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  1. Please Post SIlly Things

    Not that silly, just brilliantly creative. Had to post.
  2. Playback speaker tip

    A live sound mixer friend of mine said they were well known in France (?), with the busking crowd over there. Said he loved his MaxiMouse, and saw quite a few others in Paris when he was living there. How far and wide were they shipped? And megathanks to Wes and Larry, for the continuing gems on design decisions you guys made. It's likely the only place this information exists. Much respect.
  3. Playback speaker tip

    Perhaps the heat was from just normal operation, then. It was just an assumption I made. Either way, I just ordered another CH-40 wall wart for it, as a back up. Thanks WesH. And yes, the Power Sonic batteries were absolutely worth it.
  4. Video Chat with Jan

    These are going to be great. Thanks Dave. What a great first installment. Keep this up.
  5. Playback speaker tip

    That's a lot of great information! Many thanks. It's a pretty special amp. I noticed the 2 ohm speaker and thought that was unusual. I felt the wall wart getting warmer than I thought it should be, and making a little hum. It explains why the amp sounded a little rough after a while. Good thing it still works. It charged the new cells out just fine, so I got lucky. Thanks Wes, that's the battery that arrived, give or take .1Ah. I love this little amp. I've been testing it around the house with my iPhone driving it, and also with my Nebulophone as an unbalanced line instrument. And I'll likely search for a new wall wart, for a back up DC power supply. Is there a wall wart replacement you would suggest? I'm worried about getting/matching the proper 2.X mm DC connector, and the proper milliamperage.
  6. Playback speaker tip

    +1, and I was pleased to find it worked on the wall wart, even when the cells wouldn't hold a charge. Of course mine (two Werker 5Ah) were dead, but a quick look, and the Werker batteries were only $10 bucks each, so I bought two batteries. The problem is...they arrived as 4.5Ah, not 5Ah, which was annoying, and made me want to return them. Maybe this doesn't even matter? Or perhaps..I can put a battery in that performs even better than the original 5Ah Werkers? I'd love some ideas on a good updated cell... And that's a great idea with the baby receiver plate/playback mod.
  7. Playback speaker tip

    Dredging up an old post I know, but since this item isn't referenced much elsewhere, I thought I would post a few pics of one here. And Phil is right. It gets loud.
  8. Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    So true. But I actually hope to use it from time to time. I want to protect it in the van and the field. Incidentally, I was just putting it away, but was stopped by a girlfriend of mine, who noted that beauty, and wanted to know all about it. Though I was pleasantly surprised, I wondered where to start.
  9. Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    It's 8.5 x 11 x 3.5 inches. Strangely, it's roughly the size of a sheet of printer paper. Maybe not so strange if you think about it. But this is not counting the ears, which take up another 1.5 x 2 x 2 inches, and pass through a partition on the classic leather case, where I'd input the XLR's - and the output cable on the other side. I'm sure there's a bag out there which would work for it. If not, I'm perfectly happy to have these zippers repaired on the cowhide bag, and maybe have them update it with some internal padding, as well. The slight bit that it had, has turned to powder long ago, but fortunately, the recorder wasn't kept in it.
  10. Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    Thanks dela, for the helpful information on the IS. I didn't know it came in a non-pilot version. Interesting, and I can see how it would have been a fav of the radio crowd. I wonder if that was the case here in the states?..I mean, radio stations using these? The 4.2's are heavy by comparison. And yes, thanks so much! I would love to get a copy of the IS manual. I'll send an email address by PM here at JWS. I'm also looking for a bag for it, as the cowhide one is coming apart at the zipper seams. I might just take it to the local luggage repair, as this classic leather carry bag is in fine shape for repair. But it seems to lack padding. Perhaps a used (discontinued) Porta-brace bag for it to live in? That is, if I can find what model number they used for the IS, since it's a bit of a lower profile recorder...
  11. Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    My new (to me) IS. Thanks bilagaana. I'm flattered and thrilled to have this recorder. It will be well cared for in its new home. I'm on the hunt for a manual now.
  12. Cedar DNS 2 Portable NR unit

    Thanks for the tips on creative routing. +1.
  13. For the Whisky drinkers

    Wow..a whiskey thread? Okay: Palm Ridge Reserve. I have a bottle of it (gift from a job) I sip on infrequently (and alternatively gift my neighbor for riding mower repairs, as he won't take money). It's distinctive, regional (non-blended), and very smooth. The 'regional' part of it is: the casks are alternating staves of oak and citrus. The citrus is evident in the flavor, but not overwhelmingly. I never understood sipping whiskeys before this job. I learned that day. A couple in Tavares, Florida made the micro-batch distillery from a horse stable. Each berth has a different part of the process. It was a bit lyrical, and like hanging out with Jack Daniels for a day. We sampled and sipped. Never a more mellow job. (pics borrowed from Southern Distilling News).
  14. Plug for Pete Verrando

    Interested in having my 415T done.
  15. Tuna T's

    This looked like fun. I hope this happens again soon. Edit: this is a hilarious thread.