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  1. What a Sound Mixer Does

    Thumbs up on that one!
  2. Cleaning My 01V96

    Very cool, Fred. Thanks for the tip!
  3. Just normal stuff. To each his own I guess.
  4. Yeah, I just tell them this stuff on the phone or text. 2 minute conversation and all's good. Not sure what all the over thinking is about.
  5. Zaxcom Deva V or 5

    My pleasure.
  6. RIP - Gregg Allman

    Shit! That guy owed me $20!
  7. Zaxcom Deva V or 5

    Step 1 Create new folder (eg. roll#1) Step 2 Touch the mirror box on the home screen. That will take you to the 1st mirror screen. At the bottom there will be 2 boxes. You will be able to choose where you want the folder to mirror to, either DVD or Firewire. Push the box until it says Firewire. The box to the right will turn the power on/off to the Firewire. Push the box until it says ON. Step 3 On the 1st mirror screen there is a box that says Mirror Mode. Push that. This will take you to a screen where you can choose many things about your mirroring. Push the box that says Folder to Mirror. That will take you to your folder page where you can choose the folder to mirror. push that folder to highlight it. To exit this screen, push the hard Menu button. That should take you back one screen to your Mirror menu. Once you are back into that screen, look at the bottom right-hand box. That will tell you the status of your mirror drive. Oh, I forgot to tell you to plug in your FW400 drive and CF card. The Deva is picky on what cards it will work with. Call them to find out which ones. Step 4 Once you confirm that the Deva recognizes your CF card (if it doesn't, go back to the screen where you can power on/off the Firewire and turn it off for a few seconds then turn the power back on.) Push the Format button to format the CF card. Step 5 Still in the Mirror Mode screen, push the box in the lower left named Mirror Mode. There are three settings, OFF, On-CONT, and NORMAL. Cycle through until it says NORMAL. In this mode the files will mirror when you hit the stop button AFTER you've recorded something. It's the safest setting to choose from. My POS Deva will occasionally lock up the hard-drive during a recording if I'm on the ON-CONTINUALLY mirror option. That's bad news, because you will lose the file on the hard-drive after the lock-up took place. Zaxcom said they couldn't replicate it so there's nothing wrong with my machine. Funny, I can replicate it 90% of the time I've put it in that mode. Whatever. Step 6 Make sure the Deva is finished mirroring to the CF card before pulling the card out. Side note: In the Mirror screen there will be buttons that you can choose what segment # you what to start mirroring from. When you choose a new folder, that starting seg # will automatically reset to #1. It will then keep track of what segments have already been burned for you. If, on some occasion, you want to go back and burn a file from another folder, you have to choose that seg # with those buttons.
  8. New Boom Pole at CineGear

    Yeah, right? Now that you see it, it seems logical. That's the only thing I really liked about the pole. The features I didn't like were the foam on the bottom section, and the cable exit point at the top. Why all pole manufactures don't make that where a XLR male connector can pass through is beyond me. VDB and PSC poles have that feature and it is great! It makes replacing cables and cleaning poles a snap. No removing connectors and re-soldering required.
  9. The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)

    My guess is also mag strip on 35mm Edit: Just talked to a friend who's pretty smart about this and he says it was most likely recorded on optical strip. Mag stripe didn't really begin until the early 50's.
  10. Yamaha QL1 Soundcart

    Wow, do you have more pics of this setup?
  11. .....and that's how you make a dull thread more interesting !!! thumbs up! Great Post. Interesting info. from the tests. Thanks.
  12. May Day and the 8 Hour Workday

    I was referencing the guy that posted a pic of Karl Marx and said "I'm with you comrade". Talk about misreading a post. BTW, who's "Whatshisnutz"??
  13. May Day and the 8 Hour Workday

    Fuck Communism. It has never worked and never will. You can throw socialism into that stinking shithole along with it.
  14. FCC License

    ...which will never happen. I've been doing this for over 30 years and haven't had anyone ask me to produce one, nor have I ever heard of anyone in our business being ask to produce one. Go figure...
  15. Any PA's near the truck ?

    Oddly enough, I understood all of that.
  16. Boom operators - Cool photos

    You haven't filmed in hell until you've filmed at the Salton Sea in the summer. Talk about a shit hole.
  17. Sound of Rosemary's Baby (1967)

    But it is a perambulator boom.. Fisher is like Kleenex. It's synonymous with perambulator booms these days.
  18. Recomended gear for film.

    First things first - are you getting any jobs that pay you money? It's a big mistake to buy gear before you get jobs.
  19. Magliner Shelf trim

    ^---- This
  20. A-Box by Wooden Camera

    If you're not renting it to them, I wouldn't provide it. Where does your responsibility end? Mine is at the end of an XLR. Beyond that, they are paying extra.
  21. The Fundamental Sound Mixers Cart

    Whaaa?? Sound comes in - sound gets recorded - sound gets turned in at end of the day. Don't forget to plug your earphones in. That is the fundamental parts and signal flow of my location sound mixer production cart
  22. Timecard Apps

    Haven't found one for our industry that is for android. I'd buy one in a second if there was one.
  23. This award winning documentary on Desmond Doss tells the story without Hollywood-ing it up. A truly amazing story about an amazingly humble man. How can anyone not be in awe of this guy? Faith and balls as big as church bells!
  24. Sound devices SD mute outputs .

    Well, that escalated quickly. I actually have the answer to your question for I have been there many times. But telling you would be the easy way out. Anything worthwhile and treasured is worth working for. It is only when we put our sweat and tears into something that we will hold the pearls that we gain dear to our hearts. The prize is in the struggle. Here's a hint to get you going: the menu that you seek is deeper in the path that you've visited many times. Happy hunting and may you come back a wiser and gentler man.