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  1. Jim Feeley

    Our workflow on The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

    Phil, if you click on the picture, you can zoom in. Looks like there's a Venue 2 RX right above an "original" Venue RX, and a Remote Audio SpeakEasy above that... https://www.lectrosonics.com/US/Receivers/product/519-venue2.html But Chris can fill us in...
  2. Jim Feeley

    Zoom F8n.

    That's promising. :-) "The number 39 is social, optimistic, tolerant, and inspiring. It supports and encourages the creative expression of the talents inherent in others. 39 is especially adept with artistic visual and auditory expression." https://affinitynumerology.com/number-meanings/number-39-meaning.php
  3. Jim Feeley

    Cardiod Microphones

    These threads get long, but remember the OP said: So that influenced my, and probably others' suggestions. As for the S-Mic 2, I look forward to reading (and perhaps hearing) what you think of it. But perhaps a bit early to consider it the best choice, no? :-) For the record, I don't have a review on YouTube (unless someone was bored enough to review me for some oddball reason). There's been some helpful videos posted in this thread, so I don't want to take credit from IronFilm, Ty, et al. Looking forward to hearing what you decide to go with. Good luck!
  4. Jim Feeley

    Cardiod Microphones

    Looks like that microphone is pretty long for mounting on a camcorder, and longer than the OP is looking for: https://www.deitymic.com/smic2/ Length 9.84″ / 250 mm Also, is that mic available yet? Here's one place that seems to suggest that it's not yet out (at least not here in the US): https://www.gothamsound.com/product/smic-shotgun-microphone Buy This item is in pre-order. Expected Release: July 2018 PRICE:$359.00 Anyone here have hands-on experience with it?
  5. Jim Feeley

    Cardiod Microphones

    The Z90 has XLR inputs, IIRC. If so, then like Mungo says, the AT875R seems to get some love from people with your budget. It's about 7-inches (that's about 180mm, right?) long, the internet says. I've heard tracks recorded on that mic and my sense is those tracks were nicer sounding than tracks from the ME66, a microphone that I've never liked. If you go to dvxuser.com, you can probably find a bunch more people who'll have suggestions for mics at that point.
  6. Hi Hurricane, If you're a resident of the SF Bay Area (as I am and I guess you are), it'd be helpful, I think, to know where about the university is located. Mainly because traffic is so horrendous. So you know, a mixer or boom op who lives in Marin County probably won't want to travel to University of Santa Clara for a half day, and might feel the same about Stanford. And someone in San Jose might not want to travel to University of San Francisco. If you feel the need to keep the name of the school from the forum here, no worries. But perhaps can you narrow down the location? On the peninsula, for example?
  7. Jim Feeley

    Sound Report Writer app

    Sorry for the misattribution. Thanks for the helpful info...
  8. Jim Feeley

    Sound Report Writer app

    Sounds like Craig's looking for something that will run on iOS.
  9. Jim Feeley

    You think WE'VE got sync problems?

    Thanks Mono! That's pretty cool! I highly recommend the book. Lewis is a former bonds salesman at Solomon Brothers (which he wrote about in Liar's Poker); that made him famous so he has some knowledge of the biz and good access to people. Also, he's an AMAZING writer. Insightful, dramatic, really funny. Several of his books have become movies (Moneyball, The Blind Side, The Big Short), but really, his books are super readable. His Bio: http://michaellewiswrites.com/#top
  10. Jim Feeley

    You think WE'VE got sync problems?

