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  1. The A-Box provides some stress release I guess. As I said, I'm not about to buy one (got my adapter cables), but Phil's self-defense argument makes sense.
  2. Let's buy Jeff a rocking chair so he can hang out at the edges of sets and say, "well in my day we would have done that differently." :-)
  3. The A-Box seems pretty well made; I've plugged into them a few times and they do what they're supposed to do. However, there are different A-Box models for different cameras since different cameras want different cables. And I'm 95-percent sure you can't switch the output cables on the A-Box. So you'd be looking at $200 for RED, $200 for ARRI mini, $200 when RED changes their mind about audio i/o again... Not backbreaking, but not a cup of coffee (even a fancy East Bay cup of coffee). Also, I work a fair number of RED gigs where there aren't any rods on the camera, or even a clear place (or strong hesitation) to mount more gak. So I have adapter cables; we can get through the day. But that said, I've convinced a couple people to buy A-Boxes. Wooden's stuff in general seems pretty decent...
  4. Do you ever get hungry? Will you attend NAB in Las Vegas this April? Have you RSVP'd for the most fun you can legally have in Vegas for $30? Do you know the increasingly scarce secret word (see above)? Have you considered clicking this link RIGHT NOW to RSVP for the April 25 RAMPS/JSWSOUND party? http://bit.ly/2jW4Y3P
  5. A little trickier to replace a mic capsule with a better one, though. :-)
  6. Now that it's March, it's a great time to RSVP for the RAMPS/JWSOUND dinner at NAB. Details and RSVP link at the top of this thread.
  7. That's cool; always more pleasant to work with people willing to accommodate something. And I hear you about the Canons C-series. In my world (mostly docs and corp; some newsmag), when traveling and shooting on cameras that record proxy video along with "masters," some producers like to view proxy rushes at night or on the plane. And PluralEyes etc still pops up fairly regularly around here. I'm considering buying a new hiqh-quality hop, but again just in my world, I'm getting few requests for that (at least, fewer than say 5 years ago). So I'm not sure it's worth the cost... Good thread, this.
  8. Reasonable. And of course I always coordinate with camera. What's your preferred means of having a lockit (or the velcro) attached to your camera?
  9. ithinkmumblecoregetsabadrapwhenusedcorrectlyitcanconveytheangstthatyoungpeoplefeeltoday.
  10. And get some solid chops to justify that rate. Perhaps ask Moe and Evan and other established mixers if you can assist them (for something around your old new rate) next time they're working in San Diego. That experience will be super valuable to you...and then in turn to your clients.
  11. More time than that. Your New Mexico neighbors at Lectrosonics say, "The final Channel Reassignment Public Notice (CRPN) that the FCC will publish in the coming months will trigger a 39 month "clock" after which time all wireless microphone operation above 614 MHz must cease. That still gives users up to 3.25 years from today to continue using our gear in the affected blocks and bands." More info here: http://www.lectrosonics.com/US/Wireless-Resources/fcc-spectrum-updates.html
  12. Interesting. So do you work with a sound mixer, or are you OMB? If with a mixer, is audio recorded separately, or hopped to camera? Or just scratch audio sent to and recorded on camera? Or no line at all to mixer's audio and on-camera mic used as guide? Thanks!
  13. Hmm... I might poke around to see if I can learn more about this. Though I'd guess SOMEONE HERE must know more...
  14. No worries Nick! Do you or does anyone here know more about this letter?
  15. That second paragraph is AWESOME! That's as far as I've gotten. BTW- it looks like the letter was sent to Tom Sternberg (a producer of Apocalypse), but written by Eugene Jones. Jones made A Face of War. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Face_of_War http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0428054/ Thanks so much for sharing this Nick.