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    Alexa Mini audio menu

    Maybe so, but it happened both with abox, as well as straight to the Lemo. Also, the camera owner said this is “just how it is with this camera”.
  2. Johnny Karlsson

    Alexa Mini audio menu

    To clarify what I said above, I don't think it's a function, like on the Canon C300, where you can set channel 1 to go to both tracks. Rather it's the two channels bleeding across to each other. I mean, we are pushing two channels of line level signal into a single tiny little Lemo connector....
  3. Johnny Karlsson

    Alexa Mini audio menu

    Whatever Sound goes to the mini should be considered scratch/guide track. I have noticed when sending tone to ch1, that ch2 shows signal - even when only plugged into ch1, with level pulled all the way down on ch2.
  4. Johnny Karlsson

    Comtek BST-25/216 on battery power?

    What are you using out there for battery power with the base station? I've only used it with AC, but would be good to have an option handy at times when this is not a viable solution. The manual states "Power Requirements: 12 Volts DC, 300 mA max". It's not clear to me if this 12v requirement is such that one would need a regulator keeping it at precisely 12v when using a NP-L7S with a cup-to-4-pin XLRF, such as the one from PSC: http://www.locationsound.com/psc-fpscpsm-np1-4pxlrf-np-1-battery-cup-with-4-pin-female-xlr-3576 Anyone with experience doing this, please let us know. Thanks.
  5. Johnny Karlsson

    Comtek BST-25/216 on battery power?

    From Comtek Tech Support email: "Unfortunately, there is not an acceptable voltage range, and putting 16 volts into the unit does risk damaging it. It would be best to use a regulator to keep the power at 12 volts".
  6. Johnny Karlsson

    For the Whisky drinkers

    Picked up this at the tax free shop at the airport in Stockholm on my way back to LA the other day. Just cracked it open, and it tastes quite lovely. Great smokiness!
  7. Johnny Karlsson

    Comtek BST-25/216 on battery power?

    Whoa! Good to know. Thanks Ben. May I ask what regulator you use now?
  8. Johnny Karlsson

    Comtek BST-25/216 on battery power?

    Thanks guys, much appreciated! JW, I agree - most manufacturers spec a range, and this is why it got me a little concerned. Yes JB, I will try calling them when I get a chance, to get their perspective and actual specs. I've also had nothing but a great experience calling Comtek in the past. It's great to hear first hand experience from the field though. Everyone here knows what a NP-L7S is, and that it can spit out upwards of 16v when fresh off the charger, then hovers in the 14.x range...
  9. Johnny Karlsson

    Production company scam?

    Forward the email to phishing-report@us-cert.gov
  10. Johnny Karlsson

    Coming price change on SRa to SRb conversion

    I would strongly advice against this method, as it may result in both of you being shot by security - with a potato gun.
  11. Johnny Karlsson

    Why AES camera feeds for prod. sound?

    In theory, AES would have some (minuscule?) benefit because it avoids the conversions D/A-A/D (mixer to Tx) and D/A-A/D (Rx to camera). Maybe just me, but the Sound is susceptible to everything that Wireless comes with anyway, and there’s no reliable way to monitor from the camera, therefore I view on-camera sound as "scratch feed" and for sync guide only. I guess if the Sound was recorded on camera only... and hard wired from the mixer, so I could monitor back from camera... Haha, sorry - maybe someone else can make a better argument in favor of this.
  12. Johnny Karlsson

    In ear monitors for production sound

    Update to my post above: Having read comments here and elsewhere about how the Westone in-ears don't have the problems with cable noise, I started looking into this. Turns out they have one version with the same connector as the Shure 215. There is a slight difference - the connector is a little bit recessed. But I read about how others had made this work, and ordered a Westone cable. After carefully trimming back a tiny bit of the rubber around the connectors, they actually snapped in to my Shure ear-pieces just fine. Truth be told, that cable is definitely the best one I have tried so far (in terms of the cable noise). Might give this combo a shot on a job soon...
  13. Johnny Karlsson

    Lectrosonics UCR100 - which transmitters will match?

