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  1. I use the CS3e along with both COS11D and DPA4061 - all good either way. One thing I have noticed is that the CS3e and COS11D tend to blend well when mixed together - that could be just a coincident given the circumstances of those times I have done so... or maybe a thing that Sanken indeed have designed to be that way...?
  2. Auto Mix for the 633. Lectrosonics - please make it possible to pick the 3 block range with the wide band series, such as 19, 20, 21 / 20, 21, 22 (A-2, B-2?)
  3. I would echo what Philip said above. and add: bring a hand-held stick-mic - if the style you are shooting allows for it.
  5. I'm very happy with the K-Tek Stingray bag.
  6. Not sure if they did the Asteroids on R400 (because I don't own one), but it's actually true about the UCR211 and UCR411A.
  7. That looked scary. Good to hear that you are ok, Bernie!
  8. While on the surface, it may look like “it only has 4 ports” and “16 GB of RAM is not enough”. Keep in mind that; - each port supports USB-C 3.1 10Gbps (USB 3.0 was 5Gbps, USB 2 was 480 Mbps, USB 1.1 was 12 Mbps) / Thunderbolt 3 (40 Gbps) / Display port (capable of driving two 5K displays). Either port can also be the charging port. I got a couple USB to USB-C adapters from Amazon for 10 bucks each., and I already had a 4-port USB hub for iLok, MIDI keyboard, printer and Audio Interface. To each their own, but totally works for me with plenty left to gain when USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 drives become more widely available. - The RAM is now LPDDR3 2133 MHz (LP meaning low power), twice the speed of my 2010 MBP, which maxed out at 8 GB 1066 MHz, and was btw not low power RAM. In addition, the new internal SSD drive is plenty fast enough to swap memory to disk if / when needed. - The touch bar might look like “hype” to some, but I have already found it very useful in speeding up small things. Not to mention fingerprint login. But don’t worry, this will likely be implemented in all windows based machines soon. It’s not only lighter, and about half the thickness, but it is actually also smaller in width and length compared to the old one. Still the screen resolution is so much better that it feels “bigger” in practical use. All this with MUCH better battery life, no noise from hard drives, fans etc. Typing this on the new MBP and in conclusion - I’m happy with my purchase.
  9. Nice! Funny, I just came here, right after finishing watching the first episode. There was a shot of the 688 sitting in the from seat of one of the cars, with a mention along the lines of "you can't ride in the front seat, because there's the sound man's headphones".
  10. Well, sometimes a rental house will give YOU a 3 day week, so that you can still make money by charging production full. Consider that you need to pick up and return the rental gear. That's your time, gas - and work setting up, tearing down and maybe cleaning said gear. == Fun? Sure, but in the end it's a business. Can you pay for the investment and upkeep of gear, make a living, feed the kids and set aside money for when you hit a dry period. There's also retirement some day.... hopefully.
  11. Would be cool if it had a thunderbolt port and CF and SD card reader slots... and 8 full size XLR inputs please. I would also like if it could be used as a computer audio interface. Seriously, it looks great. Great work Lectro, as always!
  12. More here:
  13. Thanks for replying Scott. I read some reports saying mic and play controls were not working with the adapters, only audio out. I would guess that'd be all that's needed for the Tentacles to receive a dweedle, but just wanted to make sure.
  14. Has anyone used the Tentacle Sync setup app with the new iPhones? If so, how do you connect? Does the Ligtning to 3.5mm adapter work?
  15. PC stands for Personal Computer, so yes everything including our phones and tablets could be called this nowadays. But back in the old days, it was a nickname for Windows machines, and Apple's computers were nicknamed Mac. For anyone who hasn't stabbed themselves in the eyes from excruciating boredom by now, and is for whatever reason still reading this; My comment about the Chromebook came out of nowhere and maybe seemed weird, but point being that certain things work well for specific purposes. Suggesting that the Windows machines linked are "better" for less money is based on personal needs. Assuming the Chromebook fills all of one's needs, the same argument could be made that the Chromebook is "better", because it runs a better OS, is smaller, lighter, has twice the battery life and doesn't need a lot of expensive storage. Or whatever. (actually it is pretty amazing what you get for 150 bucks - I am using it to type this - my longest and nerdiest post ever). If anyone cares (I doubt it), I choose to buy the Mac at a price that could buy more than 20 of these Chromebooks, only because it fits my personal needs and preferences better than anything out there. It can do certain things that the Chromebook cannot do. Those are the exact same things the Windows machines cannot do either. I'm not a "fan-boy" or "cool-aid" drinker (I prefer coffee, beer or whisky if anyone cares - besides, I'm too old and jaded), nor am I someone who buys "anything Apple puts out". I don't care about branding. I wish I could get stuff without logos. I too smile when I hear the pretentious BS of Jony Ive in those overly dramatic design videos, but I also definitely appreciate the simplicity and amazing engineering beauty in many of their designs. It doesn't hurt when something looks good, but that would be meaningless if it didn't also have the functionality/productivity/durability. My current Macbook Pro has been a work horse for six years, has definitely paid for itself - and still works good for a lot of things, The battery still holds a charge for at least 6 hours. I doubt this Chromebook will last anywhere near 6 years. (In fact I checked just now, and this model is listed as "Discontinued" LOL) The internet is full of people arguing about politics, religion, Gibson vs Fender, Schoeps vs Sennheiser, Lectro vs Zax, Pro Tools vs Nuendo, Hyper cardioid vs Super cardioid, Alien vs Predator etc. It's almost always boring, and probably almost never changes anyone's mind. I think it's good to listen to all sides, then make up one's own mind, based on research and experience, and buy whatever seems like the best choice for one's own personal needs - or feel free to not buy (sounds crazy, I know). We are all sound friends here, so let's go back sharing stories from our travels, the field and life, rather than this drivel-dravel about computer preferences hah! Why am I still typing...? I need to go hang out with the wife and kids now. Cheers!