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  1. pindrop

    Schoeps mini CMIT

    Some reports have suggested it is noticeably more vulnerable to swishing noise using a foam windshield (turbulence, air flow?) than a 5U, and a Rycote Baseball or such like may be necessary, thus reducing some of the weight reduction advantage?
  2. Of course the location sound mixer is entirely responsible for bugs in Avid software, and should be interrogated and blamed at the earliest opportunity......
  3. pindrop

    Which MS stereo solution?

    With a Schopeps CCM4 / CCM8 combo you can get the Cinela Zephyx Z-CCM-MS rig where the basket can easily be removed. http://www.cinela.fr/catalog.php?pid=17
  4. pindrop

    Laurel v Yanni explained!

    What if it's not an auditory effect at all, but actually a demo of an internet meme, and the sliding scale is highly manipulated behind the scenes and the word does actually change depending on how many times you've used it, and what direction you're coming from on the scale, in which case it's succeeded and really got us all going.....:)
  5. You make some very good points Constantin thanks. I was trying to think of a metaphor and it's a bit like the old distinction between broadsheet and tabloid newspapers, and Facebook is like a tabloid, and cleverly relies on, and taps, short term shallow feedback algorithms, and is not orientated around real, in depth, discussion, as Constantin clearly points out, and as such Facebook has something of an addictive quality. The 'like' button for example appears to be very simple and innocuous, but in fact heavily reinforces herd mentality, and does not contribute in the least to in depth discussion. Make no mistake Facebook is now a vast digital empire and is VERY powerful, and probably like all previous empires will go through a cycle of ascendency and ultimately collapse. Some of Facebook's highly dubious modus operandi has recently been increasingly exposed, some of which has been made clear in this discussion, but at this stage Facebook dissent looks unlikely to gain enough momentum, to lead to Facebook's demise, in the near future..... Excuse me, I'm just off to check in on whether anything of interest is going on in all my intense narrow Facebook interest groups......:)
  6. pindrop

    Nomad Config page vs manual

    Think you might need Audio Rev 15 From JW Sound discussion in April 2015 "7.29P Apr 8 fixed blue trim dot on card tracks being shown when track is not an ISO track (sometimes) fixed loud noises when changing Input Configure mode support for new "Audio Rev 15" hardware PLD modification (see the About screen) which allows all AES inputs to work with IFB turned on:"
  7. pindrop

    NAB 2018 Products update

    Yeh! Exactly a tight lipped rumour monger who won't spread the rumours, what kind of rumour mongering is that?
  8. pindrop

    Withholding Audio Files

    Wow! Philip 'Salvador' 1986, you bravely stuck your neck out there, it must have been bad...?
  9. pindrop

    Withholding Audio Files

    Some in Europe operate using the following duration before job cancellation, payment scheme - 1 day =100%, 2 days=75%, 3 days=50%. And put this in their terms and conditions sent before the job. Which seems fair. For commercials this applies - Fee cancellation calculation (crew confirmed for shoot days only and no prep days): 7 and more days prior to the engagement – no calculation fee applies 6 – 4 days prior to the engagement – 50% of the agreed fee 3 – 2 days prior to the engagement – 75% of the agreed fee On the day prior to the engagement –100% of the agreed fee
  10. pindrop

    Withholding Audio Files

    It's not entirely clear, from your post, what the whole context was? Have they actually said they're not going to pay you anything for the cancellations, have you negotiated? I'd do that first, before escalating to an all out stand off, where potentially the legal profession becomes involved, burning too many bridges too soon is possibly not the best strategy.
  11. pindrop

    Need recommendation for Ambisonic microphone

    Wait for NAB? Soundfield by RØDE. Coming soon at @nabshow 2018 https://www.instagram.com/p/BgoBw8DhNut/
  12. pindrop

    Best ENG boom pole

    Yes veering off topic briefly, yes higher noise floor but real world only noticeable when very quiet, or pushed to extreme, like a scene I did with two actresses whispering, deep in the French countryside where the Super CMIT was forced about 4m out, and the director being something of a sound purist refuses to allow radio mics, and I was promised framing would respect sound considerations, (broken promises!), the noise floor was noticeable, but that's a whole other story.......:)
  13. pindrop

    Best ENG boom pole

    Yes exactly that Super CMIT with CCM8 (MS), works very well, I've thoroughly tested the results using Waves S1 Stereo Imager, and it really brings many recordings to life, streets, markets, unplanned music events, wildlife, atmos. etc etc. So on docs I have the advantage of the 1 channel switchable super directionality and one channel standard CMIT (for MS) plus CCM8 for when stereo is good, permanently rigged via a 5 pin XLR. and I use a VDB internal cable, and discovered that not all coiled cables are made equal.......