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  1. Don't waste your money on Blk 25. I have it for my booms and it works but when I scan I can't believe how jammed up the blk is. If I had to do it again I won't buy in that blk, but since I already have it I make it work.
  2. As mentioned, the Mole-Richardson E-fan is about as quite as you're going to get. Of course, as with any fan, if you turn it up to 11, you're going to hear it.
  3. I had the original PSC Cart Power and loved it. Had to give it up when I was pulling too many amps. I believe it's higher on V.2 Can't beat the price too.
  4. Mine are 470, 19, 21, 25. I can usually find something in there that works. Thank heavens for SmartTune in Venues.
  5. blk 470 is a short block, so that you know.
  6. Sorry about your loss. I've heard this type of story too many times and I always wonder why people leave their gear in their cars. If it's while your working and away from your car, why not throw a bunch of beach towels or ratty black furnies on top of it (out of sight out of mind) or get your windows tinted. I do both. Gears too valuable to not be paranoid about it. Particularly when you don't carry insurance. If I had insurance (other than when a show covers it) you can steal my gear all week long. I could use a new package. Just don't steal my odd and ends cables and connectors. That crap is to hard to recreate. I never stop off somewhere after work to eat, drink or recreate with gear in the car. Again, paranoia.
  7. My opinion of you just went up!
  8. Looked at the link and still can't figure it out. My guess is that Sennheiser is making wireless Tiparillo cigar tips.
  9. But does the Universal wiring make it a hotter mic? Is that why my levels are different than yours?
  10. When I order my lavs I tell them that I want all lectro. Is that the same as universal? I don't know. All lectro is the term I was taught to mean that they work with all Lectrosonic transmitters - both Um and sm series.
  11. It must be the lav wiring being the difference. I have friends that have my same set up that use similar settings as you and the only difference is their lavs are servo wired and mine are all lectro.
  12. Really? My sm's start at 11 if on talent with a cos-11 wired all lectro with Venue receiver at -5 and the gain on my yamaha o1v96 at about 10 o'clock. If the actor has a strong voice the tx goes to 9. I get a good, full audio signal and if the talent starts screaming and squaring out the rx then I start bringing down the tx. I don't see how I could ever run them hotter on my rig. If I bumped them up to your levels my rig would explode. Why are my setting so different then yours? Is it the way the lavs are wired? BTW, my reception is great. Hardly a problem.
  13. If I was king of the world all locations that I would shoot at would sound perfect. But, since I'm not, my job is to inform the producers and director of the situation and let them decide. They choose, I do not, but I inform. I do the best that I can do and I inform them of the problems. They have to live with the consequences, I get paid either way. Life is too short to let things that are beyond your control to eat you up.
  14. Oh brother....