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  1. very cool. really like the quick release using the fixing holes built into the X3.
  2. Jack + Vas = +1+1. I try: mixer/recorder, as many radio mics as production will pay for (with at least 1 channel available on a single RX so can be used as a camera hop), boom mic, a spare boom mic (which can be used on a camera), a mixer-camera umbilical, a TC box. In my experience the deliverables are determined by production in advance but the manner in which they are delivered can be effected by circumstances on the ground including shooting style of director/camera op and technical changes/issues etc. The Logic of the above is you will always have at least 2 ways to get a signal from A to B to C* and can accommodate various scenarios without having to provide kit for free or up-sell something production don't think they need. *C being Camera/s or the edit via recorder files, TC and/or camera mic for sync.
  3. Cheesey, but I do like this film. Cythia Hawkins not recording her performances stands out in our time where everyone wants to be recorded. The sound track is great.
  4. +1. Re hours: I suspect a lot of the reason we are still asked to work long hours in many of the sectors which employ us is because it is still dominated by a particular type of machismo which prefers the 'work hard - play hard' culture and is just not that interested in family life, Ie, "you're in the wrong business mate". It is also very hard for men especially (but increasingly women) to not define themselves by the work they do so saying 'no' is very hard. Some of it is driven by ambition and competition eg. If you've borrowed and invested heavily in kit then paying it off becomes more of a priority and overtime is less a deterrent to the employer and more an incentive to the worker to earn more in shorter time frame. So maybe you get to retire sooner to the big house in the country but when the kids are all grown up, they are all grown up - and in my experience this happens in the blink of an eye. As an aside, I wouldn't feel so conflicted about long trips away if it were possible for the family to travel with. I know this sounds naive, but I was lucky enough as a kid to go on some of my Dad's (research) work trips and they were amazing experiences for me. In 20 years, only 1 project offered to put family up in a self catering apartment and it was pretty good fun.
  5. Lol, I meant you were being judgemental of me(!). As in; calling me a "commie lover" I can accept (even if this is not how would describe myself) but "your boy" in relation to mirror - I'm not 'his' or a 'boy' and the 2 together is worse than the sum of the parts. I think the connotations of the word 'boy' are well known but I've probably laboured the point (excuse the pun). Who'd have thought posting a picture of a 19th century philosopher and economist would cause so much fun. Anyway, venturing back on to the original subject, I think the Australians are due a mention in the thread: "The happy idea of using a proletarian holiday celebration as a means to attain the eight-hour day was first born in Australia. The workers there decided in 1856 to organize a day of complete stoppage together with meetings and entertainment as a demonstration in favor of the eight-hour day." https://www.jacobinmag.com/2016/05/may-day-rosa-luxemburg-haymarket/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_labour_movement https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eight-hour_day
  6. The reply was for mirror (as I think is clear) but 'commie lover like your boy' I thought worth a mention as it was unnecessarily judgmental, unless your fantasy is mirror is my dad (which would be even worse :- ).
  7. I hope you enjoyed your outrage as much as I did. Kind Regards, 'commie lover like your boy "WhatHizNutz"' (or, as you vulgar and hypocritical enquiry suggests you have as much anxiety about the identities of others as you clearly have about your own: Daniel Rosen - thanks for asking ).
  8. Geez Louise, I do like a shallow focus product video. This video is showing us the newer 1/4 turn locking poles as opposed to the older ones with threaded locking sections.
  9. http://www.audioltd.com/1010digital/ddx1010-dual-receiver/ Digital, wide band, super slot, internal recording, remote control, easy menus, only 2ms of latency. And Audio Limited are just across the channel.
  10. So am I really on my own with the waveform metering thing? In an age when there are cheap and various ways to hook various things up to various screens/displays it seems like a no brainer to extend a function common to other recording environments to our 1. Having an option of waveform metering would mean we need to be less attentive to the meters and potentially make it easier to mark, search and label events during the recording or after the recording. Eg. a door slam which peaked on the mix but maybe useable on an iso would not need to be eyeballed in the moment or an intermittent fault on 1 of the channels might be quicker to identify. IIRC, X3 gives waveform on playback, is it really necessary to spend 15k to have this? A waveform meter could even be used to implement some kind of phase metering as being discussed on another thread:
  11. I don't have a cantar or zaxcom RMs but it sounds like you're over thinking this. @ 25fps, 1 frame is 40ms. 7ms is less than 20% of a frame or the difference 1 viewer has sitting 2 metres closer to (or further from) the screen than you. Personally, I adjust I/P delays to reduce the chance of 'phasing' of different channels in mix. I would reduce O/P delays if asked but those monitoring picture due latency in that signal chain.
  12. I'm with you comrade:
  13. Enough of brexit - 1 of the really nice things about this MixPre series is the USB audio interface. Obviously being able to go straight into a laptop without additional hardware gives us a redundancy (on cart style setup) but it also allows for something I would like to see on more recorders: waveform metering. Something like wingman could be giving us a function like this on an ipad (without the recorder being a USB interface) but for now a mixpre plugged into a laptop would look like 1 of the easiest (and cheapest) ways of doing this.
  14. It would be interesting to know whether SD will have the same reseller and service arrangements for these prosumer devices as they do for the professional lines. Eg. USA vendors are not allowed to sell into other markets (EU, GB) and buyers trying to do otherwise may be inconvenienced if equipment needs to be serviced etc. As SD compete against similar devices, wont these new devices need to be available from more vendors and the policy wont be so easy to enforce? Eg John/myself will be able to get 1 from USA with not much consequence for either party? Asides from the above there may be a golden window for UK residents to buy in May before results in June confirm our route to hard brexit and GBP takes another beating. After this there will be a good chance of a MixPre6 (or similar) costing a brit something close to what a 633 costs an American.
  15. Very true about the video but as a principle and a trend, as the world gets noisier, we'll see more attempts to make it quieter. Initially any effective solutions will be expensive so there will many attempts to do it cheaper. I welcome the attempts to do it cheaper however badly they fail as this is how we get 'there'.