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  1. +1 for M-10 being really handy, two AA's, micro SD, remote control, however discontinued for some time. I found it was devilishly hard to get hold of, as I wanted it for some time for the very rare 5 second pre-roll, not usually available in a recorder of that size. I run it in parallel to my Nomad 12 to quickly record and playback selected problems for assessment on the fly, and 5 secs pre-roll is enough to catch events (hit record on the remote), without adding much weight, and saves having to mess with the rather long winded playback facilities of the Nomad, particularly for long takes. So when the director asks 'exactly which words / sentence did the motorbike, helicopter, jackhammer, angle grinder, scaffold pole, siren, jet, door slam, conflict with and how bad was it?' I can quickly playback the offending noise re-assess and confirm for myself, and give an accurate answer, or even give them headphones if they want. 'Did it really clip the last word and did it matter' etc. etc. Bit off topic, but the pre-roll might be another factor worth consideration for the OP, the D-100 is quite a bit bigger and heavier than the M-10, but does have the 5 second pre record buffer.
  2. DPA 4098 - first impressions

    Thanks Glen, I guess this could well apply to the 3 pin Lemo adapter too, and may have scope for being changed? I will have to educate myself better as I realized I don't understand how the resistors work, as Larry's contribution - "As an aside, you can vary the "gain" of the DPA mics by choosing the bias resistor in the connector; smaller values give more gain (1k) and larger values (4k) give 12 dB less. 2k is a good middling value." is the opposite of what I thought, as I thought the resistor worked by leaking some of the signal to earth, so a higher value resistor would leak less to earth and hence give more gain. I obviously need to find out how it works.......
  3. Rates in UK / Europe

    Thanks Philipp for posting this informative but rather depressing news, at those rates it has to mean two things, one, it will put experienced people out of business, and two, quality will suffer. Then as the skills required become hard to source, and many production companies have bad experiences, the realization will dawn on them that trying to save too much money, will cost them a lot more, it has to come around. "You think hiring a professional is expensive wait until you hire an amateur"
  4. Aaton Cantar X3 user feedback?

    Some thoughts, not strictly on topic, but it has been something of a general discussion, comparison... Deva 24 will have a touch screen, very good for fast configuration access, less menu scrolling. Deva 24 will have a removable front panel / control surface, which offers unique ergonomic possibilities. Deva 24 will be very capable for it's size and weight. Deva 24 has some unique and very useful capabilities like Zaxnet built in, MixAhead? Deva 24 has external SSD built in Zaxcom have shown good commitment to getting the most out of designs without complete re-designs. Will there be a Deva 16 not far behind?
  5. Thought pressurized containers including aerosols were banned anywhere on a passenger aircraft anyway, carry on or checked?
  6. Rates in UK / Europe

    Daniel interesting way of structuring the rates but for 10h first 8 @ £30 = £240 plus two @ £45 (£90) that makes a total of £330 not £340? Lots of people myself included don't do half days (5 hours), as the travel time and prep time are not halved, apart from not being able to do another half day on the same day.
  7. Rates in UK / Europe

    PSC sound recordist TV Factual, Documentary, Corporate, News 10h £340 without equipment 12h £408 without equipment I've messaged you with additional information.
  8. P48 to T-Power converter?

    Great thanks I've got a 406T which sounds great and would get a lot more use if it was P48, I'll investigate...... Further investigation - (forum insists on appending this to previous post rather than a new post?) Looks promising thanks, http://www.416tupgrade.com/416Tupgrade.com.html mention of the 406T 4.I have other microphones that are T-powered. Will you upgrade them? We also upgrade most Sennheiser 415, 435, 815 and 816T microphones. Please inquire about 406T mics.
  9. P48 to T-Power converter?

    Interesting thanks, didn't know that was possible, who offers that please?
  10. Zoom F8

    Yes, spend more money, on a machine where they've taken the trouble to work these things out? The processor needs to be programmed to deduct whatever the pre roll is from the incoming timecode and apply it, not just turn pre roll off because it's too difficult to make it work? 633?
  11. Sennheiser say this which may help? 'The HMD 26-II headset has many upgrades including a redesigned boom arm, an auto-mute boom function (shipped disabled)' but if you can find the instructions to enable auto-mute you're a better downloader (not in the manual I downloaded) or Googler than me...:)
  12. Cuban Sonic Spying?

    None of the explanations seem to add up? And here's another theory which doesn't seem very plausible - https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/oct/12/cuba-mass-hysteria-sonic-attacks-neurologists
  13. Best mic for specific location

    Except the Super CMIT, for example I was recording a presenter in a medieval 40 foot stone walled cube room, with stone floors, and a 15 foot stone table, reverb hell, and the Super CMIT was significantly better than a standard shirt placed DPA radio lav I had on him, to the extent that it was maybe too good at cancelling reverb and didn't necessarily sound how it looked.....:)
  14. Best mic for specific location

    The Schoeps Super CMIT is very good at reducing reverb and off axis sound, and can often give significantly better results than a well placed lav except perhaps headband wire mounted one, which might be impractical and undesirable.
  15. Sound Devices & Audio Ltd

    I'd be very surprised if SD went for that degree of integration, there's too much competition in the wireless market, with many committed to different systems for different reasons. Would the TX recording function be disabled for the USA, and enabled for Europe?