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  1. You know the LSP is high grade - the roller case for it cost £250!
  2. Unbalanced O/P ok I guess if your B.O is using a TX.
  3. I enjoyed this too but it must be an occupational hazard at these events.
  4. Up to 47 channels (in HD mode @ 2mw) in to 1 TV 6mhz band.
  5. Thanks for posting. Great demo of incredible system capabilities.
  6. See what you saying about current. Could using 2 of the '4 cell' units in the MX8 sled work? (2 holes instead of 1 aside) The dummy adapters in the links are quite low profile, so maybe they'll still fit into the front/back silhouette and not angle the machine awkwardly. https://www.sounddevices.com/products/accessories/power-accessories/mx-lmount
  7. I'm probably not about to suggest your ideal solution but is it not possible to use dummy (aa) batteries in the aa holder and a PSU of the appropriate O/P (before someone makes a battery sled for these MixPres)? http://www.batteryeliminatorstore.com/index.php?id_product=16&controller=product
  8. +1 I'm more interested in histories, ideas and ethics of design, production and marketing than the particularities of either manufacturer. Being in this field just means I'm more likely to get into a conversation about how those things apply to a recorder than a car. I really appreciate this forum as place for conversations of all kinds and accept subtly and nuance can be often hard to convey or interpret in short posts. 'Gate keeping' or deciding what others have decided is above my 'pay grade' but asking question and exploring issues is not.
  9. Who cares - the bandwidth police?
  10. How does an inventor 'protect' an idea and not end up penniless after many years of hard work with an "open standard" model in this context? Of course we can think of examples where this has been done in 1 way or another but also where this was a struggle or didn't happen.
  11. The release of the PDR is very interesting. A speculative either/or: Global market for these devices is big enough to recoup the investment in the product development, even if withdrawn from the US market or the intention was always to back the product with the necessary legal resources. My guess is the later - mainly to support existing lectro products and customers.
  12. You're brave :- ) Given what happened with DR10, the PDR looks sure to test the resolve and legal position of the other party. I wonder if the outcome may be more far reaching than who can sell a small 'pocket' recorder (with niche I/P, O/P connectors?).
  13. very cool. really like the quick release using the fixing holes built into the X3.
  14. Jack + Vas = +1+1. I try: mixer/recorder, as many radio mics as production will pay for (with at least 1 channel available on a single RX so can be used as a camera hop), boom mic, a spare boom mic (which can be used on a camera), a mixer-camera umbilical, a TC box. In my experience the deliverables are determined by production in advance but the manner in which they are delivered can be effected by circumstances on the ground including shooting style of director/camera op and technical changes/issues etc. The Logic of the above is you will always have at least 2 ways to get a signal from A to B to C* and can accommodate various scenarios without having to provide kit for free or up-sell something production don't think they need. *C being Camera/s or the edit via recorder files, TC and/or camera mic for sync.
  15. Cheesey, but I do like this film. Cythia Hawkins not recording her performances stands out in our time where everyone wants to be recorded. The sound track is great.