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    Do you really work alone on a fiction feature film?

    Not the norm, and not worth it. But it happens anyway.
  2. Title says it all. If you are in the Seattle area and have any availability next week, please PM me. Thanks Kelsey
  3. Positions filled. Thank you for the responses.
  4. Wandering Ear

    USB-C Connector

    They are definitely not a professional grade connector, but they shouldn't be intermittent either.
  5. Which material did you end up going with?
  6. Wandering Ear

    USB-C Connector

    I use mine in the field quite regularly, however I usually tape the cables down so they don't get bumped / pulled during a show. I have not noticed any of them being intermittent at home either, except for having to replace the original power cable once.
  7. Wandering Ear

    HN-7506 or something else

    I find my in ears with custom molds topped by a double cup construction protection to be the most effective and comfortable solution. Of course comfort is a very personal thing. Wether it's mixing a live rock band for broadcast from FOH (my least favorite place to do it), or recording race cars etc, I can actually hear what my mics are doing and get a reasonable mix.
  8. Wandering Ear

    In ear monitors for production sound

    I find with in ears and good isolation I listen at lower volumes, which I believe will help save my ears over time. I used to use the Etymotuc ER4P, but the cable is extremely microphonic and I got tired of it. I now use the Etymotic HF5, which are a lot cheaper and have very little microphonic noise. Not perfect, but little enough that handling noise is not an issue. The balanced armature drivers are the same as the ER4 series, but don't go through the hand tuning and matching that the ER4's do. I spoke to Etymotic about doing the ER4 series with a softer cable, but they said they had no plans to change it and didn't seem interested in the idea.
  9. Wandering Ear

    How to attach axle to 8020?

    Interesting. I actually use them as a handle bar mount. I use threaded plates for my wheels. Also useful for an antenna mast brace.
  10. Wandering Ear

    Noisy Environments

    The decision to point at or away from the noise source depends on the noise, whether it's justified or not, and how you think the editor will use it. A scene I recorded last year comes to mind. We were shooting on a pedestrian over pass over an intersection of 3 streets, 2 of them were 6 lanes each, and it was approaching rush hour. Light rain as usual in Seattle, so the streets were a bit wet too. Producer refused the idea of ADR, which I wasn't sure was going to be possible. I planted my boom on the railing and pointed it at the traffic below. At the time I wasn't sure if a loud track of noisy traffic was going to be useful, but when I did the dialog edit on the scene later, using that traffic track helped me a ton in masking the really rough edits and giving me a consistent noise bed. A generic traffic bed would've been much harder to do this with, trying to match the timing and timber of the ever changing background noises. By no means did the scene sound good, but the noise was justifiable and it worked..... enough. I can think of situations where recording an ambient track away from the offending noise issues would be helpful too. Especially if it's a noise that can't end up in the final show, like a high pitched whine or something that will likely be noise reduced out later. I agree with RP that it can be surprising sometimes what post is able to do to make a scene work. Especially with tools like Dialog Isolate etc.
  11. Wandering Ear

    In ear monitors for production sound

    I wear Etymotic in ears with custom molds, and haven't cared to use another headphone at work for many years. They have great isolation, are very comfortable to wear, and because of both of those things, I don't have ear fatigue at the end of the day. I have some Westone IEM's that I use occasionally when mixing music live, but more and more I find myself going back to the Etymotics. When I have to work on the side of a stage I use the Etymotics and on top of them I wear double cup construction ear muffs. It's enough isolation I can reasonably mix a rock band without blowing my ears out. Mixing the bass in that situation is almost impossible no matter what you do.
  12. Wandering Ear

    Noisy Environments

    When you can't fix the noise, record the noise. Use a plant mic, or the boom to focus on the noise sources so post can use that ambient track later. Whether it's good or not is another subject, but it may help a dialog editor at least make the scene smooth and be able to manage the edits. I can't play the video, so my suggestion may be not relevant to your situation. I would also suggest to the producer that the post audio team needs to be involved in the conversation. You are not the only person working on the soundtrack of the show. The re-recording mixer can also take samples from each location and scene and do a bit of processing to show the producer what it's going to end up like, as well as reinforce the points you've already been making.
  13. Wandering Ear

    Simultaneous Translation

    When I've needed to do this in the past I do pretty much the same thing. Mic the translator, interviewer, and interviewee, then have two separate IFB feeds. I use the same transmitter and IFB's I use for boom ops for the translator. I wonder how long it will be until the translator is replaced by everyone wearing a pair of google pixel buds doing the translation live in their ears. The accuracy still isn't as good as a professional translator, but the technology is very promising.
  14. Wandering Ear

    John Blankenship is officially a year older today

    Happy Birthday!
  15. Wandering Ear

    You think WE'VE got sync problems?

