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  1. .....and that's how you make a dull thread more interesting !!! thumbs up! Great Post. Interesting info. from the tests. Thanks.
  2. I was referencing the guy that posted a pic of Karl Marx and said "I'm with you comrade". Talk about misreading a post. BTW, who's "Whatshisnutz"??
  3. Fuck Communism. It has never worked and never will. You can throw socialism into that stinking shithole along with it.
  4. ...which will never happen. I've been doing this for over 30 years and haven't had anyone ask me to produce one, nor have I ever heard of anyone in our business being ask to produce one. Go figure...
  5. Oddly enough, I understood all of that.
  6. You haven't filmed in hell until you've filmed at the Salton Sea in the summer. Talk about a shit hole.
  7. But it is a perambulator boom.. Fisher is like Kleenex. It's synonymous with perambulator booms these days.
  8. First things first - are you getting any jobs that pay you money? It's a big mistake to buy gear before you get jobs.
  9. ^---- This
  10. If you're not renting it to them, I wouldn't provide it. Where does your responsibility end? Mine is at the end of an XLR. Beyond that, they are paying extra.
  11. Whaaa?? Sound comes in - sound gets recorded - sound gets turned in at end of the day. Don't forget to plug your earphones in. That is the fundamental parts and signal flow of my location sound mixer production cart
  12. Haven't found one for our industry that is for android. I'd buy one in a second if there was one.
  13. This award winning documentary on Desmond Doss tells the story without Hollywood-ing it up. A truly amazing story about an amazingly humble man. How can anyone not be in awe of this guy? Faith and balls as big as church bells!
  14. Well, that escalated quickly. I actually have the answer to your question for I have been there many times. But telling you would be the easy way out. Anything worthwhile and treasured is worth working for. It is only when we put our sweat and tears into something that we will hold the pearls that we gain dear to our hearts. The prize is in the struggle. Here's a hint to get you going: the menu that you seek is deeper in the path that you've visited many times. Happy hunting and may you come back a wiser and gentler man.