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  1. 633 firmware improvements

    Needs depend on the situation, budget./staffing etc. Sometimes getting raw isos alone is hard enough. In that case, allow removal of extraneous metering...an easy update to an already switchable readout. And yes..selectively muting outs between rolls seems nice as well...though not necessarily an easier task depending on the hardware.
  2. Panny GH5s

    Update to gh5 that incorporates TC I/O: Another feature that will entice serious videographers is the GH5S’s Timecode In/Out compatibility, which is easy to set using the flash sync terminal and bundled coaxial cable for a BNC terminal. The camera can be used as a Timecode generator for other GH5S models and professional camcorders, and the functionality makes multi-camera productions pain-free by instantly synchronising recordings to other cameras or audio devices. Read more at http://www.trustedreviews.com/reviews/panasonic-gh5s#kwMYVDH32GOMFW4q.99 :
  3. Dont let this happen on your set

    " SPFX supervisor departed to a new career in Hongkong! " Managing a Mahjong parlor, I hope..
  4. When lavs attack

    It's a frame grab from a presser on ewetube. Facial expression of grab was random..but apt. I'm not sure if the duck in his pocket means he's a quack...
  5. Today's "Job I Wish I Was On" : Adele Car Karaoke

    ..will be 9 folks picked up sequentially in a Suburban...most lines during entry.
  6. Today's "Job I Wish I Was On" : Adele Car Karaoke

    Only plant I see is a Cub..so..what else and where?
  7. Today's "Job I Wish I Was On" : Adele Car Karaoke

    Any further info available on placement etc? Plant(s) and lavs? IEM for playback? I'll be wrangling a green screen version of this scenario but with rear (secondary) passengers as well.
  8. Freq-y traffic en route?

  9. Am I being unfair?

    Dunno, Phillip..even at low end, there can be very broad brand awareness (via direct or extended contact)..which can be helpful. Sad in a way..
  10. 8 Channels of Wireless with Stick Mics $499

    I had to look..and I await: http://www.locopro.com/
  11. Boom operators - Cool photos

    Wait for it..
  12. Must hear, must see

    I didn't want to clutter the more technical areas..so..enjoy: Besides the repeated "how not to" in this "how to", at one point he moves his eyebrows independently..how many of you can do that on command?
  13. from CL

    Awesome! I'm on it. I worked a gig at the World Dairy Expo many years ago. Still remember some lingo: "She's very dairy", "a regular milk wagon". Met my first really uptight director there. She came down to Earth after a cow projectile shat on her purple suede jacket...
  14. from CL

    "replacement" being key to a lot of those. You get what you pay for..if they decide it's worth showing up for/they don't get offered a more lucrative holiday bonus washing dishes...or joining Angelo's "Poop Pumpers" servicing end of summer events.
  15. from CL

    Nice work..no sign of the paint roller.
  16. from CL

    I demand to be apart of that project. My improve is smoking.
  17. Not being able to reply

    Something changed just today. Wasn't working last night.
  18. from CL

    Opportunity knocks, Angelo. With a whole grove of them, there will be poop to pump.
  19. from CL

    Being jazzed is optional in Brooklyn.. In Portland "a huge celebrity" is somehow secret. Let no one accuse the US of being less than diverse...though Subway runs sea to shining sea.
  20. Zoom F8

    Extrapolating from Tom's comment..It's the kind of low cost add-on that would make a great addition to a 442 when warranted with its selectable return mon. Frankly, it might have been a good move for SD a ways back to have a simpler, compact iso bit bucket piggyback in same fashion..even without pre-amps..just a few TA3. PIggybacked onto 442 with even a proprietary cable..could have been very low profile. But..in Mike's apparent absence, "it depends", "market" etc, etc.etc.
  21. Another micro recorder: Instamic

    Gee Dave..that's not a good record for a "Supreme ruler of Space, Time, and Dimension". Additionally, product images keep reminding me of salt and pepper shakers... But if you can eliminate 1 tuna sub, that's a 33% budget savings.
  22. Is it ever ok to use clipped sound?

    One option with this kind of thing could be to record one channel with clipping for whatever that brings to a certain part of the effect while having a clean(er) track for capturing a different part of the effect...mixing between the tracks in post to get the best of both worlds as desired. You might come up with something even better in experimenting, combining. Kind of a bastardized HDR process for SFX capture/creation. I would be curious what you could get here with a very slight "doubling" of the track..very slight. Sometimes you can get a larger sound that doesn't have a blatant slapback or phase. Personally, I don't care for the clipping in the example...but I haven't heard the alternative track..
  23. Digital Bolex - Audio In

    Yes..there is that...(grain of salt emoticon) FWIW as well, another user on Bolex forum says "The D16 preamps are superb for a digital camera. Probably the best on camera audio quality of any camera on the planet. No need for external preamps unless you need a multi-channel mixer or record double system. The D16 seems cleaner and quieter than the cheaper external recorders like the Zoom H series from the music samples so far, which used internal preamp on the instrument mic channel and external preamp for the vocal mic. " With that..I bow outta this
  24. Digital Bolex - Audio In

    Just one post..but happened to see it in a forum a few minutes ago: "The pre-amp on the Bolex is awful. Add to that terrible audio controls and it is recipe for disaster. Shot an entire day on it for a feature earlier this year. Two actors speaking at the same volume- One spiked the audio and the other barely registered. Had a top notch Audio team and they couldn't save the audio." Of course, can hope it's user error or a defective unit but... It came up in a discussion about using a test Cion, in which they said "I was expecting shit like the Digital Bolex but the preamp is solid."