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  1. SONY MDR-7506

    I still like the 7506s.... and don't mind the cable as is... never had any problems with it.... Cart it's no issue and out of the bag, I tuck in the unused cable into bottom of my bag and never have a problem with it.
  2. VER files bankruptcy under Chapter 11

    Yeah, screw that place.... Chapter 11 is too good for them.. Give it all away and the bottom falls out.. eventually.
  3. Why Comteks?

    You can always use 2 Lectro IFBs for a couple folks who may actually need to hear some quality.. put everyone else on Comteks..
  4. Why Comteks?

    For all the people that leave them under bushes, in gutters, on pass vans, swing them around by the cord, drop them constantly, and leave them all over the floor, they sound fantastic. They are for monitoring content... for that they work just fine..
  5. Lectrosonics Introduces....................

    I saw that they introduced a new transmitter shaped like bunny ears!! The Ears act as antennas!! 10 mile range minimum!!!
  6. Sound Devices recorders - which way to go?

    The problem as I see it, if a problem at all, is SD focus on their core gear after aquisition of the wireless company... It's just more to think about... and spreading out the development of new recorder/ mixer gear may have just got that much more muddled in other areas of the new workload.. Only time will tell, but I was not too thrilled with the wireless addition to SD.. I am hoping for the best...
  7. Sound Devices recorders - which way to go?

    Yes, another consumer grade wonderfully inexpensive unit making anyone a Sound mixer... LOL
  8. This part is the portion that I would never agree to... Although like Robert says, This would never hold up in court... This may deter the "common man" as they say from pursuing a lawsuit in the first place, but, again.... once someone is injured, or killed, all bets are off, I don't care wether you signed this or not...BUT, better never to agree to sign away YOUR rights against at least injury, or death. It's just another hurdle and anything can be argued in court. They can fire me, I don't give a shi$ about that... As has been suggested, black out and initial the items you DO NOT agree to abide by. Anytime I have done this, they never said a word... or, simply forget to return it... sandbag it... They are usually too busy to even notice and the smaller and more confused production teams may forget all about it and simply wait on you to complete it and return it on your own... NEVER sign this crap AFTER the job!!
  9. Sound Devices recorders - which way to go?

    This is just plain Bulls*&t.... I have used one for a long time now and I have never had "reboot Issues".. "plus the word around about the preamps not being the same for 6's as the 7's series." The Preamps are just fine... Why don't you make a judgement for yourself rather than re barfing "the word around"?
  10. How to wire a hairy talent

    I will first bring it up to the wardrobe dept. and play polite as usual... if that goes south, I will demand them if necessary and call it out to the producer... My day is not going down the toilet because wardrobe didn't properly have a t shirt on hand.. or refuses to help out by getting talent into one... If it is star talent and they refuse, well, then it is what it is, record the best you can and live to fight another day.. Make proper note though..
  11. When Production doesn’t rent your kit

    When production doesn't rent my kit then they don't rent me either... I can't get into that potential can of worms 20 ways... Probably best to pass on the show... But this is up to people to decide for themselves..
  12. Audix 1280B Shotgun

    Arni, Your WAY out of line here.... Seriously... threats? This forum is no place for this.. Please get a grip.
  13. Wireless

    Remember Arnold, he has forgotten more than you will most likely ever know about Audio.. He had a great deal of information... and like many, was irritated by those that would rather simply ask questions rather than research, dig and read for themselves for information readily available here and elsewhere..
  14. Nomad Cart NEBTEK

    Nice cart Gaylen!! Glad to see you are still tinkering.. Your very old friend Bob D (Mr. Smillie days)...
  15. DPA 4063's in high wind

    Try using one of the "Rycote little furry disc windshields" stick ons using the Rycote sticky.... These work really well and can help out a lot depending on the mounting options available.. You can cut these down a bit if need be..