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  1. Hey K-Tek: I bought two of the ERX holders with the velcro and 1/4-20 inserts. I have to say, they do not perform as well as I had hoped. 1. Velcro is soft side. Every camera I encounter has soft side on them - in general anything sticking to the camera (TC, IFB) needs to have HARD SIDE velcro on them. Can this be changed? It's unusable as-is this way. 2. The 1/4-20 insert moves around a lot. It is not "solid" - you can rotate the case, so when it is attached to the mount, it still moves back and forth. I think I need to tape it down or something.... Not what I had hoped for. Any suggestions on how to make this better? Avi
  2. Shoot changes dates. Stand down.
  3. I have to leave early on a documentary shoot and production would like to book a solid local mixer for an interview on 5/11. Not sure of there's any verite involved but my sense is that it is just an interview. Interview is critical to the production, they are very selective, as it involves a wrongful conviction case. Email me and I will put in touch with production.
  4. A cameraman friend of mine was asking me for a recommendation on a quality single earphone for him to use while shooting - for monitoring. He does mostly verite doc work. Anyone got a recommendation?
  6. In the verite doc world I get the camera all the time. At the the start of any day I hook up the timecode and any hops, I set the levels, and it all happens pretty quickly.
  7. I use lens pouches for both extra transmitters and extra lavs. Those can go on either the waist belt of the harness or attach to the drawstring of a parachute bag by clc. The parachute bag is an excellent run bag - lots of sections, top loading.
  8. +1. I use zaxnet through a qifb all the time from my Maxx. Route it as already stated.
  9. Be advised - an ERX feeding an Amira will experience intermittent link status on the ERX if the camera's Bluetooth is on. To the Bluetooth off, use the side setup menu, not the one in the eyepiece. azw
  10. And then there's this:
  11. I'm interested, but am I mistaken or does the application require OSHA certifications and "800 MPIPH hours?" How could one possibly get all that done in the next 5 days?
  12. Shooting on this? I have the cable.
  13. The only person I've ever seen DOUBLE BOOM while wearing a bag is Theresa Radke. That's right, a boom in each hand, getting sound from opposite sides of a room on a feature doc job. azw
  14. Yes I basically got a free transmitter. No they did not ask for the unit. It was dead as far as I knew. I notified the producer right when it happened (talent dropped it in the potty) and then put the cost of a new one on my Invoice. No questions asked.
  15. Same thing happened to me with a zax tx. I took the batteries out, dried it out and threw it In my bag. Production paid for a new one. A few weeks later I took the old one out and put new batteries in. It fired up! I then sent it off to zaxcom for a checkup. Got It back and I use it all day the time now, no issues.