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  1. Lectrosonics Introduces....................

    We introduced that in 2009: https://www.lectrosonics.com/US/Press-Releases-April-1st/lectrosonics-introduces-qp1-wireless-microphone-system.html
  2. Probably a (fairly) standard "Nigerian 419" scam. They will send you a check for some amount over what was agreed upon, then they'll ask you to wire the difference to a 3rd party. The check will be bogus, but it will take your bank a few days to figure that out. Thus, the only real money that will move is yours into the 3rd party account.
  3. Lectronics antennae for Zaxcom QRX200

    Lectrosonics AMM and AMJ antennas have SMA connectors, FYI.
  4. Nice interview - great to see some of the clips from older movies Danny worked on & hear about the methods used. Thanks for posting!
  5. Congratulations to Mark Wingarten, Gregg Landaker, Gary A. Rizzo & team for their well-deserved Oscar for Best Sound Mixing on Dunkirk! And congrats to all the nominees - all excellent films: Baby Driver, Blade Runner 2049, The Shape of Water, and Star Wars, the Last Jedi.
  6. Congratulations to CAS Awards winners

    Here's a link to the complete list: http://cinemaaudiosociety.org/54th-cas-awards-nominees/ Reminds me there still some movies & shows I need to see. Nice work, everyone!
  7. Overview/Review of the Lectrosonics Duet IEM System

    Derek, thanks for your questions. The IFB mode operates basically as you describe: it works very much like an R1a but with diversity and a better headphone amp. We don't have a lot of user feedback on that feature yet, but in our tests here, it walks fairly similarly to an R1a. Sound is about the same, limited by the transmitter audio processing/companding and the narrow FM deviation. With the current M2R hardware, it doesn't have the resources to do a 400 Hybrid mode - takes too much processing. No comment on digital SMs. Our standard answer to such questions is: if we were to design a digital SM transmitter series, what features are most important to you?
  8. Congrats to all the nominees this year! Fine work all the way around. Sound Mixing categories here: http://cinemaaudiosociety.org/54th-cas-awards-nominees/ Products here: http://cinemaaudiosociety.org/54th-outstanding-product-awards-nominees/
  9. Wireless in Europe

    Europe is going to the 470-700 MHz range as the US did back in 2010. Now, of course, the US FCC has auctioned off the 641-698 MHz band. I would not be terribly surprised to see that happen in Europe in 5-10 years, but we don't see any concrete signs of such actions yet. So, for now, the "safest" range worldwide is 470-614 MHz (608-614 MHz is reserved for radio astronomy in some countries, including the US). Most of what Lectrosonics sells in the US is the A1 and B1 bands (blocks 470, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23). In Europe, it is mostly B1 and C1 (blocks 21-26) if that helps. Our agent in Europe is Jim Bakker, +33 (0) 78558 3735 if you are interested in reaching someone there for advice.
  10. Stolen equipment - San Francisco

    Please send a list of the Lectrosonics gear with serial numbers to service.repair@lectrosonics.com so they can get it into the "Lost/Stolen" database.
  11. Lectrosonic UCR110 + UM110 Frequency Question

    These (and any block 33 units) stop at 861.900 MHz, so your F,F setting results in that frequency for the carrier.
  12. SRCs screen "bleeding"

    Hi guys, sorry this is happening. We have been sorting the LCDs to remove any bad ones for several months already, but up until now were unaware that the problem could be latent and not show up for some period of time. Of course we will be happy to replace those LCDs under warranty - please contact our Parts & Repair department at 800-821-1121 or service.repair@lectrosonics to arrange.
  13. Congrats to Roger Stevenson, Keith Rogers, Scott Weber, & Kyle O’Neal for the Emmy win for "Westworld - The Bicameral Mind" (winner for Outstanding Sound Mixing, 1 hour comedy or drama series). Great job, guys! And congrats to all the nominees - all these shows had great sound: House of Cards, Better Call Saul, Mr. Robot, and Stranger Things!