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  1. Cheapo boom pole

    Yes, the unsuspecting central protagonist in a narrative encompassing 1 of the big anxieties of our time - Ie, was it made it China? Where to buy 1? And is it ok to buy 1?
  2. Cheapo boom pole

    At least he's not giving them the brush-off.
  3. Audionomix? cleans up production dialog...

    Thank you for a very interesting post and congratulations on getting married. d rosen
  4. High temperature lav mic technique

    Point mic downwards to avoid ingress of sweat. Thick hair, on head (?) good for hiding mic, on body (?) noisy for mic - resolve with razor and/or something between hair and mic. Piped AC (keep cool, isolate noise).
  5. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    The humble dr-680 has excellent ganging features, with ability to offset as well.
  6. Cheapo boom pole

    Yeah, but we're talking about some 1/2" rod being bent and welded in 2 places - crazy at it sounds there are people in other countries who know how to do this too, along with making smart phones, Ivanka's handbags, high speed trains and launching satellites.
  7. EXT Powering for MixPre3/6

    Vin, this looks great. Re isolation: Is this because even if the 2 power sources are wired in parallel the external source would give the AAs a problem?
  8. Cart building day!!!

    wheels very light partly because of the high quality tyres but quite thin rubber and vulnerable to punctures?
  9. best preamps in a small 2 track recorder?

    and it will still be pricey - but very nice.
  10. Perhaps the ultimate location speaker

    You know the LSP is high grade - the roller case for it cost £250!
  11. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Unbalanced O/P ok I guess if your B.O is using a TX.
  12. Interesting new wireless system

    I enjoyed this too but it must be an occupational hazard at these events.
  13. Interesting new wireless system

    Up to 47 channels (in HD mode @ 2mw) in to 1 TV 6mhz band.
  14. Interesting new wireless system

    Thanks for posting. Great demo of incredible system capabilities.
  15. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    See what you saying about current. Could using 2 of the '4 cell' units in the MX8 sled work? (2 holes instead of 1 aside) The dummy adapters in the links are quite low profile, so maybe they'll still fit into the front/back silhouette and not angle the machine awkwardly. https://www.sounddevices.com/products/accessories/power-accessories/mx-lmount