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  1. Interested in having my 415T done.
  2. This looked like fun. I hope this happens again soon. Edit: this is a hilarious thread.
  3. That explains a lot. Very reasonable that it would be oxidation. In the thread here, I began wondering about the manufacturing process, and if the pins go through the annealing (thanks for the term) process before they get a thin coat of silver (?) and pushed into the nylon insert. I'll try some Deoxit or the CRC QD Electric Contact Cleaner. Thanks so much, Auxbusreturn.
  4. This is very clever. I like the 'cable reel' design with the pin in the center of the cap. Seems the cable rotates about the central pin enough to do most jobs.
  5. Yep. It was just a test ~ trying to discolor the pins. It's not my usual mode of soldering.
  6. +1 on the Pelicans. Same here..and nice work on the shelving system in the Astro, btw.
  7. We've some pretty humid days here, but not quite like you guys in the UK. Lately we've been in a drought, with weeks of pretty much 0% chance of rain, though. But I normally keep a 110v dehumidifier around my gear when in storage. There are times when I've put it in the van with a cord, overnight. +1 on the desiccant idea. Those look reusable too.
  8. Hey Kelsey, are they secure when driving? E.G: how do you keep the plastic crates from sliding out on a left turn? Are the shelves angled at all? Do you bungee them in? I'm still using my Safari (Astro), and I just love it...cannot leave it. My father had a Dodge Tradesman loaded to the gills with toolboxes. He simply angled the shelves a few degrees and it really took a lot to spill them.
  9. I'd say your skills at reading and writing are solid, Crew. But yes, where is that thread? We should have one. I could write a thesis on inference, implication, miscommunication, misread sarcasm and facetiousness, the subtleties and grey lines between proper constructive criticism, insults, their given responses, posturing this way and that, a host of other literary idiosyncrasies associated with written communication and the net. Not to mention: misunderstandings between different cultures' idioms and trendy talk. Oh..spelling, punctuation and grammar. And back to the subject: on my last job, being audio, I had a later call time. I thought it meant I'd have a 10 hour day..but not so. The day for me, was still 12 hours. So that means the others had something like a 14 hour day. Is this simply because gear and locations are being squeezed for every minute they can get, since gear/locations are rented/hired by the day? Why is this?
  10. Woa. What a situation to be in. I love LectroRM, and Freqfinder. Thanks James, +1 for getting nevo out of hot water like that. I'd be sweatin' it. And a mountain of thanks goes to all the industry innovators here who listen, consider, and attend to our professional requests, needs, and ideas at JWS. This is a suitably long list.
  11. Thanks Jeff, for the historical look at the inception of May Day.
  12. Thanks, I'm sure it would have cost me a bunch..and by the way, I love the pics you added. Well done! +1. So true, and welcome to the board, Richie.
  13. So noir. Jealous that you have a phone booth. I've wanted one for years. At my film school, some kid dragged one to the sculpture area for some art project. After the critique, it stayed there for a year or two, sort of in the way..but too heavy to just move. It was a bit beat up, and needed a little work, but I could have had that thing just for asking. Lost opportunities.
  14. It's always a good idea to go with a local fixer, if the production can arrange it.
  15. Beautiful pictures..still envious. How's the F8 holding up in the extreme temps?