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  1. Im in...
  2. Funny, I did nothing and my screws fell out on their own!!
  3. I'm still waiting for anyone to help explain how a small recorder with TC and a TC input, SD card and an Output infringe on anything... I do not at all understand the position Mr Glenn has taken... Anyone... ? To me, from MY side of MY desk, I don't see the same patented product. Am I alone here?... Maybe..
  4. The PDR is a small recorder, stand alone or wearable with TC, an output.... and a TC input... where is the infringement here... a reach at best.. I see no path for ZAX in this matter... it in my opinion will be thrown out. Seems like a stab in the dark. If I wanted to place a MIX pre 3 under a coat and use it as a recorder, TC or not, whats the difference... Zax as far as I know has no patent on a small digital recorder, thats what the PDR is, a small digital recorder ... memory or Card ... If thats the case, sue everyone in the marketplace with a small digital recorder. ZAX in the suit claims the use of the accessory cable (to be mated to a transmitter) is a problem... So, I ask... If I took any other small recorder with TC and outputs and connected a like cable, to a transmitter.... am I now in breech of ZAX patents... ? Not well thought out it seems. If this is the case... EVERY small recorder is infringing on their "Patent"
  5. Well said Mr. B.... +1
  6. If you wanted a backup , the machine as you know should be set to more .wav files on the SD card..... If for transcription ... even if there are a few burps, probably not a big deal, but agree with others, just convert from wav to Mp3...
  7. At first I missed my 01V96... but after time I got used to the workflow on the CL-9 and then the CL-12... Now..I like the CL-12 control surface.. I think I saved 20 lbs. off the cart. at least it feels like it.
  8. Even with the other recorders included, I would be willing to bet that with properly recorded tracks, using the exact same mics in the exact same position, none of you could tell the difference in which recorder recorded what. This recorder will sound just fine... Any differences or perceived problems with the recordings are more a product of mics, placement, playback equipment, headsets, or the speakers your listening through. In real world use, once through post, there is no problem whatsoever with this machine.
  9. Be weary..why.. I am one of those people that would buy this unit for no other reason than I want one, the Mix 3 pre... I see no problem in that. I'm thinking Wild lines...having to grab something and go fast to record something wild.. Away from my main unit and not wanting to even fire up the 633 bag rig.. As for the "Sound" I am absolutely sure it is fine.. I am basing this on the fine reputation of this company and the fine products they already are famous for. The "Sound" of those other SD products is just fine, they know what they need to deliver, even at a low price point.. I have faith... and am going to grab one. We're all adults, if you want something, go out and get it.. Generally you get what you pay for, in this case I think you get more...
  10. Just picture someone saying it to a friend with a smile on their face.... That was the meaning... you get none of that with a "post".. I thought I was amongst friends... I guess not ... just the internet.... Well maybe a few.
  11. Tough room... I'm kind of kidding .. Jeeze..take it easy.. Of course I care about my crew.. but in a time of reduced shows and rates for gear, saving a tad of weight on the boom pole is not one of my pressing concerns.. and buying an expensive device to accomplish this is also not important right now...for me... But, if I was to buy one and had none now, this would be a nice option.. I do like boom ops to have their own poles and if they really want a light one, they are welcome to grab one of these units.. if they choose to.. Right now it is Not a pressing concern of mine and whether they choose to or not is up to them.. Why the post was written quickly and without any anger or disregard to my crew...Ask any boom ops who has worked with me over the 5 years I have been a mixer.. (just kidding) I have gone WAY out of my way to take care of them and they're rate, in many instances causing small issues with production over boom ops rates. I always treat them with the utmost respect and fight like hell for they're job position, and have for years.. back to the thread..I apologize if my post was taken the wrong way... You guys take this forum way too seriously..
  12. I'll tell my boom op he should buy one asap to reduce weight....LOL... I could care less... I already have a nice wireless system that works perfect... if he would like to saye a few ounces and put the transmitter on the business end of the's on him... I have enough expenses as the mixer..
  13. Not what I heard on my laptop... but without proper speakers ...who knows... on my laptop the 416 sounds best...LOL
  14. Consider it done!!!
  15. +1 My thoughts exactly... Personally, I drop data each evening on my CF... Reformat and go fresh each day... SD card will keep a few days data...then thats archived as well... Unless your on a show with no time, drive or laptop... or you don't want to do it in the jungle on "Naked and afraid", I don't see any issue with a 64GB card lets say, at all. I always like to get the data off and somewhere else rather than let it sit on a card... for no particular reason.. To each their own workflow wise, your needs may be different.. Good luck finding your SD card Chris...