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  1. Alex Mitchell

    Sound Devices acquires Audio, wow!

    Oh my god, my sides. 😂
  2. Alex Mitchell

    Sound Devices acquires Audio, wow!

    Just saw this on FB too. Even more competition for Zax when it comes to fully integrated bag setups, which is always good. It’ll be interesting to see the products that come down the pipe in the next few years!
  3. Hey everyone, I've been contracted out on an art project to record some applause in a concert hall in Germany--specifically in the city of Marl. We will honestly only be recording for one or two days, so I figured it'd be cheaper for the client to rent equipment over there rather than secure a Carnet and have extra baggage on the flight. Two questions: 1. Does anyone know of a good equipment rental house in Germany that I can speak to? 2. Most of the time I record production dialogue, not foley, so I'm wondering if anyone can give me feedback on a potential set up. For this session I was thinking of renting a 633, two MKH-50s and a 416. - MKH-50s on both edges of the stage getting LR. - MKH-416 in the centre on a high stand, reaching to the back of the room. Thanks for any help you guys can give.
  4. Alex Mitchell

    Rycote lyre indestructable?

    Mic (MKH-50) was totally fine.
  5. Alex Mitchell

    Rycote lyre indestructable?

    I broke a set once when I accidentally hit a ceiling fan after we'd cut. Those were the first generation Lyras though, so I dunno how tough they were.
  6. Alex Mitchell

    Zaxcom TRXFB3

    I'd love this for workout videos. Right now I have IFBs feeding the participants music and Txs on the people who are giving instructions. Having two boxes on one body can really cause issues (comfort, interference, etc.) so I'm pretty excited to give this a try. Curious how much more expensive it is than a regular TRX though...
  7. Alex Mitchell

    RIP - Haskell Wexler

    Condolences Jeff. Your dad's work with 12 On--12 Off has been a huge inspiration for my co-workers and I; he'll be missed.
  8. Alex Mitchell

    zaxcom ERX3 With OLED display

    Just got my ERX3 in today. Love that display and can't wait to test out the locking connector with a camera. Is there a changelog for version 2.11 of the ERX firmware though? I only see 2.01 on Zax's website.
  9. Hey guys, I'm looking for a sound mixer to replace me on a small indie feature in Calgary, AB on short notice. I recently got some troubling personal news and would like to have a bit more time to spend with friends and family this summer, so if you're from YYC or know anyone from YYC that I could refer to production, please send them my way. We're already shooting so I'll get you to fill in from Aug. 29th to Sept 10th. Thanks for your time! -Alex P.S. I already checked with Justan Ross and he couldn't make it out. Bummer!
  10. Alex Mitchell

    Scans | Lectro vs Zaxcom

    I can't remember the last time I saw clear patches on my QRX100s; there's almost always a line of fuzzy moss on the spectrum, whereas I always see tons of free space on my 411a receivers. I usually just chalk that up to them being on different blocks though (21 vs 19). I do find that I get significantly longer range from my SMQVs than my TRXs though...
  11. Alex Mitchell

    Zaxcom Rentals in Canada?

    The unique nature of this project means that I'm going to be relying heavily on the salient selling points of Zaxcom's system--most notably, internal recording, ZaxNet, and NeverClip. I'm going to be working in distances that might be tricky for any system and I need the confidence of a proper backup. Plus, NeverClip is probably going to save my ass more than once... Also, thank you to everyone that replied. I can't believe that, in 16 hours, I have three of the biggest names in location sound services replying to this post. What an amazing forum.
  12. Alex Mitchell

    It's only going to go down hill from here.

    I mean, it's not an IDEAL scenario but when I compare footage from my old DVX100b to what my iPhone 6 can do I'm astounded. Something that is essentially the same size as the fold out LCD from that old workhorse can deliver video that is an order of magnitude better for less than an eighth of the price, plus it can edit it and deliver it wirelessly too! I dunno; I think we're in for a pretty interesting ride. Just gotta figure out how to adapt.
  13. Alex Mitchell

    Zaxcom Rentals in Canada?

    Hey guys, I'm going to be on a feature that requires a substantial wireless setup and I'm looking to rent some pieces to fill in the gaps in my kit. Thanks to the IC registration, Zaxcom gear is available to in Canada again but neither Trew Vancouver or Trew Toronto have Zax gear to rent--apparently, all their Zax rentals are out of LA, and the Nashville store is using up their stock during my shoot days (July 31st-August 15th). Does anyone know of any other rental options for me?
  14. Alex Mitchell

    Zaxcom Nomad new version

    I have an extremely early release Nomad8 and, apart from some initial firmware wonkiness, it really has been rock solid. I've only just sent it in this week to have all the modifications and updates that have been released since then. The only thing I would recommend, from experience, is that you put a screen protector on it as soon as you get it. Because the plastic overlay is impossible to replace on its own--or so I'm told--it's a $300 repair. I had to get mine replaced because it was simply too scuffed to see through in sunlight, and I was concerned that cutting around the screen and putting on a replacement of my own would compromise the water resilience of the front panel. Definitely getting sticker shock from the whole process, but I guess it's the cost of doing business.