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  1. Naked Audio

  2. Naked Audio

    Sorry if I was no fun, but I sincerely think it’s the neat way to go. We can guess all day long here... But if I had to guess, it would probably be “food porn”.
  3. Naked Audio

    If you want to know exactly what the client means, I would suggest asking the client.
  4. NAB 2018 Products update

  5. Exactly. When I first saw the headline, I got my hopes too. But reading the rest, I have a feeling this means it could get even worse than before.
  6. Sound Devices recorders - which way to go?

    +1 more.
  7. Alexa Mini TC sync

    Yeah, on my most recent Alexa Mini shoot, the DP and AC had figured out that it could be left in Jam-Sync mode with a TC box on it. My skepticism prompted a test where we went back and forth between 23.98 and 60 fps. When switching back to 23.98, it was blinking for about 10 sec, then locked to the Tentacle. This was great since the Mini was on a StediCam rig and throughout the day went back and forth between slo-mo shots / shots with sound. Thanks Wandering, for the info on Arri's definition of Jam-Sync. This explains why it takes 10 seconds for the camera to "lock" to incoming TC.
  8. DPA 4063's in high wind

    I’ve had good results using the small Bubble-bee furries with the DPA lavs.
  9. Best Reporters Microphone

    Also pretty common: Beyerdynamic M58. (I have two). They have a long stem, which is nice when using a mic flag. Plus the plug can often be framed out, which some like. Omni and sounds good.
  10. The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    LOL How about telling the DP : if the boom is in the shot, just swap your lens to a 50. That would go over real well.
  11. brand new sandisk extreme pro at 18 MBs

    USB2 bus top speed is (theoretically) about 35MBps throughput. The reader is likely not operating at speeds maxing out the specs. And your computer is almost a decade old, which is “ancient technology “ in computer world. So even if there is nothing wrong with the card, 18MBps may be what to expect.
  12. Thank you for these insights, Henri ! Not knowing what you just wrote, I would have guessed at least half of the tracks were recorded in studio. - Pretty impressive, both in terms of the performances, as well as the recording. Well done!
  13. WiFi and my mid 2012 MacBook Pro

    I would think that if it works fine at the store, the problem might be with your WiFi router. This may be completely unrelated, but here it goes: Years ago, I would keep losing internet connection almost on a daily basis. After many calls to Time Warner (and many months) call center in India “tech support “ - you know, going down their list: “is your computer turned on? Is it connected to the modem? Is the modem plugged in to power?....., finally someone determined that the modem was outdated and wasn’t compliant with their new specs and wasn’t able to handle the updated speed etc. - the mind boggles as to why they couldn’t determine this right away, nor had notified me that I needed to exchange the modem for their newer compatible version to begin with... anyway, all problems went away once that modem was replaced.
  14. Lectro SRc field reports?

    Well, Larry F, Gordon M and Karl W have all participated in this thread. This has also been openly discussed on the Facebook group. I understand from postings on the Facebook group that there has recently been a breakthrough in finding the cause of these issues. Your claims of internal communication problems are not in line with my experience with Lectrosonics at all. They are not a huge company like Sony or Sennheiser. They have been very responsive any time I have been in contact with them. They also participate here and on the Facebook group regularly.
  15. 14 hour day

    I have heard of some production companies trying to base their rate on a 14-hour day. I hope we can all agree that this is a really bad idea, in every way.