so I could take the crates out without loosening straps, but the extra couple inches per shelf added too much height to get 3 rows. Because of the curved shape of the Astro walls, there is space behind the crates to store items less often accessed like large rugs, mic stands, etc. I also store 5 cable rugs vertically on the back of the shelves behind the second rear door.
  15. The Kelly is great for reducing rain drop noise, especially with large drops, but is mostly ineffective for keeping water from soaking through. The nickwax coating is supposed to take care of that, but it can soak through over time. I have found the nickwax + medium fur to handle full days of rain with no drop noise and no leakage. YMMV.