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  1. Winter

    Rentals in Barcelona

    For what you need, your best bet in town is Ovide: http://www.ovide.com/
  2. Winter

    Rentals in Barcelona

    What do you need?
  3. Winter

    Audio Post Production Workflow

    Thanks! Nice post!
  4. Winter

    Micing accordion

    +1 on this topic, even if I'm not that lucky to have to deal with Pauline Oliveros accordions....a nice stereo pair worked best for me
  5. Winter

    Old Punk Kicks New Ass (Bob Mould)

    Lucky you Philip! I remeber some time ago you were also working with Philippe Jaroussky, very different fields, same top musical level. I would love to work with people like Bob Mould, always been a fan too
  6. Winter

    Cobraclip Boom cable clip by Cinesonics

    The first spanish customer it's me... Very handy little product! I've spend several days working with a cobraclip on my boompole and, believe me, once you start using it you can't come back anymore. I also have to say that customer support at Cinesonics is second to no one, really impressive (thanks Pedro!!!)
  7. Winter

    Weird re-directing

    +1 with the same redirect issue
  8. Winter

    Sound Devices 633…What do you think?

    Another question...are the hpf filter working in the analog domain (before AD) or not?
  9. Winter

    From the Department of Past Lives--my 1985 LP re-released

    Great Philip!!! I like the music very much, not everyone's cup of tea I guess, but personally I really like it. Do you like Pascal Comelade's work? He has been probably inspired by music like yours (other than minimalist composers like Reich, obviously).
  10. Thanks Paul for your opinion! It's funny how perception varies, I really like the Audix and did'nt like the Oktava.
  11. Winter

    Some trick or really quiet motorcycle?

    Very good placed lav + very good noise reduction in post IMHO
  12. Winter

    Wired lapel mics you guys still use them?

    Sure! They save the day from time to time
  13. Winter

    Adobe To Go Subscription Only

    That's the question, IMHO. Personally I feel that the CC it's too expensive right now, especially because there's no option for using 2-3 apps without paying for the whole suite.