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  1. Plus in the X3 the Double Solo & Phase-meter, this is exemplary, and no other manufacturer has thought to implement anything like it, do you use it? How do you find it? Can you adjust delay on the fly whilst watching the phase meter, for example? I have tried an X3 but forgot to try that.
  2. Just weighed a 416 in a full rycote, with no windjammer, it's 670 grams. 743 with battery - 212 grams mini CMIT - 78 grams Small cyclone - 586 grams total 876 grams Cinela PIANISSIMO - 330 grams PIANISSIMO version total 620 grams So looks like you win the bet with a Cinela? 620 vs 670 grams
  3. Tom are you saying that in post, LR can be processed to MS (as if MS was delivered in the first place), for the manipulation MS offers (stereo width) and then of course output as LR again?
  4. Gives a quite different impression on and around set, whether this feeds in to anything beneficial is quite difficult to tell, but it might? Interested to know if anyone else has got thoughts on this?
  5. Great thanks for the info. appreciated. Love the pineapple color coordinated cart......:)
  6. Do you mean drone amp? This one Sunhans do several and having bought a wifi amp that doesn't work with Zaxcom narrow band I wouldn't want to do that again.
  7. Thanks yes, should have mentioned I was using Genlock with TC Buddies, and it was still one frame out.
  8. Thanks John B, useful tips...:)
  9. Had the same problem with an Amira, complaints of one frame out, using Time Code Systems (Buddies), radio linked, so was absolutely confident that they were in sync. Later went on to shoot some tests, which were a bit inconclusive (might depend what picture settings are being used?), but the Amira TC doesn't seem to be quite the same standard as the Alexa.
  10. Nice, thanks for the tips....
  11. Thank's Jan, sorry to hear you needed $105 repairs to both your 4098's. Were the repairs to the joint between the interference tube and the gooseneck, same as Matthias? Seems like a design weakness? And your DIY suspension, is that by wrapping the TX in a little soft foam perhaps or something else?
  12. Thanks ramallo, I've just found a chart that scales mV/Pa against dBu and sure enough 16mV/Pa = -34dBu and 6mV/Pa = -42dBu exactly 8db of difference......:) On this page
  13. I've just been evaluating 4098 vs 4099. If you don't mind the right angle from the gooseneck, the built in suspension of the 4099 is effective, with significantly less handling noise, when plugged directly in to TX. This 4099 suspension though tiny actually seems quite rugged. I discovered that the 4099 is available as, hi sensitivity (6mV/Pa) in a pouch, ie. no XLR adapter or instrument clip and has an RRP around $100 less than a 4098, though ostensibly pretty similar. Why this is, I don't know, any ideas? The gooseneck on the 4099 is slightly longer ( about 2cm?), though the specs for the shortest variation of the 4098 of 15cm, contradict this I think? The foam windscreen on the 4098 is removable, whereas on the 4099 it's kind of integral with the suspension. Testing them directly on Zaxcom TRXLA2's the 4099 seems to need about 6db more gain, but listening to them side by side with the added 6db gain on the TX they sound very nearly identical to me, including off axis. Ramallo thanks for your observations, curious how you arrived at 8db more gain for the 4099, was this a calculation or testing yourself? Any thoughts......?
  14. "reluctant to give details about something regarded as sensitive" In that the recommended route might be to use the TRX900CL Camera Link, and not the TRX743/2 as a camera link, though the 742/3 has been shown to be capable of Zaxnet to UHF timecode translation without any significant latency? This ability is not mentioned on the website, the firmware release notes / version history, or the manuals, as far as I am aware. It's quite a useful ability, and means you don't lose ther TC ability of the RX200 by using the 742/3 as a camera hop. Does the 742/3 have 100Mhz of bandwidth compared with the 40Mhz of the CL which is also quite a useful ability? Apparently the TRX900CL has 'a band pass filter that eliminates interference to receivers spaced 1 block away or better from the TRX900CL block.' Though I don't know what this means really or what real difference it might make to incoming talent TX range when used in the same bag as a QRX for example? The 742/3 might have the ability to keep well clear of any significant range reduction anyway with it's 100Mhz bandwidth? It seems possible......
  15. Would you say that Zaxcom are a little coy about this ability?