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  1. DPA 4017B Vs CMIT 5U

    Then they went from refuseniks to proselytizers and made an interference tube with an additional capsule and Illusonic processing.......!
  2. Nice but $2,799.00 USD! 5 pin Lemo timecode input.....don't they know it's Red modus operandi to go counter to decades of industry standard 5 pin for TC, with 4 pin!?
  3. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    Yes I wasn't sure about DIN connectors never having used them before, but now I have I like them and they seem robust, and are nice to use. I've got a whole load of cables for different cameras that have BNC male on one end so I simply got the low profile Eonvic, and it really doesn't add much at all. The only cable I've had made so far is DIN to right angle lemo (Anglissimo) for Alexa mini. to minimise cables. High tack self adhesive velcro just about works for attachment as the USO is so light, but there's going to be pouches soon. Apparently using a heat gun on the glue of self adhesive velcro makes it stick well, though I haven't tried this yet. (in TCS FAQ) It does not switch on completely if you squeeze the case, it appears to come on briefly, but shuts down again and needs an additional two quick presses on an arrow key to actually make it stay on, likewise for switching off. Any USO can be set as a master transmitter (mode - Master TX) so you don't need the whole Wave thing. I love wireless in addition to free run accuracy as within range (which is easily 100m) there can be no drift, no complicated tuning procedures required, which even with the best, they really needed to be tuned, for real confidence over a long day. If a USO goes out of range for a while it has the accuracy of any lockit style box, comes back in to range it re-slaves even tiny amounts of a frame. It works very well, especially with multiple cameras, and gives confidence, no wondering about, should we re-jam at any point in a long day? Many camera departments have developed a taste for very small sync boxes (even demand) Tentacles (but I didn't like them), and the Ultrasync delivers far more, in a box that's pretty much the same size and as lightweight.
  4. Delivering files from multiple recorders

    Wow combining files that have different start times would be very useful. Presumably the start time of the interleaved file is determined by the last to start? Or can silence be an option to be added on the front or end, or both (user choice?) of tracks that are different lengths, that have some simultaneous timecode overlap? I'm thinking of files that have been recorded by say Zaxcom transmitters with timecode, that can be incorporated in to a field recorder poly wave interleaved file, and they will have different start / stops. That would be truly amazing...:) Could track ordering be drag and drop? I'm getting carried away now.....:) The Majax list is pretty comprehensive > View and edit metadata > Change metadata on multiple takes at one time > Change Sc / Tk / Tracknames / Notes > Change Filename (Short, Long, Long with underscore) > Play takes > Timeline with waveform > Edit Sound Reports. > Configurable Pdf template > Csv sound report > Interleave takes. > Stereo interleave of mixdown tracks. > Stereo interleave of user selected tracks. > Polyphonic interleave. > Polyphonic interleave with track rotation. thanks....
  5. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    I got some of these to ease compatibility with USO's and BNC cables I already have, they work well, and are relatively inexpensive. Nice right angle DIN connector too..... Eonvic BNC female bulkhead to Right angle 1.0/2.3 DIN male RG179 SDI cable jumper pigtail 20cm https://www.amazon.com/Eonvic-female-bulkhead-jumper-pigtail/dp/B01LYG69P5/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1504120181&sr=8-1&keywords=Eonvic+BNC+female+bulkhead+to+Right+angle+1.0%2F2.3+DIN+male+RG179+SDI+cable+jumper+pigtail+20cm
  6. Delivering files from multiple recorders

