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    Hey there from Tasmania!
  1. 664 LCD Screen problem

    Hi Damen, what was the outcome of this? I have a similar issue but mine is shades of blue, as well as distortions and lines. Thanks!
  2. IMG 7468

    From the album STA100

  3. STA100

  4. IMG 7465

    From the album STA100

  5. IMG 7464

    From the album STA100

  6. Fuze Ti: Fuze Slate

    Looks interesting. I would worry about the brightness knob on the side though, maybe having it recessed would be better. Also will the front panel be replaceable once it gets old/dirty/chipped?
  7. I have charged Soshine bateries in my ipower charger with no problems. Haven't tried ipowers in the Soshine charger though, will try when I get home. Guess it should work.
  8. Aquapac

    Fits fine with the clip left on. Tobi
  9. Aquapac

    I just got some of the top type and my block 26 UM200 fits with a little bit of bend in the antenna; Cheers, Tobi