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  1. Sound Devices Approved Media for 633 - SanDisk question

    Check Files with waveagent if Metadata eg Date and erverything Is ok. I had in an earlier Firmware wrong Dates appear and Descend with 64gb sdxc cards but not with 32gb Sdhc. Should be sorted though. Too bad That These cards in Germany are different letters/ Model number.
  2. DPA 4017B Vs CMIT 5U

    In some Rycote baskets I got some coloration with CMIT. And I feel it gets dull easier than others (esp. Sennheisers) with the windcover on. So I use the high gain in the basket. This is why I would not recommend the Mini CMIT. But maybe Cinela hasn't that problem but I would check on that. I am also thinking about buying 4017b but no real world experience yet. did you know these six comparison videos - I think they are great. on street, in basement, in toilet etc https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb9LUd_2GXRUJHOQRuOiARw Files for download http://filmindustrypro.com/blog/mictest/ lots of low end on DPA and CMIT - not so on 8060
  3. Sound Devices Approved Media for 633 - SanDisk question

    There was something with formatting an sd card three times right in a row. That did something in the 552 mixer but I can't remember... but critical cards may format ok the first time but refuse second or third time.
  4. Sound Devices Approved Media for 633 - SanDisk question

    to conclude: even the 64GB SD Card SanDisk Extreme pro did change. It now is UHS 3 - but UHS 1 is on list. chrismedr is right. So summary: No SanDisk SD card right now common availible in germany is on the approved media list. Maybe some old stock left somewhere hidden... BTW: Years ago I have bought Transcend SD cards that were earlier on the list - but had problems with it. They got removed from the list. Still work fine in my Digicam though. I will not buy media that is not approved... But I would like Sound Devices to approve a actual SD card that is worldwide easily availible.
  5. Sound Devices Approved Media for 633 - SanDisk question

    I have SanDisk Extreme Plus 32GB 90MB. One worked very well for quite some time. Another one I got new makes problems in different Sound Devices machines...
  6. Sound Devices Approved Media for 633 - SanDisk question

    90 is Not 80 so I asked Sound devices about this: answer was basically buy their Own cards. There are no approved san Disk SD cards right now to buy as they have all changed except the 64gb extreme pro 95mb. all other tested sandisk cards have 80mb and all cards they sell now have 90. i am a Bit pissed to pay 82€ for Sam32SD when the Former approved San Disk 32gb extreme plus 90 sells for 28€.
  7. DPA 4060 insulation fail

    I have a cable squeezed in the plastic Box that Looks different. Its more like one Point and its obvious physical cause. Here it opens in line with no physical Point. More like somebody had a very sharp knife. Even the metal shield looked untouched when i first saw it. Only thing done was cable wrapped around tx. Strange it happend two times in a row. My guess was a quality Problem with the insulation. But dpa said they don't Know....
  8. DPA 4060 insulation fail

    Has anyone an idea why the insulation opens like in the picture? No special circumstances like heat or cold or physical stress. Just wrapped the cable around tx. Mic very littly used and not old. I Let it repair at pro Audio store but after one day use same again. DPA says they have no idea. I have 5 more (older) DPA 4060 with not such a problem. In fact in 20 years I never had a lav fail like that.
  9. Zoom F8

    @ZoomOfficial Will there be Track naming metadata in the near Future?
  10. Zoom F8

    thanx for that labor day information. so I can relax till september :-)
  11. Zoom F8

    noise floor at -127dBu sounds good (664 is -126dBu // 744t specs 130dBu) max Gain 75dB (664 is 93dB // 744t is 70dB) A/D Dynamic Range 120dB??? (664 is 114 dBa // 744t is 114 dBa) at the end it depens how it sounds, how reliable it will be in light rain, how metadata works, how limiters... . the menu looks a lot like Sound Devices 6series new video from Zoom:
  12. TentacleSync units arrived

    Works with Epic Dragon, C300, 5D, 7D. Sync test: 8h against 664 - under one frame offset. All 4 I have the same, so they are very precise under each other.
  13. f55 tc issue

    I work a lot with timecodebuddy and C300. Picture is also 1 Frame behind. At least ambient has on their tiny lockits a feature to do an offset. Wish timecodebuddy will implement this as well.
  14. Schoeps Super CMIT experience?

    Hi Bash, I totally understand you, esp. for that much cash. But the CMIT has also a bit more selfnoise than an MKH 416 for example. Outside I would say that in most cases city ambience covers the selfnoise if not in remote nature (Thats where my MKH 70 shines with 5dbA on nature sounds). Selfnoise to me is much more obvious on my Sennheiser HD-25 compared to my Speakers. So what do you use as your main shotgun? Specs say: MKH 8060 11 dbA KMR 81i 12 dbA MKH 416 13 dbA Super CMIT Channel 1 14dbA Super CMIT Channel 2 16 dbA CMIT 14 dbA CMC MK 41 15 dbA 4017b 13-15 dbA CS 3 15 dbA
  15. Schoeps Super CMIT experience?

    how would you compare the noise floor of the CMIT compared to the super CMIT? I did not compare to an CMIT. But the processed vs the unprocessed channel seem about equal in noise floor. The processed one was a bit lower level on ambiences (maybe 2dB) due to reduced hum of the city. From past experience I would guess noisefloor is about the same as CMIT. I did not do more digital gain as 35dB on my 664 because it got too much selfnoise then. Most of the time I was at 29dB IIRC. For very quiet recordings / sounds I would recommend something else than a Schoeps. More like Sennheiser MKH 50 or 70. For speech and outside city ambience/birds its defenitely ok.