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  1. But aren't those running on your computer, with a comparatively big CPU? I'm guessing SD had to balance speed with available processing power.... But interesting reports and comments from Tommy, Tom, Constantin, and everyone. So about the quality of the MP3, are you saying it's not so great for transcription, or not good enough for backup to your wav files? [edit- to be clear, I'm not thinking of MP3 as a regular backup file...just trying to get a sense of how good/degraded the MP3 files sound] Would love to hear from SD on this, since I'm heavily leaning towards buying a 633 (ya, I'm behind the times...still getting by with 744T) or something similar... This probably wouldn't be a deal killer for me, but would be interesting to know...
  2. SD (and others here) will know. But I'd guess the real-time recording to MP3 might require a few processing shortcuts, or at least more than the 633's chips can spare without shorting other processing needs... What's the real answer?
  3. Birth of the Flexi Disc...though not the disc part... Thanks for the link Ryan. Interesting stuff.
  4. Here's a long write up about Resolve/Fairlight from the perspective of a long-time Pro Tools user, Marco Solorio. A couple caveats: This is based on Marco's feelings after sitting with a system during NAB, not quite IRL. Also: Marco's a nice and smart guy, but note that he's in real tight with Blackmagic Design; tight enough that I don't think of him as an independent observer. But still, if you have the time and interest, this is interesting: https://library.creativecow.net/solorio_marco/blackmagic_davinci_resolve_fairlight/1
  5. Wow I saw that film in college in the early 80s... Forgot about it. But I think I may try to find and watch it again. Here's a trailer I found on YouTube:
  6. I don't know the rate, but Duc's made some interesting films and presumably isn't messing around this time. Follow up with him: Paid Gig- Looking for LA based sound editor/mixer. July/August timeline, PBS 1 hr. doc. Please send samples to: rhimpproductions@gmail.com. Recommendation is appreciated. Duc Nguyen Right Here In My Pocket <rhimp.com> BOLINAO 52 <bolinao52.com> STATELESS <statelessdocumentary.com> Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Check out our Youtube
  7. A five-minute video explains all we need to know: An example of the video's innovative solutions to common problems: Yes, this is supposed to be funny and inept. I liked it OK. Check it out. Background from Transom.org, the rather cool website that focuses on the craft (and a bit on the tools) of narrative public radio (as in This American Life): http://transom.org/2017/sounds-good-sound-for-film-and-video/
  8. I'd guess by now you've all seen this: Nutline: "I am sorry, but you will need to take this up with Rich as we only bought the physical assets from him and not the liabilities or business. Although we are using the name Professional Sound Services, we are a wholly different business, PSS is simply a trading name." Hmmm. Sounds like this is a separate incident from Malcolm's friend's incident. I don't know the legal issues (though my hazy understanding is along RP's), but stories like these sure don't engender good will in our small community. Are Andy Hilton or Jim Flynn on this board? If so, I hope they can address these issues in a positive manner. So Andy and Jim, what's up?
  9. Thanks Karl. Anyone else have any clues?
  10. Most aspects of yesterday's gig, including pictures, are under NDA for now. But I can say that I got to help record Aoi Yamaguchi as she wrote some great (and big!) calligraphic stuff. She's an amazing artist; I'm still thinking about her work. I mainly rolled on an interview with her and worked to capture the sound of her brushes and ink on paper. Here's a picture from her website that shows her writing something kind of close to what she wrote yesterday. And yes, she emphasizes that she writes, she doesn't paint: Check out her website if you want to see more of her work: https://www.aoiyamaguchi.com
  11. That's generous of you, Eric. And to those of you who contacted me offline. And Larry, thanks for looking into this but as you might expect, I learned about this from Kathy Baca at Lectro and she's got that side of things under control. I vote we sit tight for a day and see if the missing equipment turns up. It really might just be crammed in some box somewhere... And if it doesn't turn up, then we'll figure out the best process to make sure SATAY gets their equipment back or replaced. But for a number of reasons, I hope they get it back.
  12. Hey everyone, looks like in the typical NAB haze/frenzy, a bag with a couple microphones and cables got lost. This bag and the equipment in it belongs to our generous hosts at SATAY. The bag is green/black and was last seen near the PA speakers. If you've seen or accidentally grabbed the bag, please please please send me or Jeff a private direct message and we'll figure out how to get the bag and equipment back to the good people SATAY. No questions asked, anonymity preserved, and all that. Thanks!
  13. I'm flashing back to when BMD bought DaVinci; that seemed audacious and kinda WTF?...Super expensive systems, demanding customers, and narrow market (at DaVinci's system price). But Avid was kinda blowing it with Symphony, Final Touch/Apple Color and other apps kinda made software only/mostly solutions intriguing... And dang, BMD followed through with development and set typical crazy BMD software prices (while keeping some control surface and OS options). That was widely unexpected. With the editing features, some of my editing pals elsewhere are intrigued... These are long-time editors and haven't dived into using Resolve to replace their main NLEs...But they're spending time at least checking out the NLE since they already have Resolve for grading or at least format conversion or something, One gang cut some fairly straight-ahead corporate stuff with Resolve, but their secret sauce is more script and camera, and they edited in Resolve as a long experiment. Conclusion seems to be: Huh, not quite there yet, but huh. If the improvement trajectory continues at this rate, will be interesting to see where it stands in a year or so. Seems like Resolve is worming its way onto post people's hard drives as at least a utility. And plenty of Premiere & Audition users aren't Premiere & Audition lovers. Sound is a bit more of a reach user-wise than picture. But considering that Fairlight was based in Australia (as is BMD) maybe they got some post-sound aware people (and not just IP) with the acquisition, and that BMD seems to be doing an OK job with distributed/virtual offices, and the ongoing WTF is up with Avid situation... I'm not flag waving for Resolve... but I'm not betting against it. Anyway, once/if the beta stabilizes, I hope some smart audio post people fire it up and share their thoughts...
  14. Thanks for the real-world report, Bernie. And note that new purchases and upgrades are on discounted (at least here in the US; I presume everywhere) until the end of May: https://www.izotope.com/en/products/repair-and-edit/rx/pricing.html
  15. Any other thoughts on this?