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  1. Guessing this is bad idea.. induction loop in car...

    Oh... goodness.. Well some things don't play well on self driving gigs with no process trailer...this is one of them.. Earwig fidelity or volume both suck..
  2. Guessing this is bad idea.. induction loop in car...

    Even non professional talent can push a button..or just loop it and you push it.. Speaker will be fine.. done it a million times.. Nobody likes earwigs...they overwhelm a lot of people..
  3. Guessing this is bad idea.. induction loop in car...

    Well, I have used a Ipod shuffle, the postage stamp sized one feeding a Speak easy speaker.... told the talent to press the button to stop and press again to go back to beginning, then press again to play... Or you can go to the vehicle aux input if thats an option... Play it real low... it works fine... bag rig on a drive away for the recorded audio. You can also have the track looped so YOU can press once and go.. I own 2 earwigs and dislike them... always have... OK for vocal cuing, but horrible for musical playback.. IMHO If you had a process trailer this is all different of course... But you don't.. Good luck..
  4. Wireless "bursts" of volume?

    As if wireless situations were not bad enough... Now, Gremlins!!! Wish I had better ideas, but you sound like you checked the boxes...
  5. Wireless "bursts" of volume?

    Where are you Robert... If your in LA, I just read T mobile just turned on the 600 gear they now operate there...
  6. ISO's vs. Mix Track

    My only thought is, if you mix to a mono mix track, have a boom iso and lav ISOs...if they want the boom, why cant they simply go to the boom ISO... These are all right there in front of them in most cases... Seems easy enough to me.. As was mentioned...this all depends on the show type, set up they require or ask for ... In our world, the material is going to different post houses every time, hence the feeling you keep it consistent and simple... These people have jobs and material coming in daily from all kinds of productions... By providing a mono mix track, and the ISOs they know what to do without any confusion... But each persons requirements are different... It depends...
  7. Sometimes things slip through

    Problem is, with 3 cameras shooting wide tight and medium...it sometimes ends up the radios we're the only option... I always request the mics be mounted a bit lower to put some distance in the perspective given the f@#$&d situation of having to gather proper audio.. Things sounded better when we shot wides, mediums and proper close ups.. As for the wire in the shot.. who knows..may have been done on a regular job with a mixer in a bag with no monitor.. or, a few people were not paying attention, or both.. When discovered it was probably too late to mention sheepishly.. or wardrobe or talent may of yanked the mic off ...mixer may of never known.. I knew something was off and it took me a minute to see it.. 99 percent of anyone watching probably missed it too... We kinda look for that stuff though..
  8. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    Good point..if all your jobs you Stand on set .. feet from everyone this may in fact work for you..in my workflow this rarely happens and we must always have gear that works at the other end of the "operational feet" distances.. Like the other side of a home, or inside the home while we're outside.. or 100 other situations... If you can get away with a few feet, constantly, then by all means buy that gear...why not though buy the gear that covers BOTH bases.. is solid...and just plain works at 15' or 400' or more!!! 15 to 60' still makes me cringe though..lol On one of the many large sound stages we work on, people that need to hear are maybe 100 ft away.. and this is indoors...through ten tons of crap... I would rather not have to move around just because of my IFB feed...
  9. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    15-25-30-50-60 feet is to me totally unacceptable for any IFB, "what"-net or any other wireless system... enough said... Every time I read this stuff I cringe..
  10. ISO's vs. Mix Track

    Yep.... not turned on, not empty so to speak... hence....ISOs vs mix TRACK.... LOL
  11. ISO's vs. Mix Track

    For me, always a ONE track mix... everything on LEFT... ISOs of everything... The mix is MY interpretation of how I think it should sound... To me... If they don't care for it, they can re mix it... I would like to think after this amount of time doing this, I have some idea on how I think the scene should sound. But, sometimes you mix for safety... in some really bad locations you concentrate on getting purely clean sound for them... That becomes the focus.. but you STILL try to give them a clean mix track. If worse comes to worst, and it does, at least provide a mix track of any quality you can deliver so those in edit knew what was going on audio wise so it can be re constructed ... HOW things sounded is really important, even if drown out with effects and garbage.
  12. Sony MDR 7506 coiled cable

    I try really hard to keep the coiled cable nice...On the cart I use all the cable I can going around my CL12 and into my 688, not to the front of the CL-12...when my cable gets funky, I buy another pair... or, send to the bag rig...Usually 2 years or so... The bag I do what has been suggested above.. keep most of it tucked away safely.. I prefer the coiled cable due to me sometimes walking away with my headphones on...the coiled cable is a bit more forgiving...
  13. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    I have not found those results... Tested in front of my home, side by side, results were almost exactly the same.. Short and proper coax ... raised @ 5 ft over the cart... BST-50b 72Mhz BIG Phase right. This was NOT with the BST 75 216.. or the Mini mite smaller version for the 216... Just to be clear.. I still have it, the big (Giant) Phase Right.. 72Mhz, stuffed in a cabinet... Results in a million situations with the metal telescoping antenna are and have been just great... 216 and 72...
  14. #metoo and sexism in general

    Funny but we're required to have specific training through our IA union regarding sexual harassment... Of course we the Crew are all required to take the class, but I believe the Producers and Directors and I believe most if not all of production is NOT required to participate in the program... I believe tho whole safety program works like this... In my opinion, everyone should be required to participate..
  15. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    A lot of people liked those.. but the Phase Right Antennas have never in my use with them done any better than the telescoping Antenna that goes into the top of a BST 50 or 25.. The Mighty mite worked all right, but again, I preferred those Telescoping versions myself.. Worked well and smaller footprint... Sometimes where your units are mounted affects all this..