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  1. Have you tried connecting your XLR to anything?
  2. Are you connecting it to anything with phantom power engaged? we are usually more helpful if you say exactly what you are doing
  3. Use in full range. If you run out of juice it'll either switch to another connected power source or it'll power down. That's all.
  4. I want to know too
  5. Ambient makes this:
  6. M-Audio Microtrack II $100 Sound Devices MM-1 $400 a used mkh 415 $400 headphones and cables I already owned $0 and a home-made boom pole. $20 I used this on student films and shorts until I could afford a couple of Sennheiser G2s. Once I had a couple wireless mics, I got real busy and was able to eventually buy a Tascam DR-680, an mkh416 (the 415 didn't last long), and a Gitzo boom pole (which came with my used 416). I think the upgrade was about $3000. After adding a couple more Sennheiser wireless to my kit, my next big purchase was my 788T. Quite a jump. But I was doing reality TV at that point and could suddenly afford serious gear. I still have and use my 788T and 416. Both a couple of the best investments I've ever made.
  7. I love the mkh70 and use it quite often when I'm doing ENG run'n'gun stuff outdoors. Indoors I'll often go with its companion, the mkh50. But if you are out in the sticks looking to get your first "all arounder", I think the mkh 416 still holds its place there. It is a great mic, works well "all around", and is bulletproof. The 8060 is certainly a fancy mic, but if I only had that to rely on, I'd probably be a bit nervous. I'm not sure how durable of a mic it is, but it seems to be susceptible to the elements from what I've read. In any case, like others have said here, it all depends upon the type of work that you do. My two cents is that if you are a sound mixer of any sort, you should own a 416, at least one. They won't let you down.
  8. Usually, as is the case with most other BDS', is that it will simply shut off.
  9. Yeah it could just be a single component that needs replacing. Most likely not the capsule.
  10. I'd definitely want to buy something that won't break, and a 744 has already proven itself. It also has two top notch mic pres and teo additional line-ins for your lavs. I think that plus a good stereo mic or pair is going to give you ehat you want. Yout rode and g2 will be ok for your interviews, but not the right tool for your ambiance recordings. As a side note: you may want to consider recording not just serene silent nature, but also comment on mans encroaching presence everywhere, since there are very few places left without man made sounds. Might make good social commentary. Just a thought
  11. That's the sound of it dying. However it can be brought back to life chez Sennheiser.
  12. I had a used 70 start to exhibit signs of death. Sent it in and a few weeks later, it came back good as new.
  13. Could be for T power or a Sennheiser only power used briefly. I'm guessing it's the ladder.
  14. There are a number of models available including B, D, L and LE which are all part of the IV family and have varying amounts of features. I'd say that the 4.2 will be the most expensive out of your choices, and the III will be thr hardest to find in working condition. All will be difficult to find 100% functional. I have five Nagras and the only two that work 100% were either never used or completely restored. The others had a great deal of use and have a number of issues each.
  15. After playing around with it I can see that it is a far superior app than TV Timecard. I think that this would be very useful, especially with the payroll templates and batch mode. This will surely transition us toward going all digital quickly.