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  1. macOS High Sierra: AFS File Format

    Matt, I upgraded my main Mac, and have not actually noticed any difference. I still back up files from my 633 and 664 SD/CF cards to the same external HD that I have been using for that purpose for 2-3 years (and no, I have not reformatted that drive since upgrading the OS).
  2. Alexa Mini TC sync

    Hey Mike, not sure if this is relevant to your particular issue, but I noticed that something has changed (in the firmware?) a couple months ago. Whereas before, I just stabbed the camera, it took the jam - now, there’s a menu item “jam sync”, so camera does not take the jam unless it’s switched back and forth between preset and jam sync (then back again, or it will just say external tc is missing or similar).
  3. COS-11D SMQV transmitters gain issues

    Something is not right. I would send it back and get them re-wired or replaced by the store. I usually keep my SMQVs with COS11D wired universal Lectro at level 16. That gives me enough gain for pretty much anything. If someone is soft spoken, I may up it to 18-20. For reference, running the same SMQVs with DPA4061, I usually have the level anywhere between 30 to 36 for similar output.
  4. Good morning jpb2. Not sure if I’m reading it right, but the rates posted on your website are way off. $800/12h for a two person Sound team - including the gear with 6 wires, 3 IFBs and two lockit boxes?
  5. Seahawks All Access is back!

    Any info on rates offered?
  6. Traveling With Cart Overseas

    Could be the Zuca carts? They have an "off road" version, as well as a backpack version - both with bigger wheels that I believe can be taken off for transport. There's a Facebook group of people building these into small sound carts. FWIW Re: Dewalt; I used two of the drawer units for almost two years, then one of them broke. Not that "tough", so I don't believe they would hold up as checked luggage. I only used them around the L.A. Area transported in my car, and it still broke....
  7. SRB question...

    SRb manual Download .
  8. Apparently, they are wasting no time... http://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/t-mobile-to-begin-rollout-600-mhz-spectrum-summer-boosting-tower-segment
  9. Alexa Mini TC sync

    Not. Just jam in the morning and after lunch.
  10. Alexa Mini TC sync

    4 weeks in to a show shooting on two Minis and occasionally an Amira as camera C - jam in the morning and after lunch. We are also slating with a TS3. So far no complaints. Cameras are consistently 2 frames off, but that's a known "issue".
  11. Audio on Alien: Covenent - behind the scenes

    Thanks for sharing this Kelly!
  12. 96khz to 48 khz

    I recommend checking out this info from a widely trusted company that arguably makes some of the best converters on the market: https://benchmarkmedia.com/blogs/application_notes/digital-audio-demonstration-video
  13. new microphone

    - Automatic separation of recorded sound sources - Automatic removal of background noises . So yeah, pay attention producers of 19 cast member reality - no need to wire anyone, just plant this anywhere in the room and each capsule will automagically detect different sources and record high quality isos without background noise. Fantastic.
  14. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    I apologize if my sense of humor does not please you. I would say that these are not at all the same as a 302. FWIW, I tried to sell my 302 for 6 months last year, no takers, so I decided to keep it. It will come in handy when you least expect it. And for me personally, it already has, despite the fact that I also have both the 633 and 664.
  15. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Yes. As soon as any new product comes out - all other products stop functioning, and become obsolete paper weights.