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  1. Seahawks All Access is back!

    I did this with Mr. Urlacher a few years ago for a few games... Liked him a lot.. San Diego and Arizona...Any questions you can ask me too... Nice people... not a bad gig... Have to be quick... real quick, good... have to be able to be brutally blatant about mic placement..not for the shy person...you have to really be aggressive ....not a long day so to speak but once the ball starts rolling it moves quickly... I enjoyed it.. Fun being on the sideline during a game..and then in the locker room... Need a long pole, at least one that opens to 12' ... 15' is better... I didn't do it for the rates.... I did it for the fun of it... and it was fun!! I would do it again, but, it was difficult to lock in single days around my Commercial clients... Bob
  2. RIP Walter Becker

    NO....oh no.... How sad... Thank you for a lifetime of wonderful music.... Heartbroken... RIP Walter..
  3. Jamming TC From a 633 to a Denecke TS-3

    I would at least expect some self indulging in readily available data before even landing that gig.. Start reading now... Don't look for easy answers...study..read..look around...read the manuals...over and over... Then hit those streets for gigs.. believe it or not it will take hours not days to read up on that 633 manual.. print it...put it by the toilet. Not a big deal... The answers are right there waiting for your discovery.. Best of luck...
  4. Delivering files from multiple recorders

    My process is to use a dedicated single recorder with a mix track and ISOS all in one Poly.wav file.. None of what you describe is involved in this workflow.. SO much easier. Although your system may work, you are adding xtra tasks for yourself..
  5. Batch edit BWF MetaData? re: SD 633, WaveAgent

    What about: bankA-T07.wav Unless each TAKE needs a separate designation, in which case the naming process should require a change in SCENE, NOT TAKE... Use upper and lower case to help the "A" stand out in your example.. The "A" must be attached to the Scene, not the Take.. Seems OK to me... It will all be there... We often use : 101A T01.wav Kinda the same thing...
  6. It says it will use 31 of 600Mhz... Don't know exactly what that means...
  7. Stolen SD 688

    And has been since day 1...
  8. Echo Park Horrible RF

    just a note, but that scanner is not directional... you can get a little love using directional antennas pointed AWAY from Mt Wilson... That helps a great deal... ALP 620s etc...
  9. Listen Tech LR-400 vs Comtek PR-216

    I have a handfull of the 216-400 Listen tech units.... They work and sound OK... Advertised as LIFETIME WARRANTY....but, they have now changed that... after so many people bought into the warranty.. oh well.. Units are pretty good, a bit more bulky, buy one off ebay used and check it out... small investment to do so... I do not use mine as "A" units, but keep for who knows what... Teleprompter etc... Use mine with the Comtek BST 25/216 ...
  10. Rental Rates

    In response to Graham Timmer's post that has since been deleted...!! A proponent of "ALL IN" billing..LOL I SHOULD probably simply delete my response as well... but, that damn phrase "ALL IN" needs to be stomped out, like it or not.. I say this smiling, please don't take this as coming at you with any evil intention... only advice, asked for or not. But, for all of us in this industry.... read on. If I ever hear the phrase "ALL IN" again, I may have actually have a nervous breakdown. I hate it that much. PLEASE DISCARD THIS FUC*&N TERM FROM YOUR VOCABULARIES!!! Please... "ALL IN" is NOT in any way a term that should EVER be used with production sound gear rental... Come on guys (and Gals)... really... That term has BEEN and IS a death blow to equipment rental and should never be uttered by US, working sound mixers. The very mixers who stand to gain by NOT USING THAT F'ing phrase... EVER. I hear it more and more, normally from people that are fresh in the industry and somehow now in a chair at the other end of my phone calls.. Bad enough when I hear production use it... When I do hear it, I want to kill someone...So what, I'm supposed to now provide EVERYTHING IN MY VAN for one low price with a catchy name?... Really...? Playback? Earwigs? Extra slates? 8 Radios? 20 Comteks? Bag rigs... VOG systems... ALL IN? Fu%K that... Don't ever say it... You are killing the rental market for us by doing so. Those before you have worked hard to get the rates what they are. Me being one of so many. PLEASE DO NOT take those rates further backwards. Times are challenging enough. By the way, Production thinks that also means expendables!!! "ALL IN.." Jesus... I always wondered where that came from, that stupid phrase, now I know...FROM US!! Graham, read your last 3 sentences.... over and over again.... OVER AND OVER!! Good advice. Well, since the post is now gone, it said something about never giving anything away for free... And that production has money to pay for it... Something like that..
  11. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    As far as the Wingman set up for the MixPre3, it's lure to me is the tiny and easy size and quick deployment.. With the wingman, it's just another item to have in your hands or bag... but to each their own... I will probably quickly voice slate whats on what track... easy enough.. If this can be done per above... good option too..
  12. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Notes, I don't think so... but you can name the file ... track I don't think so... I see no way to access that...and I didn't read it in the manual..
  13. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    I think we all should keep the whole thing in perspective... SD has recorders that do all that and more.... don't make me name them ... this is a very small, very simple little recorder, or a slightly less simple little recorder... If features and your needs exceed this recorder, think about stepping up to buy another from their fine line of products. Can they continue to add features to this platform, sure, but those features and more are already available on other products at higher price points.. The Mix PRE 3 has a price point, basic uses and small platform... If I personally need more out of what I am about to do, I'll grab the better tool for the job, not try to get a minimal price point unit to function as the better tool. You may get lucky and they will add other functions, who knows, or adjust via an update... who knows. Keep your fingers crossed, you never know. By the way, back to the subject at hand... I just recorded to 3 test folders with different names... recorded 3 files to each.... If you to project menu and hit open NOT new... All the 3 folders are there and yes, you can select the file and play it.. or... select the file and trash or rename or... Am I missing something here...? You must use the selector knob to scroll down PAST the current days folder and files... The older folders and files ARE there... At least on my Mix3