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  1. On set today, first 2/3rds of the day, no problems. Gaffer turns on a light gag, and my zaxnet feed is useless. Narrowed it down to the Cintenna wireless DMX control. Seems to be a speed spectrum? or channel hopping technology that transmits on dozens of frequencies across the 2.4 ghz spectrum, multiple times a second. Best solution I came up with was to move my ifb100 on set. I put it about 1 foot from the DMX TX. Not sure if it worked because it was on set directly, or if having my tx close to the DMX TX tricked it to stay away from that channel. Anyone else seen these Cintenna units? Any other solutions anyone's found?
  2. I have over 20 erx's, and I have very little trouble with them in general. I never have complaints from video village, which if in a seperate room I put a transmitter in. I seem to have the most issues with the feed for my boom ops, so I keep an r1a now as a backup, however I rarely use it. That being said, the 2.4ghz band can be problematic because you never know what might be operating there.
  3. If you are supplying the camera, you should have an A-box or similar breakout for the audio input since it's on a proprietary lemo plug that few people are likely to have.
  4. Some updated photos. I extended the front feet out, which makes it a lot more stable, especially since I work in dirt and on uneven terrain frequently. The green bag is a waterproof bike pannier that quickly and easily pulls off. It gets in the way of loading in the van a little bit, but in the winter it's really nice to have a place for all the weather protection, rain gear, tarps, gloves, winter clothes etc. I have backpack straps for the bag too, so when I need a laptop or other personal items on set that I want to take home at the end of the day, I just grab the bag and go. L-Com amp and BDS are mounted behind the bag, with a voltage meter under the handle. The Ipad I use with Qtake as a monitor, and also for Sound Reports, playback, etc. With this configuration, most days I can grab what I need from the van, load it on to this cart, and wheel on set with everything I'll need for the day's work in a single trip. It's small enough that I can be on set or off, wherever I feel is best, and location moves are little effort. I can also stand at the cart and boom op without wearing the bag as long as I don't have to take too many steps for the scene.
  5. I've built a new mini cart for omb / eng jobs when working out of a bag. So far only the frame is complete, I'm still waiting on some parts, accessories, etc, but it made it's debut on set today for a Comcast commercial, and it was the perfect combination of workability, size, and mobility. I will have to redo the handles, they aren't quite tall enough so I kick the wheels at times, and the boom holders, antennas, working shelf, as well as foam cutout drawers for inside the pelican, are all in the works, but are not ready / have not arrived yet. I'll post more photos next week when the next shipment arrives.
  6. I use the notch filters on occasion, and am very happy to have them when I do. They are very transparent and effective. It would be nice if the sweep was logarithmic, but typing in a starting frequency to sweep from works ok. A notch boost option would be cool.
  7. I'll try to remember to post more photos this week when I'm back from vacation. I am currently using an iPad for video when working on this cart. A single monitor on an arm would be a good option. I've also added an antenna mast, and a c-stand holder for doing interviews etc, a zaxnet amp, and a remote audio bds v4u. The main idea being that I can carry everything I need for most days on this cart in a single trip.
  8. The only issue I've had so far is the cable sheathing coming out of the AU cups. It seems like the strain relief internally isn't that great.
  9. I have two AU distros, both have worked flawlessly. I prefer the au charger over the IE charger for both the status display and no fans. The IE chargers are very loud.
  10. Thunderbolt 2 will be faster than most drives you are going to buy, so that won't be your limiting factor. Unless you are building an SSD raid for serious media processing, I would just buy what suits your needs and is available now.
  11. I think "production effects" apply to any unique noise that is recorded cleanly and is useful to post for sound design. In post I often create seperate PFX tracks during a dialog edit, which aids in M&E creation.
  12. I often use PFX. I like XTRA too.
  13. Well put. I think in all aspects of our job we should strive to remove our emotional selves from it, and be practical, realistic, informative, and helpful.
  14. I did a shoot just past the end of the seatac runway, similar situation. Despite bringing it up on the tech scout, and timing the planes, the director blew it off, only to come to me in a panic on the day, freaking out about not having enough time to get the scene in, and asked me why I didn't have a mic to take care of that. We ended up tail slating everything, and every take we got ready, stood on standby until it was quiet enough, then quickly rolled and did the scene. They still had to replace some of the dialog later. There's no winning with airplanes.
  15. They look like they are in good condition. Any idea of how old they are?
  16. I hope they maintain the high quality standards that soundfield has currently, and don't just dumb it down to a consumer version to fit with the rest of the rode products.
  17. Enjoy your fame, it usually doesn't last long. Glad you're ok.
  18. I use cut60's every day. they are great!
  19. I use these delkin cases, and am happy with them. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B004S76NH0/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1478974644&sr=8-2&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=delkin+aa+batteries&dpPl=1&dpID=41QcPAT81mL&ref=plSrch
  20. I demo'd the 4071 a while back, and decided to stick with the 4063. I didn't like the permanent hi boost on the 4071, and the 4063 cut better with the schoeps which are my primary mics. But this is all subjective, which is why I still recommend demo'ing both and deciding which tone fits your aesthetic the best.
  21. The TS-00 on startup makes me think it'd be worth calling Denecke and asking them if they recognize it?
  22. I have both the 4061 and 4063 running side by side on a daily basis, and just by listening I can't tell which one is on which actor. I have not heard the theoretical noise floor increase from the lower bias voltage. Why don't you demo a 4071 and a 4063 and see which one you like?
  23. Looks great!
  24. Hadn't seen that fix at the time. All the fixes I came across then were pulling a fuse, which disabled a few other things in the car.
  25. I did a drive and talk shoot in a BMW i8 recently, being an electric sports car, the engineers felt it was necessary to add lots of muscle car engine noise inside the cab. They did not find it necessary to allow people to turn it off however. Very annoying. I think we should be embracing how quiet modern cars are, in all ways. It's a huge improvement.