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  1. “Upgrading” Wires

    It's not always about the sound of a Lav mic... sometimes it's about making it through a scene and it's accumpining wardrobe...they will all most likely sound just fine, some better than the others.. Sankens have a shape...so does a B6, so does a DPA... Sometimes that Mics shape will save your ass.. with it's ability to conform to a particular wardrobe.. or....not. Some of them like a EMW Countryman and it's B6 brother do real well in water or sweat.. B6s can pop through a sweater in plain sight and remain hidden if color matched... These are other factors to consider.. Point being, with Lavs it's not always the sound... More mics ..more sound choices and more tools in your tool chest to get you through a shoot day... Keep on the lookout, buy from friends or trusted sources if buying used, and always keep a lookout for Lavs you may not immediately need, but may when that special time comes....Rain scene or who knows..
  2. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    Naw, were just having some fun... All good...
  3. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    That dial does not normally move... 99% of my stuff is 23.976 Nobody is going to ever going to pull out a screwdriver and change it... No Interns on our sets... DITs and 1st and 2nd camera folks who know better. If I need to address something, I walk up and approach the camera...period.. I say "excuse me, there is an issue I quickly need to address".. and I deal with it... What's the problem..? I am the King of feather rustling... I can see the TC on my monitors, it's also on the camera... no issue at all.. Never had a problem. The data for most of my shoots is handed off all day long... if there ever was an issue, one that made it past the camera crew, me and the DIT, they would suss it out and know when Transcoding the data. Well, you better tell that to Charley and the rest of the nice folks at Denecke I just visited in Valencia Ca. USA 2 days ago while they built all their units right in front of me.. The SB4 is still pretty small....No complaints at all.. no dial on it, it's a multi function button.. Really nice unit. Looks like you were off base on a few things...lol I'm just not an adapter guy... I would rather have a dedicated cable without adapters whenever possible... One small cable with one connector at each end.... done, screw the adaptors...
  4. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    I really like the Ultra Sync One...It's just not for me... I was just commenting on the fitting of the BNC on a small unit... This is all exactly what I like about the Mozegear QbitXL unit... One switch...one dial... done...works perfect... No headaches... No phone needed... (or wanted) Display not necessary for me. Just a TC box... that does the job perfectly.. And is local to me here in the US. Again, it just WORKS.. It's most likely 6% heavier due to the Billet Aluminum body... No problem... I'll take that... all day long... I have a few Denecke SB4s if I want the display... Blinking RED LED is piercing bright to let you know at a glance, all is well.. In all light conditions.. Bought it for simplicity, build quality and size... Fits the bill... It was pretty inexpensive.. Price was @$220 XMAS SALE ONLY.. So, don't know about the price issue... A far cry from a few years ago sync box prices... I have not used Genlock in YEARS!! Did you factor in the new cables you may need?? I know it comes with one TC out... and a genlock.. but we always need more... So much for the price point... Camera folks LOVE this Qbit XL unit!!!
  5. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    I don't know about that....
  6. Sound is no longer respected on set?

    I always tell people.."It's not (YOU).... It's you and 20 other people... NOW we have a serious problem every take... It was the ONLY thing I liked about being on a TV Show... When the bell rang, people stopped where they were standing and stayed quiet and did not move until the 2 bells rang.... On our shows, it's the wild west....
  7. Sound is no longer respected on set?

    "Always eat before me" That's funny... On our sets, it's every person for themselves...
  8. Comtek “compand” switch missing

    A call to Comtek would solve the mystery...but I would bet the case was used for a few models and the recess and a switch was either used or not depending on the model ...
  9. Sound is no longer respected on set?