    Cool article. 1/100 Billionth of a second is a huge leap in accuracy. For comparison, Dante uses PTP (also used by some stock exchanges currently) which is accurate to 1 Microsecond (1/1,000,000 of a second).
  16. Wandering Ear

    How to attach axle to 8020?

    Those look very similar but less expensive than the 8020 stanchion mounts I have been using. Just ordered a pair to try out. Thanks for the reference.
  17. These days live streaming has become a regular part of my work. A stereo line level mix on a pair of xlr's is all I've ever needed to deliver. These days I run a Dante based system, as I always find I have sources not near my console. Whether it is band iso's on the side of stage, or crowd/room mics I find less problems running cat6 cable than analog xlr's. Often the cable runs are dictated by the venue layout and offer little control wether you get bundled with all the lighting power cables or not. I would not trust broadcasting via WiFi for anything but reference. Relying on wifi sounds like a great way to setup and test in an empty venue where everything works great, just to have all your signal blocked by the hundreds of people filling in for the actual show. Many times I have seen this situation leave people baffled as to why things failed during the show, but worked fine at rehearsal and in their office during testing.
  18. Wandering Ear

    How to attach axle to 8020?

    The 8020 part you want is 2363. It's in the floor to frame section of the 8020 shop. This is strong enough to use as a single bolt mount instead of a full through axle, which ends up saving weight. If you want the full length option I would recommend a non threaded plate on each side of the cart. There are lots of other options made by 8020 as well, browse the floor to frame section or the fasteners section to get ideas.
  19. Wandering Ear

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    Personally I like the super small fader panel. I have stayed with my mix8 instead of an oasis mainly because of the size. There are 4 main things I'd love to see on a small control surface. Transport controlls Trim knobs PFL buttons Slate /com button
  20. Wandering Ear

    Something is up with the HTTPS version of the site…

    I think a JW subscription option is a great idea.
  21. Wandering Ear

    MixPre Series Firmware v2.20 May 24, 2018 - Link

    Never thought about doing it that way. A bit cumbersome, but could work.
  22. Wandering Ear

    MixPre Series Firmware v2.20 May 24, 2018 - Link

    I'm in the same boat as AFMY and Phillip. I have had many conversations with commercial producers about always keeping the comteks silent except when rolling. Directors too who don't want client listening in on how they direct talent so they only provide feedback on the take, not on the direction. A roll / cut based mute feature would eliminate a lot of other set conversations that I often have too, not just about client and director. I am in such a habit of having everything muted always and pfl'ing when I need to listen (still wish the nomad pfl worked better than it does because of this) that I often get semi-panicked notes from camera/vtr that my reference hops or hardlines aren't working cause there is nothing showing on the meters. Then they ask me to open a mic and I have to explain why I can't, but can send them tone if they want it. I would love to be able to choose to mute certain outputs except when rolling, but not others. I have no interest in leaving some mics open (I can do that with a fader), for me it's all about an individual output control. I would have built a box for this for the nomad already except you can't use gpio and a fader panel at the same time on that system, and the fader panel is way more important to me.
  23. Wandering Ear

    Zaxcom qifb linking question

    The zaxnet remote control commands are not related to the block of the receiver, so yes. However you need the qrx with qifb to be the last unit in the chain as far as I remember. It's been a while since I tested that type of setup. Always worth a call to Zaxcom to verify if this is going to influence your purchasing decisions.
  24. Wandering Ear

    Tentacle sync e + nomad at 29.97

    Nope. Tentacle's solution was to use their product as the tc master, which doesn't always work for me. They said they'd look into it, but it'd take a while and they weren't sure they could fix it. Unfortunately I just consider my tentacles unusable if I'm working at 29.97.
  25. Wandering Ear

    Tentacle sync e + nomad at 29.97

    I recently bought a couple tentacle sync e and have not been able to get them to take a jam from my Nomad at 29.97. 23.976 works fine. I have an email out to support and waiting for a reply, thought I'd check and see if other tentacle owners have the same issue.