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  1. Yes as in 16 or 24 inputs. If they feel obliged to make a new control surface for these devices I wouldn't hate that either. But I really like the layout of the CL-9 vs the CL-12. I absolutely hate the rec buttons on the CL-12 (the size and position), and the fact that the user buttons which need to be used on anything but the 688 don't actually activate the TB mic, just toggle the switch, which means that if you are in PFL mode, you change the output routing I much prefer the purpose built CL-9.
  2. CL-wifi to be able to be used hard lined from the lightning port of your iDevice to a usb port on the 788. +1 for what @Johnny Karlsson said re A-2 B-2 wideband SMQVs Sound Devices 716 or 724 Affordable HD video tx/rx sets NOT in 2.4/5gHz with good range
  3. I have one. Different model, mine is made by Sennehiser. Has a long stem but does not telescope. Sounds good tho
  4. Does anyone out there have a solition for powering the old Sennheiser mkh xx4 series, that predates the T Power system. It was called A-C power (as opposed to A-B power aka T Power). Any help would be appreciated. Thx
  5. I have a working Kudelski SLP. Don't know if that helps.
  6. Yes I saw that. I inquired to him as well, but no reply as of yet. I'm hoping someone more handy than I may be able to point me in the direction of a product (hand made or not) that I could buy/commission that can make these mics work à la PSC barrel sort of idea. Thoughts anyone? @Ron Meyer
  7. @Earmuffs are you aware of this?
  8. Curious how this turned out @jason porter, I have a pair of mkh 404s that I'd like to bring some life back to. Can you post some photos and give us a few details into your solution?
  9. VER

    I make it standard practice to only work with my equipment, and like it is mentioned above, I have a pre written response as to why. Every single time I have gone out in the field with someone else's gear, there have been problems, and I get the blame, so it's not worth it to me to spend a frustrating day working with their gear and get blamed for their problems for a client too cheap to do business on the up and up. Just say no.
  10. The answer is that it depends on many things. Try it and see for yourself. They're all great mics. If you read the spec sheets on them, that should give you an idea of what their capabilities are relative to each other.
  11. I got to play with one yesterday and I have two main concerns. One is nit-picky, the other is deal or no deal. First: batteries. Like many others, I like to keep the diversity in the kinds of batteries I need to a minimum. I know it affects the size of the machine, but I'd rather have it a little bigger if it meant taking an AA battery instead of an AAA. Second: the battery door. I am very concerned with the build quality of the locking mechanism (plastic and very fragile), as well as the thin wire hinge. I'd expect this to be robust like the battery door of an SM, not something one could break with their thumb. Those are my two cents. Otherwise it looks great and I'd love having a few in my kit, but that battery door is a deal breaker for me. I foresee these spending more time in servicing than in the field.
  12. Most people experiment until they find techniques that work.
  13. Interesting find! Do be aware that K-Tek also makes equipment for other industries like the military, so this could be a bomb probing kit. I have never seen anything like this on set or otherwise as well. Maybe someone from K-Tek can help is out on this one
  14. @RPSharman I actually use an mkh70 fairly often when running around with a bag. In those instances getting a boom "in there" can be difficult, but having a mic that can really reach makes a huge difference. I understand where you are coming from and not seeing the need for a long shotgun. Your reasoning is a sign of the times for sure. It used to be very common practice to have a long shotgun alongside your regular shotgun. I do all kinds of work, and can always find a use for my long shotguns, and I find them to be a very advantageous tool for all kinds of applications.