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  1. MKH60 with MKH30

    It is a well known fact (or I was under the impression it was anyway) that the foam on the mic inside a cage (Rycote) reduces the effectiveness of the cage to reduce wind noise. My local kit supplier has told me that Rycote themselves have stated this.

    Yep, agreed. Sorry about the confusion in the first place. My bad.

    No cons apart from length (physical size). It's always been at bag/cart end so RFI has never been an issue.

    Yes, I am talking about the xlr version. Sorry i miss read original post. Yes, LC 60 U! Sorry of no help to you.

    Hi Masaki, Yes I have one and use it every time I use my ms stereo schoeps ccm rig on the ccm8 channel as this mic is more sensitive to 'handling' noise. It does a great job of cutting out (attenuating) the lower frequencies. As the filter is a steeper than that of my mixer (633) it does a better job of tempering lower frequency handling noise. It has been available for quite a few years. I love it, it's expensive.
  6. IPS TV at IBC Amsterdam 2016

    Looking forward to seeing them Simon, always a good watch.
  7. New PSC UHF Log Periodic Antenna

    Awesome Larry!
  8. Offloading Media on Site

    I've burnt a couple of DVDs before now for the clients that prove less professional than you - file size permitting.
  9. A/C - who's job is it to kill?

    +1. That's exactly as I see it.
  10. Google calendar here also and access it on the iPhone via CalenMob app - it's free and it does what I need.
  11. GMP NP-1 Powering issues 664

    Maybe the battery has stayed in its protection state, I think sticking it into the charger for a kick start should bring it back to life ...... maybe. My experience was that the batteries would come back to life eventually on their own (10 mins?). Please take my observation and speculation as just that - your problem may or may not be totally different.
  12. GMP NP-1 Powering issues 664

    I've had this situation before with other types of Lithium - Hawk-Woods. What I think happens is that the start up sequence of the 664 draws too much power just for the first milliseconds (or something) and the protection circuit within the battery kicks in. I've found that initially powering the 664 from internal batteries just for the first few seconds and then switching to the lithium will not trip the battery's protection. This only happens with freshly charged Lithiums. Hope that's what up with yours. ..... or what Jordan says!
  13. My version of the Magliner vertical cart.

    Simple (or not as the case may be) and effective. Good job. I have a similar thing in progress.
  14. Zoom F8 Field Recorder

    IMHO I think it would be perfect as a backup to our main recorders on a cart - simultaneously recording.