    I have to say, It's not just us in SOUND.... It seems to be that most of what we now do is 20lbs of Sh*t in a 5Lb. bag.... The bottom has fallen out in 20 ways...with all departments suffering to some degree... It's more about quantity than quality... In our world, the Commercial world, I have not seen any really creative and pretty stuff shot in years... It's all agency driven.. mostly crap... and nobody seems to care about anything... just getting the crap done on time and under ever shrinking budgets.. The creative Directors and DPs want to do more of course, and are really talented, but are tied up in time and money... and poor quality boards to have to shoot. Sad...
  10. A question on MS recording for film

    Mattias, I would follow Phillips advice...he is spot on... "If you are handing it off then it usually turns out to be a good idea to keep things simple, obvious, intuitive and industry-standard." You will probably work the smoothest, fastest, provide the best tracks and leave nobody on set or in post wondering what you were up to... There are times to get 'Fancy" and times when doing things to basic standards are best.... Know the difference...and when to provide either.
  11. A question on MS recording for film

    The best question was... "what are you TRYING to achieve.."?
  12. Line or Mic Level Input

    Someone saying this from USC is classic... Is everything you guys learn at that school dumbed down to "like I was 5'? Pretty funny....
  13. I don't buy the time it takes on set. Fair enough.... Were with you in theory, believe me.....maybe you can argue with them on set about it for all of us (perhaps by phone)..... The First AD and the Director run the set... when they say no, that means no.... Just like the throngs of safety training WE are required to take, that they are NOT required to take, maybe the AD and the Director need to get this memo from you as well.. (along with all the safety stuff).. Seems there's a lot of memos they do not get on their end. I am all for taking the few seconds to do it.... but, they have to be onboard... my days of demanding things on set are long gone. I will say something once... and thats it. As I LOVE to say.... "it's not my movie" Funny though they will wait 20 minutes for a light to be set... This is simply the way it is on many sets these days, not all, but many.
  14. I think the real problem in trying to implement this into an "on set" workflow is the time it would take to try to make anybody understand WTF you were even talking about... If I tried to explain this to an AD I think their head would explode... as for a director, again, good luck... Interesting concept and tool for our craft though... For a TV show and or a feature you may have to provide a class or a presentation in a pre production meeting to explain what it was you were trying to accomplish. Not insurmountable, but probably a good idea..
  15. "(unless, of course, the AD/director/producer isn't even willing to allocate time for room tone, which is a sad reality of many productions)." THIS!! So, forget it... most of the shows these days don't even try to keep sets quiet, let alone provide a few moments for room tone or anything else.. It's the Wild West.... for me, literally...
  16. Signing out comteks

    Just find the model with the flat across the top handle.. NOT this A frame style handle... The headsets sit nicely on top of the flat one... 8-10 of them and 1 in each end pocket WITH the Comtek unit.. There is still room for another 4 units after all this... if need be... The RED helps stand out at the Video village monitor.. I always politely ask in the morning if they can be nice enough to return them to the case when we are done... 80% of the time, that works ..
  17. Signing out comteks

    Hand them out, have a bag, case or other device to hold them handy for people to return them to.... and go on with your day... If they are lost, tell production at days end...if necessary, bill for missing units at full replacement cost. Signing out is somehow seen as a bit of a stab... seems rude, no producer I work for or have worked for wants that to happen.. It is what it is... 98% of the time we get them all back... Counting carefully at beginning of the day is super helpful ... Especially when 22 go out... This works well, mine is a bid different... it has a flat handle on top the headsets ride on... Comteks go in pouches around bag... Holds up to 12 comfortably.. The 2 end pouches (larger hold headsets and comtek unit..) Signing them out is NOT the norm... with anybody I know...
  18. Underwater Mics

    I can remember being at NAB and seeing a B6 in a glass of Coke if I remember... a few years ago... maybe water, but one or the other... Just the mic portion with the plug outside the glass..
  19. Underwater Mics

    Well, whatever the case... on would, should, and could.... it seems Mr. Gossett said it worked just fine... My hat is off to him for a nicely solved solution to a last minute request by production.. Good job Gary!!!
  20. Mozegear Qbit-- Really small sync box....

    Going to check out the QbitXL....
  21. Finally a cheap and accurate Timecode slate?

    As an extra benefit... a slate like the Denecke TS-C can ALSO be used as a sync box to jam from... (you wont want to mount it to the camera, of course) but you can use it as a jamming device..
  22. Finally a cheap and accurate Timecode slate?

    Agree 100%...
  23. Whip Antennas across multiple blocks

    A1 WB for example comes with BLK. 19 whips... right in the middle..
  24. ISO's vs. Mix Track

    Nobody was doubting your sound experience...