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  1. He raised the tariffs to offset the trade deficit. A business move to bring people to the bargaining table to lower all tariffs. Why does the USA have to be the one that shoulders the burden? Fair is fair.
  2. Mirror

    how to solve this, lavalier noises.

    To get 20 years of experience you need to invest 20 years.
  3. I get that. A lot of the time it really does boil down to luck. You either are in the right place and time to make important contacts or you're not. Some people have the personality to hold on to those contacts and some people are not built like that. And after years of grinding, with some good years and some sparse years, the lure of regular employment with a pension and health plan that you can get from teaching starts sounding pretty good to them and their family. Stability. Working in the film biz is like running away and joining the circus. It's great when you're young but wears on you when you're older. .However, I don't think they should let someone teach film unless they've actually worked in the biz and wrestled around in the mud.
  4. You're never going to work in the business. Too many problems to list. Good luck with life.
  5. Nice Jordan, I love the entrepreneurial spirit. Wishing you much success!
  6. Mirror

    Sound Guys Tablet Mount

    interesting. Thanks Tony. Got a link to it?
  7. Mirror

    Atheisticmystic thanks the vets !!!

    It is disgusting, but unfortunately, history says it's accurate. Sad.
  8. Mirror

    Atheisticmystic thanks the vets !!!

    Far be it from me to say I know more about hate than a German. Particularly on Veterans Day.
  9. Mirror

    Atheisticmystic thanks the vets !!!

    Wow. A lot of hate on this forum. Don't let it consume you, guys. Cheerios
  10. Mirror

    Atheisticmystic thanks the vets !!!

    To you, maybe. Offensive to me
  11. Mirror

    Atheisticmystic thanks the vets !!!

    Hmmm...thought this was a non-political zone. As a son, grandson, and father to veterans, you displaying a picture of the American flag hanging upside down is pretty offensive on Veterans Day.
  12. Mirror

    The Secret Language of Ships

    Huh, again, interesting.