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    Hey there from Tasmania!
  1. 664 LCD Screen problem

    Hi Damen, what was the outcome of this? I have a similar issue but mine is shades of blue, as well as distortions and lines. Thanks!
  2. Fuze Ti: Fuze Slate

    Looks interesting. I would worry about the brightness knob on the side though, maybe having it recessed would be better. Also will the front panel be replaceable once it gets old/dirty/chipped?
  3. I have charged Soshine bateries in my ipower charger with no problems. Haven't tried ipowers in the Soshine charger though, will try when I get home. Guess it should work.
  4. Aquapac

    Fits fine with the clip left on. Tobi
  5. Aquapac

    I just got some of the top type and my block 26 UM200 fits with a little bit of bend in the antenna; Cheers, Tobi