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  1. SoundsLikeBret

    Boom Op Available in NYC

    Hey Eric, I would recommend reaching out to Rich Topham, Jr., the owner of Professional Sound Services in midtown (www.Pro-Sound.com). Pro Sound offers an internship program that could be a good opportunity for you. You'll learn how to operate and troubleshoot a wide range of industry-standard gear, and you'll meet established mixers and other up-and-coming soundies on a daily basis. Learning and networking opportunities abound, you just have to take advantage of them! Best of luck! -Bret Scheinfeld
  2. SoundsLikeBret

    Ready to get back to it.

    I'll hop on board... NYC-based, available for boom, utility, and ENG/EPK mixing. Member of IA Local 52. Wishing us all a happy and busy 2012. Let's all have a year packed with fulfilling work! (...and devoid of deadbeat producers.)
  3. SoundsLikeBret

    Union Newbie

    Hi Dennis, congratulations! I just joined Local 52 in New York, so I'm in the same boat. I've been reaching out to everyone I know in the union, doing a little bit of cold-calling, and doing my best to keep myself on everyone's radar. Stick with it, and the rain will come! Best of luck, Bret Scheinfeld
  4. SoundsLikeBret

    New Soundcarts

    That Zuca mini-cart is sweet!! Nicely done, sir.
  5. SoundsLikeBret

    Need a new boom stand. Suggestions?

    Whitney, I really like the look of that KS stand, and those legs are probably stronger than the reverse-folding legs on the stand I posted above. Unfortunately, it's 28" collapsed... one inch too long for my case. Dang it. Going to B&H now to check out my options. Regarding what Richard said about the Mathellini clamp, I do know a few sound guys who like using Mafer clamps (aka super clamps) as boom holders. I would worry about denting the boom with a Mafer, even if the clamp is loose... seems like a very small surface area to sustain a considerable amount of torque. Anyone here use a Mafer?
  6. SoundsLikeBret

    Need a new boom stand. Suggestions?

    Thank you for the replies. Chris, I just spoke with a DP friend of mine who recommended a Matthews stand that is very similar in design to that Lowel, but built "like a brick" (so he says), and strong enough to hold his 2' four-bank Kino. Sounds like a contender to me. C-stands are great, Rado, but I am concerned about packing something so bulky and heavy in a case with the rest of my sound gear. Is there a lightweight 20" c-stand that you like using? Thanks again!
  7. SoundsLikeBret

    Need a new boom stand. Suggestions?

    Hi everyone, For sit-down interviews, I've been mounting my boom on a Manfrotto 367B light stand with a knuckle and a boom holder. The setup works well, but it's not very compact. I'm starting to book more travel gigs, so I need something that will fit in my Pelican 1620 with the rest of my doc kit. The case's interior dimensions: L 22" x W 17" (approx. 27" diagonal) What do you all use? These Lowel stands are compact enough, anyone know if they're strong enough for boom duties? Thanks in advance for your input! -Bret
  8. Hello! My name is Bret, and I'm a freelance sound mixer in the NYC area. I've been a full-time sound engineer for over seven years, focusing on location sound for about three years. Most of my work has been solo, over-the-shoulder ENG-type work. I've mixed a few indie features, a bunch of shorts, and a ton of doc & industrial stuff. I absolutely love what I do, but I feel like I'm ready to grow a bit and start working on bigger (and better) productions. I want to join Local 52, but before I do that, I feel like I should gain more experience working on a sound crew. If you, or anyone you know in the NYC area, could use a sound assistant or a boom operator, please let me know. Paid or unpaid, the experience is the most important thing for me. Even if you would be willing to let me shadow you on set, that learning opportunity could be invaluable for me. Thank you all for your time, and I hope to meet some of you very soon! Sincerely, Bret www.SoundsLikeBret.com/sound.php