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  1. Recording 160dB?

    I think your producers are missing something here. Even if you did manage to record the sine waves at those levels, they are too low to be replicated on most of the playback devices people watch on these days (and quite boring). I would say you can't escape the low frequencies, so instead focus on the sound of the viewers experience, aka all the rattling and shaking. The buzzes and rattles will be what sells the volume to the viewer at the end of the day. Find a cabinet in the room that buzzes and mic it.
  2. Dont let this happen on your set

    Completely avoidable and unnecessary.
  3. Deal Memo after the shoot

    This is a good policy. What do you do when they call you the afternoon before the shoot?
  4. Deal Memo after the shoot

    Interesting to know about the 1 party consent states. My state is a 2 party consent state, so I never considered recording my business calls. As a side note, how do you record them? Do you have an app that automatically records, or do you manually trigger the recording if you think you might want it? It's unfortunate that we have to deal with stuff like this. It seems to happen all to frequently for me. The company I'm in the same situation as you with had over half a dozen paragraphs I couldn't agree to, including one that required me to report to them Everytime I work for another company that could be considered a competitor. There is no way I'm reporting every job I do for every production company to this company. You are your only advocate, and as a freelancer unfortunately we have to stand up for ourselves. The thing I always remind people is that a contract is a mutual agreement between both parties. There are some people that it's just not worth doing business with. I hope you can resolve this without too much further effort. Best of luck.
  5. Deal Memo after the shoot

    Honestly, this might be a great learning experience for you in your career. I would suggest that it's well worth your money to pay a lawyer for an hour to review your contract and your situation. Not because they will solve the situation you are in, they won't, but you will learn an incredible amount just sitting down and talking it through for an hour. At least that has been my experience, and I have happily paid for my education via professionals (lawyers, accountants, etc) many times, and not regretted it once. As to recording people without their knowledge and permission, that has the potential to get you in trouble, so be careful. Photo/video laws are a lot more permissive of recording people without knowledge, especially in public, but the laws regarding audio are fairly tight from what I understand. Truthfully, if there is nothing in the contract that really concerns you, I would sign it and move on with life. The clause about this agreement superceding other agreements is not something I would personally worry about, but that's just me. I see it on a lot of contracts. The disclosure clauses etc are an every day thing for me. I sign NDA's almost everyday, and as long as I don't see any off language, I am on board. I have also had others sign NDA's for projects that I have been in charge of because I want to be in control of when and what is released publicly. Don't be scared because it's legalese, but do make sure you agree to abide by it. Just my .02
  6. Deal Memo after the shoot

    I'm in the same situation right now. The thing to remember is these contracts are an agreement between two parties, you and them. You both are agreeing to what it says. So change or strike out and initial your changes, then you can feel comfortable signing a document that reflects your agreement. There are several companies that will no longer call me because I wouldn't agree to indemnifying them of their own neglegence, for example. And there have been several jobs that I have walked away from because they weren't willing to accept my changes to the deal memo. I'm perfectly ok with all of that, and it allows me to focus more of my energy on the client whom I like doing business with. My understanding is your emails, phone calls, etc in many states count as a legal contract, unless superceded by a written contract otherwise. Since they hired your services, and you supplied your services based on the agreement made, the law is on your side. In reality, having the law in your favor won't actually get you paid if they decide to argue, and for a small job the cost and effort of pursuing it will be far greater than the day rate. You are going to have to sign something for them to move forward with your payment, I'm sure they want a contract on file. Not everyone cares too much how complete the contracts are, sometimes it's just the template their lawyers gave them.
  7. DPA 4098 - first impressions

    The interference tube on the 4099 series is twice the length of the tube on the 4080. This helps extend the frequency response lower. They do all use the same capsule, but how that capsule is used changes the response significantly.
  8. DPA 4098 - first impressions

    I spoke to DPA reps recently at the Sound Summit in Seattle. They told me in order to extend the low frequency response of a 4080, it would have to be much longer than it is, taking away some of the advantage of a 4080.
  9. ZMT3 & PowerRoll

    I just received 2 ZMT3.5 transmitters, and I was very surprised to find that they are not capable of PowerRoll. I figured with the short battery life this would be a critical feature. Was this included in other versions of firmware? Does anyone have PowerRoll on the ZMT3's? Or is this just incorrect info on their website? My transmitters came with V2-25 software.
  10. ZMT3 & PowerRoll

    Thanks for the clarification Glenn. For us end users, the documentation is all we have to go on when making our purchasing decisions, so the accuracy of those documents is important in avoiding surprises or disappointments.
  11. ZMT3 & PowerRoll

