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  1. Found this whilst looking up music related items for Midnight Cowboy. IMDB lists the boom op as Robert Rogow. John
  2. Izoptope are having assorted sales until the end of the year and one of the items on deep sale is the Advanced version of Izotope RX 5, which is down to $749. Weirdly, if you already own RX 5 standard, the upgrade price to Advanced is $849 with no sale discount available, so it's currently $100 cheaper to buy Advanced outright than to upgrade from standard. No idea why this should be, but the same applies to the RX Post Production Suite, currently down to $999 for the full program, while the upgrade from RX 5 standard is still at $1,149. I've had this confirmed by Izotope; see below. Hi John, Thanks for reaching out. You’re right, the current promotion (through December 31) actually saves you more than the upgrade coupon, and the upgrade coupon cannot be combined with the promotion. Sorry for any confusion this causes.
  3. A while ago I bought a couple of very cheap electret mics from a company called Karma Mics - - a pair with clips for $26, plus postage to the UK. I bought them as throw-aways for a car recording project that I had planned where it was highly likely that the mics might get damaged and I didn't want to risk anything expensive. In the end, the project fell through and they languished in the mic drawer. I eventually hauled them out just to see how they sounded and ended up using them to save a vocal overload from a wireless mic (not under my control) and was quite surprised at how well they behaved. I've since used them for sound effects recordings in assorted odd locations where I wouldn't risk my Schoeps or Sennheisers and they turn in usable, if not spectacular results. Checking the website, they're now marked as out of stock, so I guess the Chinese have found a more lucrative market, but sometimes a cheap and cheerful mic can be a useful addition to the mic locker. Cheers, John
  4. His name may not be familiar to those of you in the USA, but Adrian Kerridge was a leading pop music engineer and producer in the 1960s and later a pioneer in the field of music recording for film scores here in the UK; and for those of you who have used CADAC consoles, the first 'A' is for Adrian. He ran two major studios here in London, now both sadly gone: CTS Wembley - and Landsdowne Studios - It was pleasure to meet with him on various occasions, both in studios, mostly when being my wife's 'cello porter, and on a more professional level at AES meetings. There's a full obituary here: Regards, John
  5. The Daily Mail is currently being sued by Melania Trump for suggesting she was an illegal immigrant and a sex-worker. Could there possibly be a connection here? And as Rich says, the paper doesn't exactly have a good reputation for accuracy in their stories: they went for a friend of mine in the most spectacular way with the biggest load of snide, suggestive bullsh*t I've ever read. She got a 'clarification' in a tiny paragraph a few months later, as far as I know. The editor is a foul-mouthed misogynist git whose paper regular prints pictures of teenage daughters of celebs with captions drooling over how "all grown up" they are. Pond scum, really, who's paid ten times more than the prime minister of the UK for feeding the paranoia of its prejudiced readers.
  6. I have an MK8, along with assorted other Schoeps capsules and 4 CMC6 bodies, but I also have four KC5 extension cables, so I can make a reasonably low profile M/S pair if I need to. A CCM8 just means that you have a CCM8, whereas a CMC & MK8 means that you have many other possibilities. Regards, John
  7. Pretty sure that the power connector is a 5 pin locking Preh DIN connector with 240 degree pin spacing. We used to use these all the time in theatre, before Sennheiser became the norm. You could also take the ECM50 apart and replace the electret capsule for rather less than the cost of buying a new microphone. Bettersound are still going and are just down the road from me here in London. Let me know if you have communication problems and I'll see what I can do. All the best, John
  8. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of laws and regulations that will have to change or be abandoned, from food labelling to the cleanliness of our beaches. Employment laws will change: current employment rights and protections will most likely go, depending on who we get as a new government. Vast swathes of EU funding for the arts in general and the film industry in particular will go. And a whole load of other stuff that neither side bothered to address in the run-up to the referendum and the Leave contingent are only just beginning to come to terms with. A prime example of this is the county of Cornwall in the south west of the UK, which voted overwhelmingly to leave, and whose chief executive is now demanding that the £60 million that they will no longer receive from the EU in subsidies be replaced by the UK government. The only person who seems genuinely happy is Trump, who sees the drop in the exchange rate between the US and the UK as an incitement for more people to come to his golf course in Scotland. And I've got a terribe pain in all the diodes down my left-hand side... John Just seen this Guardian article:
  9. And of course, mixed on one of Dick Swettenham's lovely Helios desks. John
  10. QLab's pretty much the de facto sound, video and (in some cases) show-control software for theatre these days. It pretty much stomped all over the competition when it arrived some years ago and has been regularly updated, with much input from its users. It does rely quite heavily on the audio and video capabilities built into the Mac's OS which can occasionally lead to bugs when Apple changes something that been standard for ages. I've been using it for many years, since a beta version came my way, and if you watched the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics, much of the sound element, put together by a colleague, was controlled by QLab. A typical theatre installation will run a pair of Mac Minis for redundancy with a changeover switch, although it's rarely needed. Video-heavy shows will use Mac Pro machines for their extra processing headroom. Early on, I had a job persuading one of the major rental companies here in the UK to build a system for me (the first QLab system in London's West End for a show starring Orlando Bloom) but they did it as a special favour. Most playback systems were Windows-based back then, whereas most designers were using Macs for content creation. These days it's rare to find a theatre show that doesn't run QLab. Part of the success of the system is that it's scaleable from the basic, free version, to the all singing and dancing professional version, plus the fact that you can rent a licence for a few bucks a day, if you don't want to lay out the cash for a full licence. Chris Ashworth, who runs Figure 53, is a very nice chap, as are the folks who work with him. Regards, John
  11. Director to composer: "Nick, there's something wrong with that cue." Composer: "What, exactly?" Director: "I can still hear it."
  12. I have a TetraMic and an ST450. PM me with details. John
  13. I got to wear a Point Source Embrace model at USITT 2016 last month, when giving a presentation. I found it comfortable to wear and a roomful of theatre audio guys didn't seem to have a problem with the sound quality either. So much nicer (as a wearer) than the other over-ear boom systems, one of which I also got to wear earlier in the day in an interview and which got tangled up with lanyards and glasses. I listened to others using the Point Source mics and was sufficiently impressed to follow up when I got back to the UK: in fact I'm trying to get hold of one for a show right now. John
  14. Well, the necessity to check hand-baggage on the SLC to ORD flight meant that I did a lot of hanging around O'Hare waiting to pick it up, so never made it out of the airport. But thanks for the suggestions and I'll bear them all in mind for a future visit. John
  15. Try Copic Markers - much used in theatre for colouring mics to match hair colour.