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  1. Mikisuke Shimadzu

    Cantar X3 manual download.

    As you might already know, I've found the link recently. http://www.aaton.com/sites/default/files/pdf/DocCantarX3_V1.3.pdf
  2. Mikisuke Shimadzu

    Titan4 Fix Sync, Sample Accurate Mode

    I've recieved a message on this matter from Synchro Arts.Here's this.
  3. Mikisuke Shimadzu

    Titan4 Fix Sync, Sample Accurate Mode

    Hello, everyone. I'm searching for the best way to solve the sync issue of the field recorder match in Pro Tolols. After this matching process, always there are very small random gaps between the editor's AAF/OMF tracks and my field recorder tracks. It's nervous, though they are very small gaps (2 frames or less). Today, I made some tests using Fix Sync of Titan4. This is my first experience of Titan. And Titan is 14days trial mode. To be honest, I was very impressed by Fix Sync. It's very easy and precise. But I have one question. In my test, Fast Align mode was pretty accurate. The result was in error by less than 3 samples. But, Sample Accurate Mode was much more inaccurate than Fast Align mode! Still more, the longer Search Length, the less accurate. What's going on with this Sample Accurate Mode? It seems that Fast Align mode is more accurate than Sample Accurate Mode...or I made some mistakes? Is there anyone who knows about this?