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  1. If your are a pro...I think you had better not to use ENR1.2 ou ENC1.2. I tested those commander, and I did not like what I hear.
  2. I use ENR or ENC Compander. Mostly ENR for hop.
  3. I think the the TX gain is not set properly. In the Wisy transmiter there is a presset called "Line" it works very good. As NCG says you can also output a tone at 0 dBfs ( or 20dBu) and set the TX level in order to be just at the clipping limit. The MPR output max level is at 18 dBu and the MCR42 at 12 dBu.
  4. I use MPR30ENG as hop. Max output level is 18 dBu. It is a very good receiver. You can adjust the output level to mic level.
  5. The 13h of October I sent a mail at support AT wisycom DOT com about wdf files at 11:43. I got a usable answer the same day at 12:03. Not so bad !
  6. I use this excellent phantom power with my wirelesses : Lebel audio PWL III http://www.lebel-audio.com/index.php/fr/produits Very good sound, very low consomption (only one LR6 for one day).
  7. I sent two emails to Wisycom. One a few months ago, the other one a few years ago. I received a very prompt answer for each emails, and a precise answer to my question.
  8. No, it has no limiters. This why I prefer too a SD302.
  9. Which research ? I would like to read this research. Is there a name, or a link ?
  10. In very crowded radio environment digital transmission seems good, but in other situations I have not noticed a good range with digital transmission with whips antennas. Two weeks ago I added in my "all brand" test Audio LTD 1010 and Sennheiser 6042/D9000 : the result was the same (the new Zaxcom's modulation ZHD was still not available in France two weeks ago so I have not tested it.
  11. In Tahiti there are only two VDBT transmitters : 630-638 MHz and 646 - 652 MHz. So don't worry !
  12. Yes but it is unclear. The meter can be set on peak, vu or vu+peak. And the Vu and the peak do no give the same level with voices. On première as it is in dBfs it is supposed to be a peak mode.
  13. B and H are very accurate sound people, they are comparing the F8 versus the Sound Devices 608 ! 608 ...wouahh...
  14. 0 dB ? You mean in peak mode (0 peak) or in Vu mode (0 Vu) ?