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  1. afewmoreyears

    Rates, rates, rates

    For the life of me, and I have said this a hundred times.... why is it that plumbers and electricians you call to repair a problem at home can all be in lock step, or super close price wise to each other, fighting to hold the line...and our industry is filled with desperate self serving fools. Try it and see... call 5 plumbers, they are all almost the same price.. and, a good hourly to boot.. Us?... we look like a bunch of absolute idiots fighting over scraps.. killing each other.
  2. afewmoreyears

    Rates, rates, rates

    As an LA mixer, I would not go out for $500 for me alone, forget about the gear... I strongly feel that anybody that does do this on a normal basis (we all have long time clients that pay very well but sometimes will ask a favor) is killing our industry job by job.... This is exactly why we find ourselves even talking about this... AGAIN!! You would be responsible for the decline in our rates and the destruction of the same industry you are trying to be a part of... just plain stupid, selfish and self serving.
  3. afewmoreyears

    Comtek BST-25/216 on battery power?

    I have used a ton of various 12 volt batteries on my BST 25/50s... Never a problem... Plug in a 4pin cable into any one of my belt or block batteries and off it goes.. Sorry on the no spec info Johnny, it just works..
  4. afewmoreyears

    So, antenna issues with 941

    So much for that ... LOL
  5. afewmoreyears

    New wireless TX deviation rules October '18

    Dean, Venue 2?? Should have no issues correct... Transmitter only situation, correct..? All my new SMWBs should also be fine..? Thanks..
  6. afewmoreyears

    New wireless TX deviation rules October '18

    Thats re-assuring...lol I know Lectro does not make the rules, but this is a surprise... probably to a lot of us.. After spending Thousands and thousands in the last year completely re purchasing all new A1/B1 transmitters and a Venue 2... Then we hear this... out of left field... So crazy... all of it..
  7. afewmoreyears

    Halter Technical introduces the Scene Monitor!

    Awesome... I'll try out a few to see if they withstand the abuse of the people that wear them.. Look nice!! Thank you..
  8. afewmoreyears

    Mercedes Metris OR Chevrolet Express 3/4?

    Yes... indeed, I never had a hard time selling any white , well maintained cargo van. They are always in demand..
  9. afewmoreyears

    Mercedes Metris OR Chevrolet Express 3/4?

    On the Chevy, other than oil changes, (which I do myself) all I ever did was scheduled Coolant flush service, brake flush, rear end service (myself), Trans service etc. basically not a whole lot over a long time... My Michelin LTX tires are good for almost 60,000 on this van, never needed alignment, no hassles there. As I said before I am always amazed when I keep seeing so much left on the brakes at over 100,000 miles. I have tortured this particular van for 9 years, still looks like new... inside and out, couple of small bumps and scratches. It still performs great as well. No unexpected repair issues. This IS A REAL WORKING van. The Mercedes/Dodge/ other badges is "kind of" a real working van, sure they work... but they are not "Heavy duty", at least through my eyes. I have owned a few late model Mercedes vehicles, I was not impressed, at all. It was always something. The above posts regarding "oddities in service" seem spot on.. I can put almost anything I can fit in that Chevy van and it never feels real different. It seems to drive almost the same loaded or unloaded... the suspension unloaded leaves you wishing it had a load inside. You may say, "I never need that much gear". Well, I have packed that van with a huge playback pkg, (with a Large 18" Sub Woffer) and a Magliner cart for it, my full sized regular recording cart and my full size follow cart. Chairs, tons of cables, Porta-columns, boom poles and a lot of other items.. When you need it, the space is there.. It's a good size, just big enough, but small enough to fit properly in a garage, along side another vehicle.. My Diesel gets @ 23 hwy.. @18 street That Chevy van (or GMC), with it's basic design, vehicle history, service record and availability of parts, makes it a good choice. Some puck locks for the doors and slider, a locked cage divider, an alarm. your done. It's an honest of goodness work vehicle, Top to bottom. I am always fearful they will discontinue it... and they may... I would buy another in a heart beat. Hopes this info helps someone..
  10. afewmoreyears

    Mercedes Metris OR Chevrolet Express 3/4?

    Well, as a LONG TIME owner of a few of the Express Cargo vans, the latest being the Duramax Diesel, I by a long shot personally prefer the Chevy. Just one of many reasons.. I still have more than half my brakes left at 115,000... Mercedes seemed a bit cheesy to me build wise.. Crawl underneath..
  11. afewmoreyears

    SD 633 question channel 4.5.6 issue

    DH, You don't even sound like your trying.. come on now.. Would you like us to read the menus for you....? that Wisycom manual... or, how about read that 633 manual.... want us to read that for you as well..? Better yet, sit down at a table with the gear the manuals and a glass of (fill in blank) and work it out... after reading... I bet you can figure this out all by yourself... It will all come to you.. You can't expect to work with this gear without at least learning how the gear works first.. Read, read, read.... then ask... In doing this you will also learn a hundred other things about your gear you did not already know just figuring out the receiver output functions.
  12. afewmoreyears

    Good price on 7506 headphones!

    Mine just came... They are the real deal.. For sure..
  13. afewmoreyears

    Good price on 7506 headphones!

    Thanks Jay!! Timing was just right..
  14. afewmoreyears

    Updating firmware on Sound Devices 633?

    I believe you should update the firmware.. for many needed fixes by Sound Devices... some for features you will use and some that you may not, but there is almost always always a few tweaks for the general system operation.. I almost always update .... If you do have a problem with something, they will always ask if you are on the latest firmware.. I have had no real issues... Your Dugan on that situation you described is the way to go... That is how I would approach it... It will do a better job of getting a mix with that many mics on an improv situation than you could manually.. If they want to remix, they can go back to the ISOs, but that mix I have had great results with right out of the bag.. May not be a scratch mix ..they may use it.. It works great..
  15. afewmoreyears

    Lectrosonics issues

    The receiver is alway running at a +5 setting internally anyway. At 0 dB, you are putting 5 dB of attenuation after the receiver output stage. Larry, Good to know... I guess if you NEED the extra gain at least it wont hurt..With all my 411s I have never needed anything above the 0... Are you saying we should all default to +5..? in a why not scenario?? We COULD all back down our trim a bit... Again, I simply for no good reason never liked everything running full tilt.. I guess this is an exception to that... I still know guys running the 411s at -20... Then turning things back up to make up for the attenuation... I never thought that was a good idea..