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  1. How is the 600MHz spectrum sell off affecting you?

    I was all 24-25-26..So...All new SMWB units and Venue2...new Sankens to go with them...It set me back quite a bit, but that's business.. Re blocking a bunch of 411a's...and a few of my SMQv's and SMv's Expensive month... I may have done this anyhow even if the Spectrum deal had not happened..I always try my best to modernize whenever possible. That Venue2 is nice. Good news is.. All new wireless gear...Go Lectro.. Love the new Wireless designer software that goes with the Venue2 by the way..
  2. Alexa Mini TC sync

    Good to know... I've found it's about 50/50 wether or not they choose to let the box ride on the mini or not... Half the time they choose to because of "issues" with sync.. As MikeWest says... It gets frustrating... When that happens... after a bit of trying...I have to walk away and let the DIT or Camera deal with the issue.. Everyone knows it's problematic...
  3. Boom op-less

    What's a soundie...? It's actually a Sound Mixer.. You sound like a green PA standing in on some work in the production motorhome calling people with call times..;). Call yourself a "soundie" and expect no boom op... Well, not really, but probably doesn't help...
  4. Jpb2, Welcome.... First, put on a fire suit..... If you had to talk to others to know what proper rates are you are in fact a bit out of the loop... 40 years of combined experience and you don't have a handle on this of all things..? Pursuing student films after all those years? There are many of us HERE IN AZ that are harmed by rate structures such as yours.. We have been working for years to keep rates at levels where we can actually run businesses, feed families and make a living... There are a few good people here doing sound and have been for years with extensive packages...This is not really helpful... In a place like AZ, there is NO across the board rate structure. The jobs vary way too much as far as needs and wants. You should never charge for everything in one pop... with a "set Price" Engineering rates, and equip. rates... Keep them separate.. Keep them in line with area norms.. My advice is to get rid of any claims of "Large Film Location sound package...." It is not... Beginner at best... 4 Comteks ? Maybe add a zero after the four.., G3s top of the line..? Your posting on a professional forum, not spieling to Producers... Compete, but please try to do so with your craft and fellow brothers and sisters in mind. You don't want to be "those guys" in our community.
  5. Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    You forgot the mic drop... lol
  6. Recording 160dB?

    Yeah...either find a mic that will withstand the signal level of 160dB, turn down the level once inside, give up the gig or...stand back... It's audio not video... Really though... Good question.. Wikipedia... "A Boeing 747 jet engine. If you stood with your head inside the engine, you'd hear a 165 decibel roar. We don't recommend doing this; the human ear drum breaks instantly when exposed to sounds louder than 160 decibels. The sound of takeoff, if you're nearby, is around 140decibels.
  7. Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    This is just a reverse of using a PDR output to a transmitter... correct... People could always do that... but ...you will need a few PDRs
  8. NEW SMWB and SMDWB Lectrosonic units Announced..

    I wish simply for a nice transmitting unit only..... at a better price point.... Or, a functioning recorder option for the price offered, with 48k and time code... The unit as it stands I hope we are not paying for the extra recording option that I will most likely never use... If the recording option costs no more, than so be it... I am just happy these SMWB have arrived... Thanks you Lectrosonics...! I am replacing all my wireless and did not want to pull the trigger on the LTs... They were a bit too big and square for us... I did pull the trigger this morning on these...
  9. Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    Not unless it comes with the lemo plug...like the PDR... I would think... but who knows..
  10. NEW SMWB and SMDWB Lectrosonic units Announced..

    Didn't see this is going on another thread... Or at least announced on the other thread...So sorry... Maybe migrate this over...?
  11. Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    They may update the recording while transmitting with firmware after legalities are ironed out...Maybe the 44.1 as well...
  12. Well, here they are.... Be first on your block to get one... Location sound LA ....
  13. Digital-analog sync sound

    I think even more important than simply the gear, and length of time on each take, was the simple fact that back in the day on film you would shoot a master then move on to coverage.... Actual coverage in mediums and close ups allowing the crafts including us to get in and get the pretty stuff... This was really important especially for make up, hair and sound... Camera and lighting was also able to get things tweaked just right to maximize the look they were after... This all went South a bit with digital cameras, the long takes, multiple cameras and loss of focus relating to the concentration on shooting one thing at a time and doing it well. Funny, but one cure to any wireless dependency or frequency issues is to simply go back to shooting things like they did for a hundred years.... Master and coverage... Everyone is happy but the Producer and Director..(Less coverage options) and less speed in getting multiple shots done at the same time... Booms would be able to get the majority of what were after...just like the old days... Oh well... The cats out of the bag and I doubt it's going back in.
  14. I have a 100' snake made from 6 100' XLRs and 1 A/C 100' 14GA. cable.... It's big and heavy, but... it works great, I can swap out or repair any one line.... As for any 60 cycle hum, or any noise or hum from that set up.... Never anything... I seldom use it anymore...but I pull it out once and a while.. These were my fears as well, but... in this case I have never heard a thing... Works great...for years... Go figure...
  15. Is a new Sound Devices MixPre-10T coming soon?

    2 media choices to run at the same time and two decks are different as we all know... I personally stopped years ago recording multiple decks.... In my years at this job, a few...I have been lucky enough never to have a problem that required another backup deck... ever... I trust my gear to do the job... I also know a few other mixers, recording on some pretty big gigs that also do not use two decks... Like a camera... If I have an issue, I'll swap it out... simple enough... The two cards I feel good about on the SD gear... 633/688 These decks have been rock solid for me... I don't see that changing...