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  1. DPA 4098 - first impressions

    Some headliners can take it, some can't. I guess those in Vegas less so. Still, a quick and inconspicuous way of mounting when you can, especially on materials that don't work well with tape.
  2. DPA 4098 - first impressions

    +1 Don't use them on people either but they can be handy for some car interiors and other soft furnishings.
  3. DIY Dipole antenna!

    Very nice. Where did you source the boxes?
  4. Mic Bra mod

    Silicone gripper tape is pretty cheap (even in the UK :-): https://www.amazon.co.uk/silicone-backed-elastic-Black-5Yards/dp/B07115K9Z8/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_201_t_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=K1SSYM810BD9A4VNPYV3
  5. Sound Devices 6 series, quick track naming.

    I agree, although I do like the more intuitive thing of going through the PFL button instead the Menu button - especially if things are changing around a bit, because there's a good chance you'll visit the PFL screen of the channel anyway. Even if its not possible through PFL on the recorder, it could be possible to offer the dropdown on Wingman?
  6. Sound Devices 6 series, quick track naming.

    Yes, you can edit track names in Wingman (which is very nice) but just like doing this through the PFL button you have no access to previously used track names. Eg. with the dropdown menu of entries available when using the menu button. The great thing about the dropdown menu, is you can enter your inventory of microphones and/or all the on-mic contributors / character names in the cast and every time there's a change you scroll through to the 1 you want, maintain consistent spelling (in the heat of battle) and more easily move names / labels around on the faders if needed. Neither Wingman or PFL give you that, instead you have to enter names character by character each time (even if it is name / label you have previously used - painful). I would really like to see a dropdown of previous entries in Wingman and PFL track naming methods, unless there's a technical reason why this can not be so.
  7. I Shouldn't grumble given how good the 633 is but the 'quick track naming' method doesn't seem so quick if you can't access the previous entries (available when editing track name with the menu button). Is there a reason for this I'm missing? Or could this be changed in a firmware update? https://www.sounddevices.com/tech-notes/6-series-quick-track-naming
  8. Equipment wishes for 2017

    Like 2 G2s stuck together (sorry). I would hope a G4 series would have a dual-slot-in RX but so far the only dual-slot-it RX sennheiser have is the EK6042, which is digital and analogue (and while probably decent value, not cheap). I've found the G2000 system I have to be decent and a dual RX for this would be very nice. Tempted by the 6042 because it would offer a nice migration onto a digital system, and I imagine (partly for this reason) we will never see a dedicated (and cheaper) dual RX for the any of the G series radio mics (even if Sony are doing similar with their UWP stuff and I think you can use Wisycom RX with G series(?).
  9. Ok, going to put forward something which may seem a bit controversial, but dsc asks for opinions so I'm throwing this 1 into the mix; Just buy a mkh50, don't worry about the other options. It works beautifully indoors and has enough rejection to work well enough outdoors (on the sort of shots most directors will frame a speaker with). In the context of a noisy environment or an unfriendly wide you're going to be reliant on your RMs anyway. Pick up a used 416 when you get the chance and enjoy the freedoms of multitrack recording, radio mics and automix. When booming 1 handed (because you're mixing/tracking with the other hand) its not so easy to keep a very direction mic in the best place during a dynamic situation, a wider pattern gives you more latitude especially with several talkers. I still take a 'tube' of 1 kind or another with me but generally i stick with the 50 for reasons above.
  10. Current and near-future recording modalities

    If siri can reasonably workout what i mumble at my iphone then why not a transcription engine built in to the next generation recorders creating a file available to email like our sound reports. And if this can be done (with a 'siri' like technology) then why not a smart sides app which auto scrolls the script as per the recorded dialogue. Obviously fantastical stuff but jokes aside I think with high quality recording possible on quite modestly priced equipment, pro sound kit and the department may need to span some of the other post/production jobs or in the long term get 'spanned' themselves.
  11. I do think of the 416 as an 'analogue era' mic where it worked very well with some of the limitations of earlier recording formats (i'm not sure i could qualify this). Back then, there were also less radio mics and signal processing for us to play with. I do still use my 416, mainly as a back up and crash mic. These days I usually go out the door with a mkh50 and cs3e but if I had to dig some speech out of a tricky environment (without using a RM) I think it stands up really well perhaps only bettered by something with a DSP. Eg supercmit. Perhaps the 416 has been in way, a victim of its own success, as in it's been so ubiquitous and many cheaper mics (eg. rode) have gone for similar qualities and characteristics. In the UK I think most of the pitch side mics in the football (association football/soccer) are still 416 and many news reporters can be seen handholding 1 like a stick mic probably because once you EQ the bass 'tip-up' you also knock back a heavy background.
  12. DUNKIRK: Too Loud?

    I liked the sound on Dunkirk (for me 1 of the better things about the film). The opening scene, after the boy had jumped the wooden gate and the sound of the machine guns getting closer and tearing the wood to pieces filled me with the kind of dread that had me asking myself if this was a film a wanted to see. I did like the integration of the films score and the sound fx, although i do recoil at the use Elgar's Nimrod (1 more time in a war movie - almost making this film just another extended music video to this piece of music). I don't remember struggling to understand any dialogue, but little of it was needed as exposition and when it was it was the heavy weights (Brannagh and Rylance) enunciating. In my experience where you sit in the cinema and accents do have an impact on intelligibility. I saw 'Hateful8' twice in the same week and swapped seats at the halfway point on the 2nd viewing. I found a couple of lines in the stage coach a bit tricky to me, 1st viewing (in the stalls, Leicester Square ) but totally intelligible in the upper level (also Leicester square). The irony for me was my seat in the stalls was 2 away from where QT had sat went he attended the UK premier and he had complemented the cinema on their presentation of the film (which left me wondering about the familiarity of accents and sound track, especially if you've viewed a piece hundreds of times in an edit). The 3 story lines in Dunkirk are meant to take place over 1 hour, 1 day and 1 week and I enjoyed the complex way these were interleaved, especially when we see the same event through the these differently scaled time lines.
  13. NEW: Zoom LiveTrak L-12

    That is a lot for $599. I'd be especially interested to hear how folks get on with the faders (which seem a bit short). It would be great if it can used as a usb interface and recorder at the same time (like SD-mixpre series). Having seen and enjoyed the photos of the JonG's Neve in-a-case i'd like to have a go at making something similar with this device. Something like mixer 1 side of the case; RX, monitors and power the other side.
  14. On My Radio

    So partner and I have to find a name for the latest member of our dynastic project and I quite like the name 'Arlo' (amongst others) so I thought I'd refresh my memory of the only tune I know associated with this name - Arlo Guthrie's 'Alice's Restaurant'. Anyway, as you do, the song plays, song finishes, next 1 starts (unselected as I'm not looking at the page). An hour later I not sure we're any closer to a name, but I really like this (previously unknown to me) artist and album:
  15. Advice Please! - Wireless Lavalier System

    Hire some user friendly pro gear and get your ears and workflow practice used to something decent. Even if you can't afford to buy the pro gear you hire, it'll help you decide from the options you can afford.