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  1. I used the Skyline folding cart for years. Purchased it from a mixer that had retired and wanted to make space for life It does look almost identical to the PSC carts, except that its top shelf is exactly Nagra sized, and does not extend the actual width of the cart, and the whole thing can fold flat. I really liked how light weight it was, and easy to travel with. I slid it into a cardboard box and shipped it to Missouri for a feature about three years ago, and it was great to have out there. Here are a couple of shots that I took of it when I was looking to sell it. This shot shows a Nagra IV-L with the 7" reel mod on the top shelf. You can see that the shelf does not go all the way to the right side. Below it is my little 633 bag, that just happened to be sitting there. Here's a shot looking down at it. There is a Denecke TS-2sb in a Versaflex case sitting on top of it for no reason. And here it is from the side. I think that's a Sennheiser mkh-70 in a Rycote blimp on the shelf there. You can see a wire cable attached which held pins that would lock the folding joints into place. The only thing I didn't really like about these was that the Nagra sized shelf was a little impractical for today's use, and those front castors made it impossible to go over any sort of terrain. If you pulled the cart from the back, you could go over a cable with a big bump (and likely lose anything not velcroed down), but if you tried pushing this cart castors-first, it'll topple over if it hit something as small as a penny! I mostly used this cart with an SKB case that sat on the larger of the top shelves, and the Nagra dish served as a Lav station. Here is a shot on a rooftop in downtown Los Angeles from a movie I was working on a few years back. You can see my Boom Operator prepping lavs or something behind the cart, using that little shelf. I'm standing in front, no doubt in heated conversation about wireless frequencies or the like, talking to the playback operator who was feeding Phonaks to a band that was being filmed in the scene, but not actually performing. The cart is more or less just something to hold my SKB case up, and the lower shelves held other goodies. Not that fun to move around in this configuration, but it could be pulled along and negotiate narrow doorways pretty well. Just as long as it didn't need to be lifted
  2. Rupert Neve - Sound on Sound Interview

    Here she is on my cart. It has had so many mods done, it really is one of a kind. Sonically, it is far superior to others of the same series. However, unlike the better known 1073 series, this is more neutral sounding with less harmonic distortion, and more dynamic range, but still has a big open sound that you really only get from an analog board.
  3. Rupert Neve - Sound on Sound Interview

    The one that belonged to Nelson Stoll
  4. Rupert Neve - Sound on Sound Interview

    This is why I bring my Neve console with me on all kinds of projects. Music for sure, but also movies

  6. SRb + PSC Rf Multi SMA?

    I have recently decided that having so many single channel receivers in my bag: a- doesn't work because of limited space in the bag b- hurts my back Most of my work consists of being in the same room with the talent, or being really far away from them. When Im really far away, I use the PSC Rf Multi SMA, which gives me outstanding range (environment/obstacles not counting...). Im wondering if I will get the same performance out of SRb's hooked up through the same system? Or will I get less performance because the SR receivers are dual receivers, and are not the same kind of diversity and have a lack of front end tracking as lets say a 411 receiver? Before anyone says anything, I know it depends. Now that we have that out of the way, I would like to hear form anyone with experience in this sort of setup and can draw from having tried both scenarios in long distances from their transmitters. To be clear, I have had to deal with very unrealistic expectations when it comes to range, and have somehow managed to get what I need when using SMQVs pumping out 250 mW in a non polluted RF environment in conjunction with 411 systems and the PSC box, but even then my clients tend to need more than that at times, which is where I tell that that it is not possible and they get what they get at that point. But regardless, the better performance, the better for me. I would just like to hear other peoples experiences before I make the move. Thanks!
  7. Boom Pole Quick Connect

    I use the SGS quick connects on all my boom poles. Highly recommended.
  8. Another TA5 low profile! Not right angle this time

    @Derek H They may be a number of different connectors such as Rean for example. Whatever they cane with. I acquired a lot of my cos-11s second hand many years ago so who knows which brand the connectors are. No labels. Either way, these ones look pretty cool!
  9. Advice on sound kit R4+/SD/Zax/Zoom

    I'm going to echo what @Constantin said. Although you think you have a handle on things, the truth is that until this is what you've been doing on a full time basis to make your living, you find you really don't know what you thought you did at uni or even on a basic indie level. The best training you can get is to work for someone else, and from there you can not only grow, but also develope connections to better jobs, and you can save money in the meantime and get the right gear, not just what you can afford while at uni. So ask around and try to utility or second boom for an established mixer. This is the correct way of doing things. If you go out on your own, you're doing it the hard way and you're going to do yourself and your business a disservice without even knowing it.
  10. Shooting with this today. It's been a while. I'm just disappointed that they didn't ask me to bring in a Nagra!
  11. Another TA5 low profile! Not right angle this time