    Interesting. I've heard back from Zaxcom and they told me it is not capable, and are now going to remove the feature from the website and the manual. Have you tested if power roll is working on your transmitters, and not just an in active menu item?
  12. Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

    I have had very mixed results sending audio to this camera. Same body, different days, different results.
  13. DPA 4098 - first impressions

    Rado, thanks for the feedback. I'm glad to hear that they hold up better than u expected. I was always worried about the rubber suspension, but it sounds like a non issue. I will be reaching out to dpa again to request a flat response version
  14. Zaxcom Nomad notch filter

    They would be easy to see on a spectrogram. I agree they shouldn't be a concern for post though, as they are very shallow and do not significantly alter the overall sound.
  15. DPA 4098 - first impressions

    I demo'd the 4080 and also found the low end roll off too extreme for my taste and intended purpose. I would welcome a flat response version of this mic.
  16. Zaxcom Nomad notch filter

    Nope. The compressors show the amount of reduction, but HPF and notch filters can only be checked in the channel setup pages.
  17. Zaxcom Nomad notch filter

    Channel setup menu has an on/off toggle and a frequency setting for each analog input.
  18. Wireless - Is the sky falling?

    I saw the same article, and it seemed a little alarmist to me, but with merit. If T-Mobile is actually on track to deploy and activate there 600mhz purchases this year, it could come as a surprise to some markets, but these rollouts don't happen everywhere all at once. Admittedly I am not ready for my 7 channels of 600mhz to go offline tomorrow, so I just have to hope that I have enough time to go through with my transition plan before it's a problem.
  19. OR311 - For Zaxcom TRXLA transmitters

    Thanks for the kind words about the clips. Unfortunately it is true I am not currently making them and I don't have any left. It's not just because I'm too busy with work, buying a house, and getting engaged, but the vendor I was working with has closed up shop and with those other things I haven't found time to find a new vendor to work with. As I get settled into the new house and the new studio I hope to find time to update the design a bit and find a new vendor to work with. Unfortunately I can't say exactly when this will happen. I think the Orca pouch will make a good alternative, and won't scratch the sides of your trx like my clips do
  20. Cart building day!!!

    Hint, hint..... Enjoy your day off.
  21. RED Helium

    So far I've had mixed results trying to feed reference audio to the helium. Sometimes I can't get any signal and just lots of noise, sometimes I can get signal covered with noise, and I have gotten it to work just fine. Also seems like there are a few bugs in the firmware, like recently I found the headphone out to be muted until I change the volume, so I have to turn the volume up and back down to the level I wanted to get the return feed to work. What are folks using to feed audio to a helium? With what kind of results?
  22. Cart building day!!!

    Yeah! That's my cart. I have since upgraded those 12" wheels to 16" wheels, and I change things around every 6 months, or make sweeping changes for specific jobs, like adding an 01V96 and a 24 track Boom Recorder / Pro Tools setup, then back to a normal dialog system, but the basic structure is the same. I really love how quickly and easily I can make major changes to the cart in between jobs. The printed labels are made by Redco Audio. http://www.redco.com/Redco-DP-LABEL.html Worth the $2 IMO.
  23. Cart building day!!!

    Beautiful cart! My big cart is a very similar style and has been wonderful to work on. I also inset the wheels (16") and have had no stability issues. It keeps the working width of the cart as wide as possible while easily fitting through small doorways. It took me a few iterations to find the right balance/tipping point, but once I did it wheels through terrain and up stairs quite easily. Great work.
  24. Soundfield/Ambisonics delivery workflow

    I will offer to add time to do the B Format conversion, but mostly I end up delivering A Format. When I do I make notes as much as I can, and send an email stating that the files are A Format and need to be converted. It doesn't always get through though. I also audio slate my takes with the mic orientation as a permanent record of how it was recorded cause notes get lost, and metadata can easily get erased somewhere along the process. I try to align the mic front to the camera default, but I've found it a very hard sell to convince people to keep that orientation static throughout the process. I usually end up hearing, we'll just put everything where we want it when we get to audio post, and there is some reason to that. It's helpful if a clap or some sort of slate is used to sync the cameras, as that can be used to orient the mic in post when the image default has been shifted.
  25. audio track names premiere pro

    I was under the impression that premier does not show the channel names entered into a field recorder. I went through this a while back on a project with an editor who wanted me to label my sound report in a way that corresponded to how premier was showing them when he imported, which was to rename each track A1, A2, A3, etc. So he had a reference of A2 is boom etc.