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  1. Wandering Ear

    Rates, rates, rates

    I have been told the "In LA mixers go for $XXX" many times. While I know it's not true the way the producer says it, LA is a big pond, and it's much easier to find people who need both experience and money so are will to compromise on rate. In smaller markets I believe we have an advantage because there is less competition, we can work together and keep our rates in line. However, I find it not worth putting any effort into people who can't negotiate at least close to my rate. I don't get mad, I don't try to change who they are, I simply state what I charge and spend my time focusing on the clients I prefer to work with.
  2. Wandering Ear

    Mixpre 10t and Timestamped MP3s for Transcription

  3. Wandering Ear

    Do you really work alone on a fiction feature film?

    90lb pack??? What are you referring to? While many of us, myself included think this is a poor way to record a movie, there are many people out there everyday mixing radios in a bag and booming at the same time. Documentaries, reality TV, etc. Modern technology has made this even easier with everything getting smaller and lighter. If location sound isn't that high on the producers priority list, no amount of head banging is going to change their mind about how to do it, and there will always be someone looking for experience willing to do it. Whether it's good or not is almost a side note. Smaller, lighter, faster is a trend I see across much of the industry.
  4. Wandering Ear

    Microdot to Lectro TA5 failure

    I'd be happy if the rest of my transmitter lasted 10,000 days of work (assuming you take the antennas off once a day).
  5. Wandering Ear

    Zaxnet 2.0

    That would be lovely!
  6. Wandering Ear

    Zaxnet 2.0

    Sounds like a good reason to consider a Deva24. Thanks
  7. Wandering Ear

    New wireless TX deviation rules October '18

    Thank you Lectrosonics for all the information here and for your continued efforts collaborating with other manufacturers to give all of us a voice in these ongoing changes.
  8. Wandering Ear

    Zaxnet 2.0

    The Zaxcom rerecord feature was less automated than this, it essentially made a new file with all the transmitters palying back the audio in real time, then the new file timestamp would be changed to be in synch with the original. Fortunately I don't often have issues with dropouts, but every time I do I wish this feature became a reality. I thought this was already a feature of the older Deva recorders, but I could be wrong, I've never used the Deva.
  9. Wandering Ear

    Zaxnet 2.0

    This was originally promised in the Nomad, but has yet to materialize. Would be really nice.
  10. Wandering Ear

    IMAX 3D Digital Camera Timecode?

    Why not request that camera department supplies the TC boxes? Since you are looking at sub renting them anyway, they can get them from the camera house with the necessary cabling, and you just have to jam them twice a day.
  11. Wandering Ear

    New wireless TX deviation rules October '18

    Has this been planned for a while or is it a new rule? It seems like a very fast roll out for a pretty dramatic change, unless of course I just missed this in the weeds. Add it to the list of current wireless frustrations.
  12. Amazing looking facility. I have done some work with volumetric video, but not at this scale. I'm curious to see if it's a technique that takes off in the main stream, or stays as a specific use tool.
  13. Wandering Ear

    Zaxcom Nomad 7.99A beta test

  14. Wandering Ear

    Zaxcom Nomad 7.99A beta test

    I've also recently asked for control over output routing. Good to hear that 7.99 is working. Automatic metadata update will be great.
  15. Wandering Ear

    Why AES camera feeds for prod. sound?

    It eliminates the gain staging and the possibility of levels getting bumped automatically. Potentially could avoid a bit of noise introduced by the camera inputs on cheaper cameras. All in all not a significant difference to a good balanced line level signal.