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    Varied production/directing background. Highest profile sound work has been boom/mixer for 1st week of Mary Sweeney's Baraboo.
  1. It's a frame grab from a presser on ewetube. Facial expression of grab was random..but apt. I'm not sure if the duck in his pocket means he's a quack...
  2. ..will be 9 folks picked up sequentially in a Suburban...most lines during entry.
  3. Only plant I see is a else and where?
  4. Any further info available on placement etc? Plant(s) and lavs? IEM for playback? I'll be wrangling a green screen version of this scenario but with rear (secondary) passengers as well.
  6. Dunno, Phillip..even at low end, there can be very broad brand awareness (via direct or extended contact)..which can be helpful. Sad in a way..
  7. I had to look..and I await:
  8. Wait for it..
  9. I didn't want to clutter the more technical Besides the repeated "how not to" in this "how to", at one point he moves his eyebrows many of you can do that on command?
  10. Awesome! I'm on it. I worked a gig at the World Dairy Expo many years ago. Still remember some lingo: "She's very dairy", "a regular milk wagon". Met my first really uptight director there. She came down to Earth after a cow projectile shat on her purple suede jacket...
  11. "replacement" being key to a lot of those. You get what you pay for..if they decide it's worth showing up for/they don't get offered a more lucrative holiday bonus washing dishes...or joining Angelo's "Poop Pumpers" servicing end of summer events.
  12. Nice sign of the paint roller.
  13. I demand to be apart of that project. My improve is smoking.
  14. Something changed just today. Wasn't working last night.