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  1. How to hide a Sennheiser ME 2 on talent

    Oh ya. A while back he made an iPad eBook on lav placement, too. That was nicely made: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/down-to-the-wire/id598071724?mt=11 @Thomas Popp is or was hanging out here.
  2. Condenser mic stored in a PVC pipe - technical question

    Interesting. Maybe you could drill a small hole in the cap or pipe? Too calm your concern if nothing else.
  3. Is a new Sound Devices MixPre-10T coming soon?

    No worries. I knew you were joking.
  4. Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

    There are only a couple rude people here. And you can hid their responses. Doing that made this a nicer place for me. Go to your settings and add those people to your list of ignored users. I think this link will work: http://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/ignore/ Overall, I find this one of the most supportive, generous, and knowledgable forums on the net. For any subject. Sure, sometimes people are grumpy and brusque. But many times those brusque responses also include useful information and move the discussion forward. So hide a few key people, put on your slightly thick skin, and things will go well. At least, they do for me.
  5. Is a new Sound Devices MixPre-10T coming soon?

    Thanks Chris and Iron, and I guess thanks Constantin ;-), for the info on Curtis Judd.
  6. Dear Licensee: Greetings from T Mobile....

    Ya, I guess T-Mobile is carefully covering their ass for when they hammer the spectrum they licensed. At the moment, it looks like lots of US major metro areas are clear (including SF Bay Area). For now. Here's an interactive map last updated a few days ago (but apparently missing some of the latest T-Mobile updates also from a few days ago): http://maps.spectrumgateway.com/t-mobile-600-mhz-band-71-deployment.html And there's this: McMorris Rodgers leads bipartisan letter calling on FCC to clear auctioned spectrum on time A bipartisan letter led by U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) on Monday called for the 600 MHz spectrum recently offered through the Federal Communications Commission’s broadcast incentive auction to be cleared by the scheduled date of July 3, 2020. The FCC auctioned the spectrum to allow for the repurposing of broadcast airwaves for nationwide wireless mobile use given the huge demand for connected mobile devices. McMorris Rodgers and U.S. Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) wrote in a letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai that the buildout resulting from the FCC’s spectrum auction would help bridge the digital divide that leaves many Americans in rural areas without access to broadband internet. A bipartisan group of 54 lawmakers signed the letter. “Reliable broadband internet provides significant employment, educational, health and economic opportunities to those who have access. However, too many Americans remain unserved or underserved,” the letter said. Rest of the story: https://riponadvance.com/stories/mcmorris-rodgers-leads-bipartisan-letter-calling-fcc-clear-auctioned-spectrum-time/
  7. new low cost radiomic

    Ya, I agree. And I use them but again, not as a replacement for my Lectros. I could have quoted a better spec in my Senal diss.... I guess my point is I'm not looking for something not quite as good as a G3.
  8. New Rack Mountable Allen & Heath Mixer

    Ya...my least favorite aspect of the Qu.
  9. New Rack Mountable Allen & Heath Mixer

    Neat. I use A&H Qu mixers pretty regularly and like them. Now adding a Dante option is a nice upgrade. Looks like the SQ5 will sell for for US$2800 and a 24-preamp/fader SQ6 version for $3499. Thanks for the link!
  10. new low cost radiomic

    I was kidding. Good point about 30mW G3s. But then, I don't use them as primary wireless...
  11. new low cost radiomic

    Sure, I can get some work done with 30mW. But when I need more, I don't want to have to switch systems. Constantin and Christian, let us know what you think of your new Senal wireless. :-)
  12. new low cost radiomic

    Senal is a "sister" company of B&H Photo & Video. Most of their stuff looks like low-cost knockoffs of established equipment. Maybe these wireless systems are fine; but I'd want to be REALLY convinced before I'd ever use these...Like by hearing reports from mixers I trust who've used that equipment on real jobs for a few months. I think it will be a long time until I hear such reports. And then: The.AWS-2000T.and.AWS-2000P.Transmitters.feature.two. output.level.settings: •. Lo (5 mW).is.ideal.when.the.transmitter.is.relatively. close.(150.feet.or.less).to.the.receiver..It.also.provides. the.transmitter.with.approximately.20%.more.. battery.runtime. •. Hi (30 MW).allows.the.microphone.to.cover.a.wider.area. and.more.range..This.setting.is.recommended.if.your. subject.is.moving.around.or.is.consistently.more.than. 200.feet.from.the.receiver... Even if the TX had higher output , not for me. But if anyone here buys a set and can compare them to established system, let us know what you find.
  13. Looks like the focus is on laptops. No idea if the proposal includes or could be interpreted to include our equipment, but the proposed ban on "portable electronic devices" (including "laptop computers, cameras, camcorders") does say, "We believe that it would be difficult for passengers to understand and correctly meet requirements that vary based on the specific content of their checked baggage." So mostly I worry about the peripheral stuff I can't carry on and about can't-talk-your-way-out-of-them gate checks. Worth keeping an eye on. (hat tip to Matt Mayer) From the Associated Press. US: Laptops in checked bags pose fire, explosion risk WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. government is urging the world airline community to ban large, personal electronic devices like laptops from checked luggage because of the potential for a catastrophic fire. The Federal Aviation Administration said in a paper filed recently with a U.N. agency that its tests show that when a laptop’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery overheats in close proximity to an aerosol spray can, it can cause an explosion capable of disabling an airliner’s fire suppression system. The fire could then rage unchecked, leading to “the loss of the aircraft,” the paper said. The U.N. agency, the International Civil Aviation Organization, sets global aviation safety standards, although member countries must still ratify them. The proposed ban is on the agenda of a meeting of ICAO’s panel on dangerous goods being held this week and next week in Montreal. The FAA has conducted 10 tests involving a fully-charged laptop packed in a suitcase. A heater was placed against the laptop’s battery to force it into “thermal runaway,” a condition in which the battery’s temperature continually rises. Rest of the AP story: https://apnews.com/214c6dfcf12e43b49a0dc74082c31db7 Here's a link to a PDF of the 5-page proposal:
  14. NFL sideline mic

    There are some drawbacks to using parabolic dishes. @berniebeaudry can fill you in: He's OK. Check out his good-natured responses in this thread: