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  1. JonG

    The horse has left that barn

    The second I heard about the sell off I sold my 600mHz gear well ahead of the game. Some of it I purchased used and came in at a profit, and had no losses overall. Why so many people waited until the market was flooded I’ll never understand, but it’s those guys that are late to the game who keep me in business.
  2. Good for you for trying, and thanks for sharing!
  3. JonG

    New to Nagra!!

    You can buy rca-banana cables on eBay or amazon for very little FYI. Shouldn’t be a problem. They are still fairly common in the hi-fi world.
  4. JonG

    New to Nagra!!

    @dela I have nightmares of that becoming my future. As of now I have 7, and an 8th on the way, plus a couple 4 Track machines. I already feel like I’m being buried alive!
  5. JonG

    New wireless TX deviation rules October '18

  6. JonG

    Second degree encounters

    He still has all the schematics and paperwork. A large print of this is on the wall of his transfer house!
  7. I was hanging out with my pal Johnny Dee doing some Nagra transfers and he mentioned having worked with @Jeff Wexler and @Don Coufal ! Thought you may enjoy this!
  8. JonG

    New to Nagra!!

    7” metal reels are more common, they can be used with the plastic top open
  9. JonG

    New to Nagra!!

    If you search for D cell battery adapters online you’ll find enloop D cell cases which you can put AA batteries in. This seems to work pretty well for me. I put rechargeable AAs inside and never have to buy D batteries.
  10. JonG

    New to Nagra!!

    Your Nagra III is from 1963 (see the serial number), and it will be difficult to find replacement parts. However eBay will be your best bet for finding a lid, power supply, or other parts. Also, a quick google search will bring you to nagrit and nicks film sound which both have parts for sale. Be sure to get parts specifically for your model. Power supplies and lids for other models may not be compatible.
  11. JonG

    Production company scam?

    Demo reel?
  12. JonG

    start up gear for field recording

    My opinion is this: you get what you pay for. Why not do some research, decide what you really want, not just what you can afford at the moment, and save up. A used 702 would be a better option in terms of quality than any budget machines mentioned, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find one at a killer price. Mics are another point of quality to consider, but you may also consider which mics will work best with certain wind shields. I agree that a pair of Omni mics would be the best option if you didn’t want to go MS, and you can find used high end mics if you keep your eyes open and aren’t in a rush to get yourself a mediocre setup. Neumann and sennheiser mics come up fairly often on the used market for prices that I have a hard time not snatching up! Baby Ball gags and other basket type windshields are the most effective in my opinion. But like I said, you should make an informed decision and not build you kit solely base on budget. If you want to sell anything you record, you may have a harden time doing so if people learn about a budget rig.
  13. JonG

    Why AES camera feeds for prod. sound?

    On a commercial that was rush rush rush, they decided at the last second before shooting that they wanted a line to camera. In a pinch I grabbed an XLR, set my output to aes, and set the Amira to aes. They got their signal and there was no futzing about. Took a lot less time than trying to get the balance in correct. I like the option, but it should never completely replace an analog input.
  14. If the cost of doing business is too high, don’t do business. If it will cost too much to make your film, raise more funds or abandon the project. Not your problem, but if a producer wants to go forward on a project that is so underfunded that they can’t afford to pay for even the most basic of things like crew and lodging, but still want to shoot internationally, I’m going to guess that this production will have many more problems than budget. Run away
  15. JonG

    Nagra 4.2 Plastic Cover

    For 5” or 7” reels?