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  1. Favorite Plug-Ins for Post

    Thanks for the info. I used to use the Massey Limiter years ago and yes, well worth the price!
  2. What are some of your favorite plugins for post production, and are any free? I’m getting back into post but since my absence a lot has changed. There are obvious ones like izotope but I’d like to see what the consensus is on others.
  3. Why Comteks?

    Audio Department was developing a battery eliminator, but after a few prototypes decided against selling them because the modifications necessary to make to the Comtek itself weren’t favorable options or some such business. I’d say that IF Comtek were to make modified bodies and battery compartment parts to support a battery eliminator, AD may decide to pursue the idea again.
  4. Rupert Neve - Sound on Sound Interview

    @Dalton Patterson thanks, yes I’ve brought it out on a few productions, each time I have gotten wonderful compliments from post I also picked up Nelson’s hot-rodded Nagras. With this setup it is no wonder he is such a legend. I really admire how he thinks outside the box and doesn’t go for turn-key kits. The proof is in his work!
  5. IFB on the cheap.

    There is a post somewhere here about a guy who’s director wanted something smaller than a normal IFB (comtek/lectro), so he used a cheap FM transmitter and a bunch of SanDisk Sansa MP3 players with built in tuners. Although this setup works, you’ll have trouble with battery life, open frequencies and range. But hey, if you’d rather try a bunch of low priced options until you pony up for something a little more tried and true, that’s your business.
  6. 633 PFL

    Also check your headphone settings
  7. VER files bankruptcy under Chapter 11

    Maybe it’s from all those sound packages they toss in with the camera rental?
  8. Why Comteks?

    If you are using these for boom monitoring, I’ve had a number of boom ops say that they prefer a good comtek signal over an alternative simply because when used with a base station and mini mite/phase right antenna, the range can out perform a lot of other options. But yeah, the quality is not great. However, some of the best boom ops I’ve worked with don’t mind them. Theyre also good to have because if you need to rent more of them for a specific job, they’re cheap to rent and everyone has them in stock.
  9. Why Comteks?

    The main reasons why many people use comteks over better sounding brands is because the range is pretty good, they’re not too pricey, and if they sound too good to anybody else listening, then you’d be potentially dealing with back seat drivers. That is to say, you’ll get more people interfering with your work and methods if they can hear every little detail. They need to hear the dialogue and nothing else.
  10. Withholding Audio Files

    When it didn’t look like production was going to pay at the end of a shoot, I quietly packed up and proceeded to go home, after two weeks of shooting on location. About a week went by when I received a call from a producer asking for the audio. I politely told him that I’d be glad to give them the files once I’ve heard from everyone in the crew that they had received payment in full and all cheques cleared. They weren’t happy about it but it happened and everyone got paid. I’ve had other smaller issues but this was the biggest. Two weeks of audio, their DIT never asked for anything from me at the end of each day, and the director and producer were too inexperienced to make sure that they were getting their footage. They didn’t even ask for a comtek the entire time. That’s a lot of faith to put into someone that you are planning on ripping off!
  11. Nomad 12 Fader Gain

    Pre or post fader?
  12. Wireless Mic and Recorder

    You know, you can look at the manuals for these things to see about specifications.
  13. Bling your kit

    Time to bedazzle all my cables!
  14. When the time is right, it will happen
  15. Best ENG boom pole

    Pro Aim, the Indian made ones on eBay