    Ya, Michael Lewis talks about all this in his very-readable book, Flash Boys: http://michaellewiswrites.com/#flash-boys By "all this" I mean high-frequency trading. But back in the days a few years ago before the latest round of "even faster" "needs." There was some pushback against Lewis's book and apparently he did make a couple basically small mistakes, but a couple friends who are experts at this stuff (as in: one writes automated trading code, another is a biz professor) think a lot of the pushback was basically interested parties trying to discredit the book because it exposed some kinda crappy --but fascinating-- behavior. Here's what Lewis wrote about some of the response to the book. He's a very entertaining writer, btw: https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2015/03/michael-lewis-flash-boys-one-year-later And to keep this kinda close to JWS, there's a film being made from the book: https://variety.com/2018/film/news/michael-lewis-flash-boys-netflix-1202814774/ Jay, thanks for the link to the article!
  11. Jim Feeley

    News from Audio, Ltd

    So the A10-TX is in a configuration like this? Found that picture here: https://audioltd.com/a10/a10-tx-transmitter/ (thanks Eric for posting the release)
  12. Like lots of people here, I'm hip to WiFi channels, bands, security, best practices, and interference. It's that last one, interference, that makes me really hesitant to rely on unlicensed 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum to deliver for something that I'm being paid to deliver. When doing small FOH stuff (not that often for me), I've used an iPad & WiFi when wandering around to check the mix from a few locations and perhaps tweak a few levels. For me, that's Qu-Pad with an A&H board: https://www.allen-heath.com/ahproducts/qu-pad/ That's neat and useful, but more than that? Not for me, not yet. As Forest Gump said, "WiFi is like a box of chocolates on a hot day. You never know what you're going to get and sometimes you get a hot melted mess." And as Leo Tolstoy wrote, “All happy streaming gigs are alike; each unhappy gig is unhappy in its own way.” And finally, as Murphy reportedly (actually really according to his son) originally said, "If there's more than one way to do a job, and one of those ways will result in disaster, then somebody will do it that way."
  13. Jim Feeley

    Show me your bag

    What are the main things you find limiting or missing?
  14. The Sling Studio looks clever. But, then... I've only worked about a dozen live streaming gigs (though a couple were multiday), but my perception is that the more prosumer and consumer gear at the gig, the less experience the streaming team and producers have. That's not universally true, of course, but it seems like with really-clever prosumer gear, there just ends up being a wide range of problems in addition to the regular live challenges. It's better these days, but there still seems to be a split in knowledge and skills between the "understand audio, video, and live events" people and the "understand encoding and streaming" people. Like for the Sling Studio, what if there's so much metal and wifi around that you can't get a solid signal to the box? And can you actually plug video and audio into the thing, or is it all wireless? Well that's going to suck. It's probably an OK choice for corporate teams located in different cities (or say, one team in the field another back at HQ) who what to communicate with each other. But for a paid gig, or as kit that I'll bring to a gig I'm hired to produce... I'm not heading that way. And I'm just not comfortable sending the audio via wifi.... maybe I'm a luddite, but there you go. I'm all for standard operating procedure for as much of the gig as possible. The streaming team can do what they want, but it's really nice when they're just dealing with a ready-to-go program stream. So I guess I'd ask myself does the Sling Studio solve more problems and workflow hassles than it might create, and can I/clients/bosses live with the possibly unpredictable problems?
  15. Jim Feeley

    50% EU import duties on US recording equipment !!

    Funny you suggest that. When I was a kid, I was told that the Citroen 2CV's I saw here in Northern California had been imported to the US disassembled and sold as kit cars in order to circumvent car safety and/or emissions standards. Don't know if that's true, but clever story. I do hope, however, that SD, Zax, and the rest don't need to take such measures. But will be interesting to see how people interpret the line Bouke quoted from the EU document (see near the bottom of page 15 of this PDF): http://trade.ec.europa.eu/doclib/docs/2018/may/tradoc_156909.pdf Dang. I don't see the writer listed as a member of the forum (perhaps he just left the group?). Posts from JWS do show up in google searches, so a very dedicated activist/troll could just be looking for comments to react to. Disconcerting. At least one non-controversial online forum I visit blocks most discussions from internet searches; you have to be a member to read them and they don't show up on Google searches; a bummer but increasingly understandable.