    Of course Pro Tools can do all this, (sync and merge files with different start/stop times, edit metadata etc. re-arrange & change track names) it's all just a bit cumbersome. Anyone got any idea if a plug in / script of some kind would be possible for Pro tools that could streamline all this, ie. do everything that Wave Agent does and more? Or Logic X? I'm guessing not, as it would probably have already been done? I'd pay good money for it and have spent years trying to persuade Sound Devices to really develop Wave Agent to be more versatile and emerge from permanent free beta status, and have said many would pay for it, but never made any headway. I don't think Wave Agent has changed for years...... Aaton Cantar Majax is another piece of metadata software but will only work with Cantar files, Majax3 (as a reference to Cantar X3) is now available for both Mac* and Microsoft Windows operating systems. is able to : > View and edit metadata > Change metadata on multiple takes at one time > Change Sc / Tk / Tracknames / Notes > Change Filename (Short, Long, Long with underscore) > Play takes > Timeline with waveform > Cantar X3's vumeters. > Edit Sound Reports. > Configurable Pdf template > Csv sound report > Interleave takes. > Stereo interleave of mixdown tracks. > Stereo interleave of user selected tracks. > Polyphonic interleave. > Polyphonic interleave with track rotation. Given that location mixers have been delivering poly wavs for many years now, iXML metadata has been around for many years, it's still quite likely editors won't even see location track names. Though Final Cut X is making big efforts with highly versatile metadata, and does now use BWAV track names and other iXML metadata and feeds them in to its metadata system. The iXML concept was born during a meeting of various vendors, including manufacturers of field recorders, NLEs and DAWs, hosted by the Institute of Broadcast Sound, in London, on 8 July 2004. The whole situation is in a bit of a sorry state, though Aaton are the most active in trying to improve the situation particularly Yves Marie OMNES with iXML.
  7. DPA 4098 - first impressions

    Yes that'd be good. DPA do already make a heavy duty microdot extension choice, which will work with 4098, but there might be some quality control issues with microdot extensions as I bought two (non-heavy duty) ones recently and neither of them worked and had to be changed. (one completely dead, the other intermittent) so check before use, which I didn't unfortunately (trusting they'd be ok) and was caught out.......ooops! http://www.dpamicrophones.com/accessories/microdot-extension-cable-2-2-mm
  8. Any solution for Files backup with Ipad?

    Interesting thanks, but as soon as I saw the format is exFAT it rings alarm bells for me, a production I was on lost a days picture rushes because of some weird interaction between exFAT drives and an Apple laptop OSX. They just vanished, on set, and then it was compounded by when post received the drives and seeing they were apparently empty, proceeded to re-format them exFAT, it took some rather expensive specialized data retrieval to get them back. Just saying, I now avoid exFAT when it has anything to do with OSX.
  9. Yes likewise, I discovered the internal storage is blazingly fast, and changed my 500Gb 15" MBP (Kaby Lake) for a 1TB when I found out just how fast it is. (Like double a SanDisk Extreme 900 USB 3.1 Gen 2 Portable SSD.) Apple were very helpful and allowed me to return my 500Gb within 14 days. It's dongle spaghetti though, I got one of these for studio use - CableCreation USB 3.1 Type C/Thunderbolt 3 Multiport 4K UHD Adapter, USB-C to USB 3.0/ HDMI/VGA/Mini DisplayPort/Ethernet/Stereo/SD Card/Micro SD Card and USB-C Female Charger Adapter. and one of these for mobile use - GN30H USB C Hub Shuttle Type C Hub with Power Delivery for Charging ,HDMI Output ,Card Reader, 3 USB 3.0 Ports,Gigabit Ethernet Port Adapter Which has the amusing 'QacQoc' stamped on it, made in China and not too expensive They've both been fine and done what they're supposed to so far......QacQoc gets a bit warm....
  10. Stolen SD 688

    Great you got it back. It'd certainly be useful for all concerned, if the police had better search facilities, that could return nearest matches for human consideration, any human would most likely have spotted that one straight away?
  11. NEW: Zoom LiveTrak L-12

    Yes true I saw that +60 dB max gain and thought that's low, are they sure about that. With a 633 offering 91dB......
  12. NEW: Zoom LiveTrak L-12

    DC12V / 2 A...........:)
  13. NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    comparison table may be of interest - http://www.timecodesystems.com/products-home/ultrasync-one-compare-timecode-generators-sync-solutions/ cubic volume : TCS Ultrasync - 41,140 Ambient Nano - 49,140 Tentacle - 27,200 Betso TCX2 - 33,040 Denecke SB4 - 88,200
  14. SONOSAX SX-R4+ control

    Several user assignable buttons, would be very good. At least 4 maybe more? Comprehensive menu range for these would be very nice too.
  15. Cantar X3 Mini

    Might have to do with the mini being literally a cut down version of the X3, which has two analog in circuit boards, of 6 inputs each. Hence the mini has one analog in circuit board of 6 analog ins, and then to further save new development costs retains the 10 fader control. It's most likely more cost effective to retain existing designs and save the cost of manufacturing new parts. Does that sound likely? N.B. I've tested Zaxcom AES out from QRX200's and the SRC of the X3 copes fine, with the Zaxcom weird choice of either 32k or 96k AES output.