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  1. Rycote Mic Protector case

    Yes, the protector cases are a perfect "snug" fit for the Baseball
  2. Rycote Mic Protector case

    We’re offering the plastic tubes in a pack of 3, to be sold on their own too. These tubes come with loads of foam inners to allow different mic lengths. Not sure of the US list, but they’ll be £13.00 for the pack of 3. Rigid case options for both the Modular & Softies are something we’re looking at. The Mic Protector case structure would work, it’s just whether the handle or boom adaptors stay outside of the case or not. All suggestions warmly welcomed...
  3. Rycote Mic Protector case

    Very good points. Truth be told, we only started this project because we needed cases ourselves for the demo mics we take to trade shows. Cheers, Simon
  4. Rycote INV-Lite now shipping

    Out of interest - were you using a foam or Softie fitted to the MiniCMIT?
  5. Stereo Cyclone - one range that allows for multiple stereo & surround techniques http://rycote.com/microphone-windshield-shock-mount/stereo-cyclone/ Shipping from November 2017, pricing to follow shortly. Cheers, Simon
  6. Rycote Baseball

    Sorry Chris, this one slipped through... here are the details of the Baseball Windjammer Description: Baseball Windjammer Order Code: 055345
  7. Rycote Baseball

    Hi Chris, I'll let you know the correct Windjammer next week. Cheers,Simon
  8. Our new range of mounts, the INV-Lite are now shipping: http://rycote.com/microphone-windshield-shock-mount/boom-shock-mounts/#lite The INV-Lite has been designed specifically for short shotguns on interior boom use with a foam windscreen or our new Baseball. INV-Lite 19 (041136) DPA 4017B, 4017C; 4018C Sanken CS-1e Sennheiser MKH 8060, 8050, 8040, 8020 INV-Lite 21 (041135) Schoeps MiniCMIT
  9. Rycote lyre indestructable?

    Hi Denzil, sorry to hear that - shoot me a quick email to simon at rycote.com Cheers, Simon Please drop me a line Ken
  10. Rycote lyre indestructable?

    If you find them, let me know
  11. Rycote Baseball

    Thanks. A short pile black fur Windjammer will be added to the price list Chris - cheers, Simon
  12. Rycote lyre indestructable?

    Sorry about that Glen - if you've still got them email me directly with Simon at rycote.com
  13. Rycote lyre indestructable?

    The Lyres are relatively simple in construction, and made from a material called Hytrel that shouldn't stress fracture or break, even when abused. That said, if you get one that does fail - please let me know as I'd want to see it. We make quite a few of them, and manufacturing does occasionally spew out weird parts with crystalline parts. We'd swap that out immediately if that happened. Cheers, Simon
  14. Rycote Baseball

    Yes, we've had some of the beta-testers who've added a Windjammer to give additional protection. They used 5cm Smoothie Windjammers from memory. That said - for the most part though, the testers only used the Baseball for interiors and it stayed on the mics (dominated mainly by DPA4018C, MKH 50, MKH8050 & Schoeps CMC's).
  15. Rycote Baseball

    We've started in black (very creative of us) but to make different colours isn't too difficult if there's a demand. Mike - The Baseball is only 75mm (3") diameter, so performs much less than the larger Super-Softie in terms of wind reduction. It's really as a step up from a regular foam gag, but below that of say the BBG windshield to reduce the "swoosh" from fast re-cue's. The structure is an open cell foam, exactly the same as in the Super & Classic-Softies, with a fine version of the fleece from our original Hi Wind Covers. The Baseball is finished off with a very fine rubber seal on the back - which is smaller than the Softie end cap, and therefore less likely to cause any reflections. Cheers, Simon