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  1. Those using DPA Slims, what are your go-to mounting methods? Both with and without using a DPA concealer?
  2. The LT's battery life make it a no go for me, only half that of an SMQV running at the same power.
  3. 00:11-00:16
  4. Good advice =) Knowing that dot is -12, I'll just send a -12 reference out of my 788 next time. Though what I did, going around half way then speaking loudly right into my boom while making sure it wasn't hitting the final red mark, worked.
  5. That's what I ended up doing. Good info everyone, annoying that they don't have a -20 mark.
  6. Anyone worked with one? I did yesterday and neither myself or the cam-op could figure out how to display large audio meters. The small meters in the bottom are of little use, no idea what the white mark is meant to be (-12dbfs maybe?). I assume the red mark is 0dbfs.
  7. I've heard very similar sounds when plugging headphones directly into cheap laptops (with headphone amps that are not isolated properly from the processor, harddrive etc).
  8. Link to yuuuge version of image : http://www.darpa.mil/ddm_gallery/january_2016_spectrum_wall_chart.jpg (oh, there's also a "fullscreen" option in the OP).
  9. That's unfortunate, seems very low. An SMQV running at 100mW will get 8.5 hours on two 2200 mAH NiMH batteries as per the link in the first post.
  10. This was mentioned in the SRC thread, but I figured it merits it's own discussion. Especially if the LT is the true replacement since there's no wideband SM in the works. SMQV Pros: Slightly Smaller, 250mw option Cons: Not wideband, Battery compartment paste can (seldomly) be an issue LT Pros: Wideband, Assignable switch, IR Port, Simpler battery compartment Cons: Slightly Larger Anyone feel free to chime in with their thoughts. One thing I can't find info on is battery life between the two. When both set at 100mw, is battery life similar? It would be brilliant if Lectro could update this page with info for the LT : http://www.lectrosonics.com/Support/component/com_fsf/Itemid,714/tag,Wireless,%20batteries,%20battery,%20life,%20SM,%20SMd,%20SMQ,%20SMV,%20SMQV/view,faq/
  11. I've been living here for five years now and it's not often I see it spelt correctly! Good job!
  12. Thanks a lot, Jeff. Very strange issue indeed.