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  1. Trouble jamming Alexa with Ambient ACL 204

    Ahhhh...i havnt tried to switch it to Regen mode. I will def give that a shot. All this info is incredibly useful, thanks guys. Still gotta get that one way cable.
  2. Trouble jamming Alexa with Ambient ACL 204

  3. Trouble jamming Alexa with Ambient ACL 204

    I will test a one way cable and report back. I usually keep it on AUTO as well, but i will switch it to manual/once and try it. Thanks!
  4. Trouble jamming Alexa with Ambient ACL 204

    So i have an Ambient ACL 204 Lockit box and I will be on a shoot with the Alexa next month. I know the Alexa has a pretty easy work flow regarding timecode and I have jammed it plenty of time in the past with other models of lockit boxes. But every time i use my lockit this is what happens: This is of course assuming the Camera TC settings are set to... Source: EXT LTC Mode: Free Run Generator: Jam Sync User bit source: LTC in UB 1. I jam the lockit box from my recorder...the time code matches perfectly. 2. I use the lemo to lemo cable out of B lemo in/output. (the one closest to the BNC) 3. I plug the other end into the Alexa 4. Instead of the lockit box jamming the Alexa, the opposite happens and the Alexa jams the lockit box and the timecode changes back to 0 and counts up from there. Any idea why this is happening? I feel like i remember reading somewhere that it may have to do with the cable being a two way cable or something but I'm not too sure. I havnt had any time to do a camera test and hammer out the kinks. Anyone else have this issue? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. battery distribution power options

    I had a quick question regarding discharging of NP-L7S's. The JL-2 charger that normally charges them doesn't have a discharge function. And I've read around that it's better to always discharge them fully before you recharge them. This increases their lifespan is what im told. Will I have to buy another charger? Or are their other ways to discharge them?
  6. Soldering Sanken CUB-01

    Well I was looking on B&H and it's 322.15 for the unterminated version with just the leads. If you buy it with the XLR already on it, it's 489.00. That's like $167.00 difference over a 3.00 connector. That's why i was wondering if there was any special wiring involved or if it was just typical XLR wiring. If so, than i can totally do it myself.
  7. Soldering Sanken CUB-01

    Just was wondering if anyone has any experience with soldering different connectors on the Sanken CUB-01. Im thinking of just buying it without any connectors and putting my own 3pin XLR-M. Is there anything in particular to look out for soldering wise? Or is it just straight forward 1 to 1, 2 to 2, and 3 to 3? As far as XLR is concerned.
  8. Limitations while traveling.

    Im thinkin now maybe i should just drop the pelincase and just carry the bag as carry on as well as my back back. Both will probably fit. I might have to use a pistol grip instead of boom. And shrink my np1's down to 4 instead of 6. Thanks alot for the info guys. This is potentially saving me from screwing myself.
  9. Limitations while traveling.

    I definitely need the np-1's. Maybe i can take 3 instead and take the charger with it. I also heard that taping the contacts helps with precaution. If thy say no np 1's im kinda screwed.
  10. Limitations while traveling.

    Im booked for a gig out of state. And have packed up my gear in a pelican case. Im going to check it in at the airport. And then carry on the boom and my back pack. Im just looking for any advice on to anysensitive item to look out for. I feel the items of most concern would be the batteries. I have 6 np1's and 16 AA's. Is this too much or am i fine? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
  11. DIY XLR Cables

    Thanks a lot guys for all the info. I shall get started right away!
  12. DIY XLR Cables

    Hey Guys, Decided that I want to start making my own cables/adapters to custom fit my needs. I was just wondering does anyone know a site or place in the L.A. area where I can buy XLR cable in bulk? As well as a connectors? Also, are there differences in the quality of the cable when buying in bulk or is it all the same or in the connectors. Obviously I'm sure it's MAINLY in how you solder it and such. But I just want to make sure if there are differences in manufacturer's before I buy. If anyone has any links or info at all, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!