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  1. Johnny Karlsson

    Tomorrow morning breezes in Rio Rancho, NM

    According to an email from LSC this morning, it appears that there’s a traveling band in there...
  2. Johnny Karlsson

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    I haven’t had that happen, but I’m really careful with gear in general... but hey, since they are $6.99 / 4-pack I’d be ok replacing them once in a while.
  3. Johnny Karlsson

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    Despite the author’s assessment, and his test (of seemingly one of each, once) - I would say they are not “the same”. I have been using both brands for a while now. While they work very similar in practice, I have noticed that when using the IKEA Storhogen charger, the eneloops occasionally causes the the charger to signal an “error”. Moving one of those “error” batteries to the Powerex charger indicates the battery is slightly overcharged (still working fine). This has never happened for me with the Ladda 2450. Not sure what this means exactly. I have a hard time believing the ikea batteries have some kind of “smart tech” communication with the charger, that the eneloops don’t. Especially since they are lower priced. Also - the ikea brand is rated for 1500 recharge cycles(!), eneloops for 500. Running either of the two brands in a SMQV, until it shuts down, then recharging in the powerex, yields quite a bit better results than the video. Usually around 2600mah.
  4. Johnny Karlsson

    Tomorrow morning breezes in Rio Rancho, NM

    Hmmm, is there a subliminal message hiding in this tumbleweed...?
  5. Johnny Karlsson

    Zoom F8n.

    Yeah, the moment I wrote that i felt somebody would say that. But thats not the point. Read what @Philip Perkins says: And again, WHO is using all the pre amps these days, I made the remark a couple of times now, but we are using the relatively sub par preamps of our wireless systems all the time, some even with a wireless boom are 100% NOT using the preamp characteristics of the recording device anyways. I am not arguing with you, nor with what Philip said. I agree that we could absolutely make it work, if we had to. But personally, I prefer to use a better option from a company that has been designing gear specifically for our purposes for decades. And again - I am not talking about just pre-amps - but the overall machine. There are plenty of little details involved. When the first F8 came out, I went to the store and checked it out. There was just too many "I wish it had this, I wish it could do that...". Looks like the new version has addressed some of those things, but it's still not for me. - To each their own, but generally speaking, with a kit that attempts to do a knock-off at a quarter of the price... there will be some compromises. Also, as a professional - why not invest in gear that you can charge a proper rental for? You should make the money back and then some over the long term. (I use at least one pre-amp for most jobs I do).
  6. Johnny Karlsson

    Zoom F8n.

    Dialog, when the viewers are supposed to feel like they are in the room is best served with a transparent, natural sound. Music recording is a different world altogether, IMO. Here, natural, transparent and matched stereo pairs usually end up sounding “boring”. Distortion, flutter, phasing, over-compression, general weirdness, usually makes for a more interesting sound. Pre-amp quality in these low end machines is just one out of many reasons I personally would not use them for location work.
  7. Johnny Karlsson

    Advice for a novice

    No doubt. This will make more of a difference than splitting hairs between the mics mentioned here. Lay some carpets on the floor if it’s hard surface too. Basic physics of sound.
  8. Johnny Karlsson

    MixPre Series Firmware v2.20 May 24, 2018 - Link

    To take the concept one step further, having STOP resulting in operator selectable routing options would be even better. For example: 1 - mute all 2 - mute all tracks - except *Boom* 3 - mute all, and open *return B* (where one could have an mp3-player or radio play tunes while not rolling) * for 2 and 3, track number and return would be user definable.
  9. That is probably because with the new firmware, pin 1 in the TC Lemo is now pin 2, and pin 2 is now AM radio antenna input.
  10. Johnny Karlsson

    Am I Magliner-worthy? Is magliner me-worthy?

    My personal opinions - Rock-n-roller; i have not used the R12 model, but the ones I have come across are kinda rickety. I have one of their hand truck model, and it works for hauling things, but would not wanna walk it too far. No ballbearings in the wheels and the handle is square metal. I had a Backstage Mag-mini for a few years, then sold it. I really regret selling it. I’m actually thinking about buying one again. Yes, it’s $1K, but worth it IMO. Smooth ride that will last longer than your next 2-3 cars! Put a baby pin on it and you can mount an umbrella etc. (if anyone has one to sell in the LA area - PM me
  11. Johnny Karlsson

    LW-216 whip for Comtek M-216

    Yes, call Comtek. They can also convert it to an option p7 if you would like to go that route. I had this done in the past - and the cost was quite reasonable.
  12. Johnny Karlsson

    techniques for quieting internally cabled boompoles

    Could wear a receiver and plug it in to their MM-1.
  13. Johnny Karlsson

    Zoom F8

    I must be very un-safely, because I have plugged and unplugged my mics for over 30 years with p48 on.
  14. Johnny Karlsson

    Phase alignment drifting

    I haven’t listened to your tracks, but from what you are describing, it would seem that it’s not caused by “drifting“, but rather by the physics of sound. Unless the boom mic is attached to the chest of each speaker, right next to their lavs, the distance between the mics will vary, and therefore also the amount of the delay between them.
  15. Johnny Karlsson

    Problems with Wingman

    I’ve been using Wingman with both my 664 and 633, since it was first available with no issues. With iPhone 6s and iPhone X. However, I am cautious about how I use it. Another mixer once told me “don’t edit the meta data while rolling”. He said that would cause it to freeze. Not sure if this is the case anymore, but I have adhered to this practice, and only use it to edit track names, Report info etc while stopped. Other than that, basically only use it to hit “record “ and “stop”.