    I want all my lavs re terminated with these. I hate the plastic boots that always break with the slightest amount of pressure. But getting 30ish mics done would cost a lot I am assuming. I'd love yo hear more!
  12. Control surface vs mixer

    I use my cl-9 with my 788 because of the flexible routing and dedicated functions. It is a nice and compact control surface. However when I can get away with it, I like to use my analog mixer because the sound is really something impressive. Yes it is big and heavy and draws a lot of power, and all those cables are a pain. But it's worth it for the right projects
  13. SMQV storage

    My solution is not much better than your original setup, but it works for me. I use the pouch that my 788 came in from SD, put three on either side of the divider, and keep the antennae in a mic pouch that an SM58 came in, along with the tx so that they are always together. Works well for me.
  14. Film Four (in the UK)

    I used to work in a studio where we specialized in restoration and remixing sound for TV and film. For pops and clicks, we would manually fix every one of them in Pro-Tools, so you'd never know that they were there. For situations where noise reduction was necessary, we used some really specialized plug-ins that, to be honest, I cannot name because they were not household names like iZotope RX or Waves. But I can say is that they were very expensive, probably no longer available, and worked extremely well. When iZotope RX was released I thought it was a joke, because the plug-ins that I had used years before were far superior in their operation. Wish I could remember what they were though! So back to your original question: I can go both ways. When watching an old film, I kind of take it for granted that it probably won't sound or look as good as the original tapes/film due to the edit/transfer processes of the day. So it doesn't really bother me at all. I guess I'm just used to it. A version that is cleaned up well? Sure, I'll check it out. If it sacrifices the quality in some other way then maybe I'll pass. Guess it depends upon how distracting it is.
  15. Problem with the SD442 Mixer

    Have you tried connecting your XLR to anything?
  16. Problem with the SD442 Mixer

    Are you connecting it to anything with phantom power engaged? we are usually more helpful if you say exactly what you are doing
  17. Use in full range. If you run out of juice it'll either switch to another connected power source or it'll power down. That's all.
  18. ADVICE: Nagra 4.2 Mixer connections

    I want to know too
  19. Waterproof case for 633

    Ambient makes this: http://ambient.de/en/product/underwater-housing/
  20. Your first sound setup or kit ever

    M-Audio Microtrack II $100 Sound Devices MM-1 $400 a used mkh 415 $400 headphones and cables I already owned $0 and a home-made boom pole. $20 I used this on student films and shorts until I could afford a couple of Sennheiser G2s. Once I had a couple wireless mics, I got real busy and was able to eventually buy a Tascam DR-680, an mkh416 (the 415 didn't last long), and a Gitzo boom pole (which came with my used 416). I think the upgrade was about $3000. After adding a couple more Sennheiser wireless to my kit, my next big purchase was my 788T. Quite a jump. But I was doing reality TV at that point and could suddenly afford serious gear. I still have and use my 788T and 416. Both a couple of the best investments I've ever made.
  21. Sennheiser mkh70

    I love the mkh70 and use it quite often when I'm doing ENG run'n'gun stuff outdoors. Indoors I'll often go with its companion, the mkh50. But if you are out in the sticks looking to get your first "all arounder", I think the mkh 416 still holds its place there. It is a great mic, works well "all around", and is bulletproof. The 8060 is certainly a fancy mic, but if I only had that to rely on, I'd probably be a bit nervous. I'm not sure how durable of a mic it is, but it seems to be susceptible to the elements from what I've read. In any case, like others have said here, it all depends upon the type of work that you do. My two cents is that if you are a sound mixer of any sort, you should own a 416, at least one. They won't let you down.
  22. Battery Bud II Voltage

    Usually, as is the case with most other BDS', is that it will simply shut off.
  23. Sennheiser 816 (p48) hiss and crackling noise

    Yeah it could just be a single component that needs replacing. Most likely not the capsule.
  24. I'd definitely want to buy something that won't break, and a 744 has already proven itself. It also has two top notch mic pres and teo additional line-ins for your lavs. I think that plus a good stereo mic or pair is going to give you ehat you want. Yout rode and g2 will be ok for your interviews, but not the right tool for your ambiance recordings. As a side note: you may want to consider recording not just serene silent nature, but also comment on mans encroaching presence everywhere, since there are very few places left without man made sounds. Might make good social commentary. Just a thought