    I can confirm that the UM400a will work. Check the manual for how to set it up in 100 mode.
  14. Johnny Karlsson

    Sanken COS11-D vs SERVO

    Any time when using a newer model Lectro Tx (400a, SM series etc) with servo bias, and pretty obvious that reduced sensitivity would be for when there’s shouting or loud singing. Mic’ing guns, race cars, jet engines would be other examples...
  15. Johnny Karlsson

    In ear monitors for production sound

    I have a pair of Etymotic, isolation is very good (especially with the foam tips which are basically just like ear plugs) and they sound great. Cable noise has prevented me from ever using these at work. Drives me nuts. I wish the manufacturers would make in-ear cables with a short portion of soft, coiled suspension next to the ear piece that would serve as “shock mounts”. I also have a pair of the shure 215, which are slightly better in terms of the cable noise. The part of the Cable that attaches to the ear piece is “moldable”, goes up-and-around the ear. This seems to help a bit with the cable rubbing noise. Sounds good. Isolation is good. I have used these for work a few times when it was practical. The thing that prevents me from using any of these more is the unplugging/plugging to be aware of what’s going on around me and people start talking not realizing I cannot hear them. With cans, popping one ear off, or even taking them off to put them down is a matter of a half-second to get them back on. Might just be a matter of getting used to doing this quick with the in-ears, but I feel like I’m messing around for a minute getting them situated in the ear, and getting the cable in place.
  16. Johnny Karlsson

    How to attach axle to 8020?

  17. Johnny Karlsson

    Simultaneous Translation

    I agree with Shastapete. Introducing cellphones and/or other consumer devices only makes things more cumbersome and complicated. Bluetooth is only able to pair one device at a time AFAIK. But even if there’s an app that could get around that - - what happens with compatibility with different brands of phones...? Try getting 5 people to install and figure out how to run said app. Then what happens when you get phone calls, texts etc And don’t forget - you get rental on Comteks and other IFBs.
  18. Johnny Karlsson

    The best Paul McCartney interview ever

    Absolutely wonderful. Thanks Al, This put a big smile on my face.
  19. Johnny Karlsson

    Wireless mic use in Iceland ?

    The population of the entire country of Iceland is roughly equal to that of the city of Anaheim, CA. Based on that, I wouldn’t be too worried about finding clear channels. 😉
  20. Johnny Karlsson

    Beyerdinamic 1350

    1350. Make sure to get the version with a coiled cable (alleviates cable noise transferring to the cups).
  21. Johnny Karlsson

    Tomorrow morning breezes in Rio Rancho, NM

    According to an email from LSC this morning, it appears that there’s a traveling band in there...
  22. Johnny Karlsson

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    I haven’t had that happen, but I’m really careful with gear in general... but hey, since they are $6.99 / 4-pack I’d be ok replacing them once in a while.
  23. Johnny Karlsson

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    Despite the author’s assessment, and his test (of seemingly one of each, once) - I would say they are not “the same”. I have been using both brands for a while now. While they work very similar in practice, I have noticed that when using the IKEA Storhogen charger, the eneloops occasionally causes the the charger to signal an “error”. Moving one of those “error” batteries to the Powerex charger indicates the battery is slightly overcharged (still working fine). This has never happened for me with the Ladda 2450. Not sure what this means exactly. I have a hard time believing the ikea batteries have some kind of “smart tech” communication with the charger, that the eneloops don’t. Especially since they are lower priced. Also - the ikea brand is rated for 1500 recharge cycles(!), eneloops for 500. Running either of the two brands in a SMQV, until it shuts down, then recharging in the powerex, yields quite a bit better results than the video. Usually around 2600mah.
  24. Johnny Karlsson

    Tomorrow morning breezes in Rio Rancho, NM

    Hmmm, is there a subliminal message hiding in this tumbleweed...?
  25. Johnny Karlsson

    Zoom F8n.

    Yeah, the moment I wrote that i felt somebody would say that. But thats not the point. Read what @Philip Perkins says: And again, WHO is using all the pre amps these days, I made the remark a couple of times now, but we are using the relatively sub par preamps of our wireless systems all the time, some even with a wireless boom are 100% NOT using the preamp characteristics of the recording device anyways. I am not arguing with you, nor with what Philip said. I agree that we could absolutely make it work, if we had to. But personally, I prefer to use a better option from a company that has been designing gear specifically for our purposes for decades. And again - I am not talking about just pre-amps - but the overall machine. There are plenty of little details involved. When the first F8 came out, I went to the store and checked it out. There was just too many "I wish it had this, I wish it could do that...". Looks like the new version has addressed some of those things, but it's still not for me. - To each their own, but generally speaking, with a kit that attempts to do a knock-off at a quarter of the price... there will be some compromises. Also, as a professional - why not invest in gear that you can charge a proper rental for? You should make the money back and then some over the long term. (I use at least one pre-amp for most jobs I do).