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  1. Nagra repairs

    I've heard tales of in the field repairs from Blake Wilcox at Wilcox Sound. I don't know of his level of expertise or if he even remembers what exactly he did, but it may be worth a call over there to see if you can pick his brain.
  2. Sometimes things slip through

    Lack of sonic perspective. +1
  3. The use of compressors in location sound

    For the mix track it's fine, but post will want the ISOs untouched.
  4. Zaxnet Slate

    I velcro an ERX to the back of my Denecke slates. Works like a charm.
  5. Wireless

    Agreed. Until you've done a lot of homework I don't think anyone should be posting problems or questions. After graduating from an audio school and working professionally, I found this site and read it for a good nine months before ever daring to post anything. This was back in the good old days when people would speak up about what a "good" or a "bad" question was. When the Senator patrolled these waters Point is, read, learn, try for yourself. Everyone here has their favorite gear for one reason or another. All brands have their good points and bad points, but the reason one prefers one brand over another is personal.
  6. Staff Me Up

    I think that people should concentrate on building their own network and not bother with those sites.
  7. Echo Park Horrible RF

    I've had really good luck using the Venues smart tune feature
  8. The moment I heard about the spectrum sell off, I sold all my 600mHz gear and purchased new gear in safer parts of the spectrum. That was maybe two or more years ago. I knew that by now the market would be flooded with 600mHz gear and they would be going for really cheap. So in order to make my money back I sold it right away.
  9. Can we just ban aerosol spray cans? Those are an environmental disaster themselves. Most products that use them are also available in a pump spray container anyways.
  10. NFL sideline mic

    I've done it using a 416, and didn't think that the results were very satisfactory. So this year I tried an mkh70. The results were waaaaay better and the camera man was quite impressed. But it was a lot more work for me. So the answer to your question depends upon the answer to this question: What is it that you need to hear? The sounds of the players on the field or the conversations of the coaches and pep talks in between plays at the bench? A parabolic mic is great for hearing the players on the field, but to hear anyone at and around the bench, I'd say choose a mic with decent reach that is light yet robust, and an appropriate length boom pole.
  11. Digital-analog sync sound

    Yes I did record out from the Nagra and back into the 788, but I'm almost certain that post will go through and use my ISOs to do a proper dialog edit. The director expressed interest in running that edited track through the Nagra. Will see.
  12. Digital-analog sync sound

    Since there was no post production supervisor, and I got a lot of different answers and opinions here, I didn't roll TC on the Nagra. I was 24fps on the 788T, and used a 4.2 at 60Hz per @Philip Perkins suggestion and we used a dumb slate. If that is inconvenient for production then next time they need to have a plan in place. That's about all I could do.
  13. Digital-analog sync sound

    I will say that the workflow on the film was a lot more enjoyable. Just before this film, I was working on another with an Alexa where we would do endless takes of every shot imaginable so that they could have "options" in post. Basically, another director without a vision or a plan. I don't consider that to be film making at all. Working on a film using 35mm did reduce the endless rolling and they would actually block and rehearse the scene and camera movements, so that when we did a take, it meant something. And we would only do one or two takes, then move on. I had forgotten what a privilege it is to work under those circumstances, and it makes me kind of sad that the "options for post" model is what is the norm and is likely just going to get worse in time.
  14. Digital-analog sync sound

    We were thinking of doing old school sync but vintage style...with Ediphone cylinders
  15. I know that my 4.2 and STC are heavily modded. These are a pair of the Dan Dugan hot rodded Nagras. So it doesn't surprise me that the lid is a frankenstein. Many other aspects of these are different from how they came stock, which is kinda why I got them in the first place. I love this thread though, learning all kinds of great stuff!