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  1. Manuel, if you're still exploring the whole world of production sound, maybe check out Jay Rose's great book, Producing Great Sound for Film and Video: Jay, who is a decades-long audio craftsperson in addition to a great writer (a rare combination), and who hangs out here, starts with the basics of how sound waves work, goes on to how analog audio works over wires, and then gets into techniques for production and post audio. You can check out the table of contents at the link below, but my point is that Jay's book takes a thoughtful approach to the topic so readers end up not with a list of recipes for sound, but with an understanding of what's going on, "Oh; so that's how this works." And the cool thing about that is you end up better able to figure out other problems that unexpectedly come up in the field (and so much of our job is dealing with problems that unexpectedly come up in the field). If you haven't already, check it out: http://www.greatsound.info
  2. Oh you're such an optimist. Wait...pessimist. No, optimist. :-)
  3. Dave, Do you know if all DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors are flimsy, or just the ones on BMD products? Not a challenge on my part, just trying to figure this out. Markertek and Digikey suggest there are several makers of these connectors, and several BMD products have had problems with various connectors, e.g. their Decklink boards, in addition to their little video recorders. So maybe BMD is using a non optimal brand?Have you seen failures on non-BMD products, too? Thanks!
  4. Perhaps TCS is open to feedback on connectors? Since we're seeing drawings of the box, maybe it's not quite finished. Or maybe there's no room for different connectors. But hopefully you all going to NAB will inquire... Ya, interesting box...
  5. Hi Everyone, yes we are a bit past the RSVP deadline. And we have a big number of people planning on attending. But since people's plans change... please consider again if you plan to attend the NAB party next Tuesday, and if so, please RSVP. Party details are at the top of this topic and in the header of every page here on JWSound. To RSVP, not the secret words (that help us control the RSVP form) and follow the link. Secret words: more spectrum Link to the RSVP form: http://bit.ly/2jW4Y3P Thanks everyone!
  6. Following the link, looks like these at least currently cost 289,00 € each. Bundles available. Planning to ship in early May. Neato. And googling around on "nanolockit" for more info, it looks like Louis Vuitton is already making a case for these. http://eu.louisvuitton.com/eng-e1/products/nano-lockit-010571 Or did I misread something? Nice work Ambient!
  7. The 302 has XLR outs...that's nice. Ya, its resell price may have dropped a bit. But geez, I still find uses for my 302 and expect to for a long time. In no hurry to sell it.
  8. Yow. I'm totally going to misplace that. :-) Nice stuff Jon and gang.
  9. Looks like they can accept and record TC, but can't generate it. But the prices are reportedly something like $650 and $1000; something like that. Different products for different users. Press release with more details and pix: https://www.sounddevices.com/news/sound-devices-news/introducing-the-mixpre-series
  10. That Sennheiser RX is pretty expensive. I'd guess it's aimed at the ENG market...perhaps Sennheiser's a popular option for news cameras in Europe or somewhere? The 633 firmware that supports the two automix technologies was released a couple months ago. Seems pretty cool, but I don't think it means Sound Devices (or Video Devices) won't announce anything new. Maybe they (and probably other companies covered in that article) want to surprise everyone at the show. I guess we'll know in less than a week.
  11. I read that today is Jeff's birthday. So happy birthday Jeff! Hope you have a great celebration.
  12. I'm guessing Martin's not looking for details on how to file a claim through the (nonexistent) official JWS warranty. Rather, I think he's polling us for a general sense of what we all would do. So here's what I think...if no clear warranty is offered, then: If, through no fault of action of my part, something goes seriously wrong within the first week of my having the device, I'll contact the seller and try to come to some sort of agreement where they contribute to fixing the issue. If it's some small thing that I can fix with an hour's effort or get fixed for one-hundred bucks or so, I'll just fix the problem myself. If something fails within the first month I've had it, and I haven't used it so much or in such conditions that I should really assume responsibility, then I might contact the seller and try to convince them to help pay for the repair. Maybe; I'd think I'd only consider this if we're talking about a repair that costs US$400 or more. This is just theoretical, though. I might not. I'd want to think about that some more. If I've had the device for one month or more, then I'm completely on my own. But this is theoretical. I've bought plenty of used equipment, some from people I got to know here on JWS. Mostly, things have been fine. A couple times, I was basically screwed (not sales in any way connected to JWS folks, btw). A couple of times, the seller and I figured out how to get things righted (like when a cap failed right away in an 8-inch Sony field CRT monitor way back when; seller and I split repair cost). Just one take.
  13. Hi Everyone, We just got a note from the Satay Grille, the restaurant hosting the RAMPS/JWSOUND dinner next week, April 25 at NAB. It will REALLY REALLY help the restaurant and GREATLY speed up getting people in the door if we each pay the $30 meal fee in CASH. Credit Cards will still be accepted at the bar. But cash at the door will really help. So please pay cash at the door. Thanks! Those of us organizing the party (i.e., Kathy Baca and a couple assistants)
  14. Hi Everyone, Well the party happens Tuesday April 25, a week from tomorrow. To help the restaurant know how much food to prepare for our buffet, PLEASE RSVP BY TODAY! If you have already RSVP'd, no reason to do so again. But if you haven't...followed the link in the first post of this thread (and also currently at the top of every post in the forum). Thanks and have fun net Tuesday night!