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  1. yep.
  2. No recommendations for a li-on powered iron? Ideally with temperature control. I've had AA powered and was not impressed. I've had a gas powered and really like the lack of cable. I see USB powered is an option and gives us something in the field but these are not cordless. d r
  3. +1. a little bit like viewing log output with a monitor's LUT.
  4. But there are many contributors to this forum who do use their real names and have IMBD credits/profiles. I imagine the most successful PSMs probably don't get time to extensively publish writings about their work till they retire (if ever), so sourcing citations published on this forum is valid imho. And if these citations include conversations with other contributors not using their full names is this really a problem in modern academia (where some students are just buying their papers). d r
  5. tone frequency adjust on nomad?
  6. Yes, mentioning VHB was a bit of a non sequitur as it's not a putty but it can be squeezed into useful shapes and is very sticky. Too sticky if you need to remove it without tearing the flock wall paper etc.
  7. In UK window (decorators) putty is a very different substance to blu-tack and is made with linseed oil and with a distinctive smell (quite nice). The surface goes fairly hard, and eventually the rest of it too. My point being, don't confuse the 2, I can imagine using blu-tack to temporarily hold in a pain of glass but I definitely wouldn't use window putty to secure a mic as I think it would leave a horrible mess. Although it's quite different, VHB can be formed into a shape and is very sticky. Not so re-useable and not cheap.
  8. At least he's stated the freqs. I've seen listings for radio kit with nothing about the freqs.
  9. nice find, looks like it's part of a bigger system too.
  10. I imagine it's a design thing but some minidisc recorder go for crazy prices. You'd be hard pushed to find a TC DAT recorder for 1200gbp!
  11. If they're using a second camera for reverses (and not paying for another boom op) it might make it easier on your boom op to have the option of an MKH40, otherwise can't see why you'd not be on the 50. Obviously having both (or 2 of 1) gives you option of having a matching mic for spots or 2nd boom - but I usually hire my second.
  12. Better for plosives and snuffles?
  13. 1 of the first sets of XLR cables I bought (from a reputable dealer), came with Blu-tack packed round the soldering in the connectors. Not seen similar before or since but I suppose they had their reasons. A lot of homes, schools and offices in UK use Blu-tack or similar for hanging pics and posters but it does leave a bit of a residue, eventually.
  14. Somethings are hard to comprehend. A few days a go (in another thread) you were handing me a lecture on the merits of reading, especially in the context of understanding and operating Zaxcom gear and then without a hint of irony you get apoplectic and suggest members are "nonstop non-information" because you ask a question (about Zaxcom gear on an SD thread) and don't get what people are telling you. Calm down, about 3 or 4 people have tried to help you or answer your question. If you don't like or understand the answer, don't throw your toys out of the pram - contact Zaxcom. As well as hearing 'straight from the horse's mouth', your feedback on this matter may be welcome as it may help them improve their documentation of this feature :- ) And if you are determined to get an answer on this forum it's probably best to start a new topic, for your sake and other peoples.
  15. Daniel, It's not a matter of my level of happiness. I would consider the sentence that I wrote, "less features=less learning" to be a fact. It takes less learning to be a photographer, than it does to be a brain surgeon. The other sentence you mentioned "if you are lazy or won't or can't read, buy something easy to learn." If someone tells you that are all Zaxcom and they didn't read the manual, run. They are not being truthful. I have had sales people tell me that customers return Zaxcom because they couldn't "figure it out". That's on the customer, not Zaxcom. If you drop out of brain surgery school because you can't figure it out, it's probably not the schools fault. There are simply two types of people in this world, the type that can read a lot and the type that can't. There used to be an hour's meter indicating how much usage a Nomad had on it when you turned it on. I bought my first Nomad used and it had 5 hours on it. Somebody had given up on learning their mixer after 5 hours of use. Maybe they didn't know how to read, I don't know. I do know that I got a bargain on that unit. There are people that don't know how to read and that is sad. There are people that don't take the time to read because they're too busy going out getting drunk at a bar. There are some people that can't learn outside of a structured classroom setting. Regardless of your work practices you are going to have to do a lot of reading with Zaxcom. These statements by me are not dismissive of anything. Other than to reference it here, you won't see me use the term "RTFM". There are times when you can read that Manual and it's just not going to sink in. Then I think it is appropriate to get on a website such as this and ask a simple question. Sometimes things just don't click in your head, that's human nature. If you simply want to read a lot less, buy something other than Zaxcom. The other thing that you buy will have less features and subsequently will have less reading, this is just a fact. Sincerely, Martin