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  1. afewmoreyears

    Good price on 7506 headphones!

    Mine just came... They are the real deal.. For sure..
  2. afewmoreyears

    Good price on 7506 headphones!

    Thanks Jay!! Timing was just right..
  3. afewmoreyears

    Updating firmware on Sound Devices 633?

    I believe you should update the firmware.. for many needed fixes by Sound Devices... some for features you will use and some that you may not, but there is almost always always a few tweaks for the general system operation.. I almost always update .... If you do have a problem with something, they will always ask if you are on the latest firmware.. I have had no real issues... Your Dugan on that situation you described is the way to go... That is how I would approach it... It will do a better job of getting a mix with that many mics on an improv situation than you could manually.. If they want to remix, they can go back to the ISOs, but that mix I have had great results with right out of the bag.. May not be a scratch mix ..they may use it.. It works great..
  4. afewmoreyears

    Lectrosonics issues

    The receiver is alway running at a +5 setting internally anyway. At 0 dB, you are putting 5 dB of attenuation after the receiver output stage. Larry, Good to know... I guess if you NEED the extra gain at least it wont hurt..With all my 411s I have never needed anything above the 0... Are you saying we should all default to +5..? in a why not scenario?? We COULD all back down our trim a bit... Again, I simply for no good reason never liked everything running full tilt.. I guess this is an exception to that... I still know guys running the 411s at -20... Then turning things back up to make up for the attenuation... I never thought that was a good idea..
  5. afewmoreyears

    Lectrosonics issues

    For what it's worth..0db is fine... you don't need to be at +5... I'm always dubious of "all the way up"
  6. afewmoreyears

    bluetooth sound box

    I have a Braven BRV1-M as well... not a bad unit... works well, sounds pretty good too.. Nice durable unit. @49.. Amazon..
  7. afewmoreyears

    So, antenna issues with 941

    You should get the ones that come with the unit, or Lectro sells a special Sharkfin style I believe suited for 941 to better answer your question.. I think I read that somewhere.. You could also call them and get the measurements for cutting your own... for transmitters and whips..My guess is the whips and the tranitter antenna will be short..but I have not seen one.. If they sell the units, they will sell the antennas otherwise, what's the point..
  8. afewmoreyears

    Unusual lav hiding gear

    Theres nothing wrong with an RM 11.... Pictured next to the toe spacer above.. Unless they old and lose their softness... Supple is the key .. I have had good luck lightly sanding them to get back a little pliability.. we use them all the time with great results... They are accepting of sticky materials and are just the right thickness... Don't know how the toe spacers improve on that... I would also wonder how difficult to push the mic through the spacer and how that may affect the mic wire connection over time... that RM 11 can be a mic destroyer if you are not real careful about how you push that mic through over and over.. and, pull it out.
  9. It has to be super short, I was thinking the same thing... BLK 28 is pretty short.. BLK 19 is pretty long, I would think this must be only 2 in. or so... I would think.. This is a lot higher than BLK 28 LOL
  10. afewmoreyears

    how to solve this, lavalier noises.

    Alidav, When miking with hidden lavs... a LOT of different variables.. Beards, hairy people, wardrobe, where the head is turning, what the action is.., what the talent is actually doing during shot, gear used, on and on and on... It takes YEARS to quickly and easily go to the right gear, mounting positions, hardware etc to get it all right...THE FIRST TIME... Be patient, learn through mistakes, watch others, use good tools and it will come to you... there is no magic bullet same as there is no magic do all mic... It's all really time and exposure to the craft. My boom op looks at everything.... and right away puts together a plan after taking everything into account going on in that scene.. 95% of the time he's spot on... and everything sounds great... Now it's important to understand that once you find the right combo of solutions, you still MUST fluff and maintain the mounts from time to time. I always warn the talent we may irritate them from time to time to adjust things... that way they know in advance and are more receptive to the irritation.. If this was easy, any clown could do it... It's not... I wish everyone understood that... we can live or die daily with good or bad mic mounts... it is all super critical.
  11. afewmoreyears

    Advice for a novice

    1- don't regularly use... 2-few times in last few years...yes... like it on a golf course especially... grass loves this mic.. 3-would not buy a new one only because I already own one... but, I do think it is a great mic in anyone's equip. package.Sounds great in certain situations, fairly priced and durable as well.. There has probably been more recorded on that mic professionally than anyone would believe over the years...world wide..
  12. afewmoreyears

    Zoom F8n.

    Not a bad deal... if your in the market for one.. it's not discounting, it's bundling...
  13. afewmoreyears

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    Daniel, No issues at all... I just have had such good luck with the Enloop pros I have not wanted to switch. The jacket as I said seems more fragile and softer on the LADDAs.. I have set up two batches of Enloops in chargers..and the LADDAs as I said I use for flashlights and such... They may actually be equals in power delivery, I just have not switched them to the mission critical use, transmitters.. I also bought the LADDA charger... it works but I do not prefer it either... seems really slow.. again, really slow....
  14. afewmoreyears

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    I agree..they seem a bit softer of a jacket material. Hard to argue with the 1500 charge cycles though..
  15. afewmoreyears

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    I have both but prefer the Enloop pros... Why, because after a long time using them I am in a comfort zone due to them always working the way I want them to with no issues...at all.. Until that changes, the Enloop pros it is... a bit more price wise, but at this point, who cares.. The Ladda's are NOT my go to.... I use them for non mission sensitive uses... If you can't get the Laddas from IKEA, just get the Pro Enloops and be done with it..