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  1. WiFi and my mid 2012 MacBook Pro

    I would think that if it works fine at the store, the problem might be with your WiFi router. This may be completely unrelated, but here it goes: Years ago, I would keep losing internet connection almost on a daily basis. After many calls to Time Warner (and many months) call center in India “tech support “ - you know, going down their list: “is your computer turned on? Is it connected to the modem? Is the modem plugged in to power?....., finally someone determined that the modem was outdated and wasn’t compliant with their new specs and wasn’t able to handle the updated speed etc. - the mind boggles as to why they couldn’t determine this right away, nor had notified me that I needed to exchange the modem for their newer compatible version to begin with... anyway, all problems went away once that modem was replaced.
  2. Lectro SRc field reports?

    Well, Larry F, Gordon M and Karl W have all participated in this thread. This has also been openly discussed on the Facebook group. I understand from postings on the Facebook group that there has recently been a breakthrough in finding the cause of these issues. Your claims of internal communication problems are not in line with my experience with Lectrosonics at all. They are not a huge company like Sony or Sennheiser. They have been very responsive any time I have been in contact with them. They also participate here and on the Facebook group regularly.
  3. 14 hour day

    I have heard of some production companies trying to base their rate on a 14-hour day. I hope we can all agree that this is a really bad idea, in every way.
  4. United States Frequencies

    Yep, true that.
  5. United States Frequencies

    Block 26 remains legal for about two more years in the US.
  6. Zaxcom ZMT3 Battery Life

    FWIW, my own tests with the SSM and Lectro batteries, as well as original Fujifilm ones are pretty much identical to Larry’s. Roughly 6h:30min with a DPA4061 plugged in. I tried a Wasabi battery for giggles - it’s very cheap and claims 1100 mAh. It didn’t even last 4h. I sent it back and told them it must be malfunctioning. No reply, but full refund.
  7. Why won't my 633 jam TC to Alexa Mini

    There’s also another thread where we discussed the mini. With newer firmware, it seems to be necessary to switch “regen” to “jam sync” in the TC menu for the camera to take a jam.
  8. 2018

    Happy New Year! Here’s the Super Moon rising where I’m at right now - to a Super Year 2018 to all.
  9. That could very well be true, Jay. But I read somewhere that this is the fifth time this year it has had a big drop like this. Still it’s up over 1400% from one year ago. Futures are apparently now available and some are betting it will go to $50,000 next year.
  10. Portabrace “Silent” audio bags.

    Portabrace website says “coming soon”.
  11. Effect of new tax bill on freelance soundies?

    Yeah, it will be great for the economy, since all small businesses will have zero incentive to upgrade or buy anything in terms of equipment, vehicles, phones, computers, office supplies etc. (/sarcasm off)
  12. Zaxcom lectro sanken universal wiring

    Eric, John, Larry - thank you! Very helpful. Much appreciated.
  13. Zaxcom lectro sanken universal wiring

    I purchased a couple DPA4061 on eBay that were sold as 3-pin Lemo for Sennheiser. These seem to work just fine with the SSM. Larry, would there be any risk of distortion at higher SPL with these similar to the COS11 scenario?
  14. Sound Devices Approved Media for 633 - SanDisk question

    The way I understand it from earlier conversations on the phone directly with Sound Devices, the cards on the approved list are the ones that passed their extensive testing. As mentioned above, in this case it is not always "faster" or "more expensive" is "better", but has to do with internal components in the cards. In fact, sometimes a specific card on the list is approved in the 32 GB size, but the same exact brand/speed etc. of that card at 16 GB or 64 GB may not be on the list, because it has different internal components that causes trouble with the 6-series recorders. Early on, there was also some cards that at first were approved, then the card manufacturer changed some components that they probably thought had no significance, but the 6-series did not like this new component. Fortunately for myself and others, that particular manufacturer was kind enough to exchange the card at no cost (for all cards after a specific serial number). I agree 100% with Daniel above - as a professional charging professional rates, I want to be seen as reliable. You will not save money by cheaping out on mission critical kit, but rather you risk losing a client, your reputation, possibly your whole career. Over $20-40? Many people posting here carry kits in the $50,000-$60,000 range, some way more than that.
  15. 4018c or a second 641

    I haven't done any A/B listening or test between the two, but feel that the 641 has more reach than the 4018. FWIW: I boomed a show over the summer, where the mixer had the C pre-amp along with both a 4018 and a 4017. I was surprised to find that the 4017c sounded better in almost all situations, even for interiors, so we ended up using it probably 90% of the time. The 4018c is incredibly small in size, so that can obviously be an advantage some situations, but I felt it didn't have any "reach" and needed a bump the gain a notch or two on the Sound Devices MM-1 compared to the 4017. All that said, it does sound very nice if you can get it close enough. (If I remember correctly, according to DPA the 4018 has a "flat" response at 30 cm and the 4017 at 60 cm). - I know you wanted a comparison to the 641, not the 4017, but hopefully this is still of some help.
  16. Alexa Mini TC sync

    I just connect the box, switch to jam-sync, then switch back to pre-set and disconnect the box. Doesn't need to be switched to re-gen in my experience.
  17. How is the 600MHz spectrum sell off affecting you?

    I have some gear in the 600 range that is not re-blockable. Luckily for me, I have re-couped the cost of what I payed for these units, and will use them as long as possible. Then I'll likely sell them for peanuts to someone overseas on ebay, or in WTB-WTS. But, who knows if all other countries will follow suite and auction off these frequencies to their phone companies as well.... - Lectrosonics has some kind of a "buy back" program, where they give you a rebate on new gear, in exchange for sending in old gear in the 600 MHz range.
  18. macOS High Sierra: AFS File Format

    Matt, I upgraded my main Mac, and have not actually noticed any difference. I still back up files from my 633 and 664 SD/CF cards to the same external HD that I have been using for that purpose for 2-3 years (and no, I have not reformatted that drive since upgrading the OS).
  19. Alexa Mini TC sync

    Hey Mike, not sure if this is relevant to your particular issue, but I noticed that something has changed (in the firmware?) a couple months ago. Whereas before, I just stabbed the camera, it took the jam - now, there’s a menu item “jam sync”, so camera does not take the jam unless it’s switched back and forth between preset and jam sync (then back again, or it will just say external tc is missing or similar).
  20. Apparently, they are wasting no time... http://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/t-mobile-to-begin-rollout-600-mhz-spectrum-summer-boosting-tower-segment
  21. COS-11D SMQV transmitters gain issues

    Something is not right. I would send it back and get them re-wired or replaced by the store. I usually keep my SMQVs with COS11D wired universal Lectro at level 16. That gives me enough gain for pretty much anything. If someone is soft spoken, I may up it to 18-20. For reference, running the same SMQVs with DPA4061, I usually have the level anywhere between 30 to 36 for similar output.
  22. Good morning jpb2. Not sure if I’m reading it right, but the rates posted on your website are way off. $800/12h for a two person Sound team - including the gear with 6 wires, 3 IFBs and two lockit boxes?
  23. Seahawks All Access is back!

    Any info on rates offered?
  24. Traveling With Cart Overseas

    Could be the Zuca carts? They have an "off road" version, as well as a backpack version - both with bigger wheels that I believe can be taken off for transport. There's a Facebook group of people building these into small sound carts. FWIW Re: Dewalt; I used two of the drawer units for almost two years, then one of them broke. Not that "tough", so I don't believe they would hold up as checked luggage. I only used them around the L.A. Area transported in my car, and it still broke....
  25. SRB question...

    SRb manual Download .