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  1. daniel

    Noisy Environments

    Disclaimer: The workflows I'm involved in don't need DNS2, so I don't have 1. (But, it occurs to me) 1 of the advantages of using DNS in the context you are working would be to give those that care, a better idea of what is possible in post (in terms of clean up) with the material you are recording. Eg. Perhaps you can convince production to hire/buy 1 so that you and they may preview a 'treated' version of your mix (on location) as a reference for a better clean-up later (like a Lut for monitoring log picture on set before it gets a bespoke grading). Of course there's a chance they think they can use your DNS track instead of doing the right thing in post but you'll have put forward a credible way to judge what will work etc, done what you can in the context and the cost is relatively cheap compared to rescheduling and relocating / treating locations / ADR / reshooting etc.
  2. daniel

    News from Audio, Ltd

    "Sound Devices apparently have found something of a loop-hole. Oh, they have(?). Good to know.
  3. daniel

    News from Audio, Ltd

    “Version 2.0 brings recording to U.S. market A10-TX transmitters for boom microphones and other balanced microphone and line-level sources. In these applications, the A10 is not worn by the actor or presenter.” "The A10-TX transmitter offers a universal audio input accepting two-wire lavalier microphones, balanced microphones (selectable 12V or 48V phantom power), and balanced line-level signals. It includes an integrated digital recorder with a precision timecode generator (recording not available with lavalier microphones in U.S. market transmitters). An internal microSD card in the transmitter stores audio data in proprietary .mic format. The free Mic-to-WAV utility for Mac OS and Windows converts .mic files into industry-standard broadcast WAV files with timecode." Are the above details indicative of some development Re recording TX?
  4. daniel

    Simultaneous Translation

    Maybe loose 1 box by having the 3 feeds from comtek replaced by 3 RX, tuned into the same TX the translator is on (and you are receiving at 633). I imagine the specifics of the other variables would make this more or less possible/worthwhile.
  5. I really like the look of the build quality of the Cinebags - would be great if they had 1 with a side access like some of the LowePro bags. Could set bag up so a M.P3/6 could be operated through the the side access and then zipped up and quickly swung onto the back for a fast move. https://store.lowepro.com/slingshot-edge-250-aw?_ga=2.82009558.1779729650.1529094340-1538507024.1529004073 https://store.lowepro.com/freeline-bp-350-aw?_ga=2.19017208.1779729650.1529094340-1538507024.1529004073
  6. daniel

    Zoom F8n.

    Nice to have Zoom as a back-up to a 6 series. Not sure having a Zoom as back-up to a Zoom would go far though - even if 2 zooms are better than a single 6 series (in terms of redundancy).
  7. daniel

    On My Radio

    Yes, I anticipated moments in a decaying process in both pieces, yet i am surprised and intrigued as we move through them.
  8. daniel

    On My Radio

    Marie Osmond brought her Dada bag to hang out on the same youtube page:
  9. daniel

    Zoom F8n.

    "Interesting to see automix on the new f8 and better hp amp sounds like a good addition!" Yes, 'automix' hopefully makes up for the 8 small faders and the HP needed upgrading, hopefully this includes the 'monitor selector'.
  10. daniel

    Advice for a novice

    +1 And having a reference 'mic' is useful to do this. For me being familiar with 1 type of mic helped me judge the next. Whether you make the 416 your reference (like lots have) is another matter - many interior scenes have been boomed with a 416 but there are more choices these days - on paper (i've not heard it) the new Sanken CS1m could be the 416 of this era, not least as we all use more radio mics and a long shotgun with lots of 'suck' doesn't seem as important. I use my 50 more than the CS3e or 416, as it has great off axis rejection and is more forgiving in use for a OMB (it also sounds superb and very quiet).
  11. daniel

    Question for the Nagra aficionados...

    I really liked my Halliburton - most of all, as it was so light for kit case but you probably would want to protect the investment in this case with a pelican or similar :-). The handles and latches break easily because they are not recessed and the the 2 aluminium shells the case is made of, are thin enough to puncture quite easily imho (although I've not tried). Not waterproof like a peli either. These days they seem to be marketed more as luxury luggage than seriously protective.
  12. daniel

    Looking for a non audio looking bag for my MixPre 3

    i came across this and thought of this thread, probably a bit big, but looks like it has structure and nice place to carry a rycote and boom pole (if that was a requirement): https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01N5V58P2/ref=sspa_dk_detail_0?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B01N5V58P2&pd_rd_wg=U64u2&pd_rd_r=GH5FB1XQAK0YBH90WH27&pd_rd_w=sOnUn
  13. daniel

    On My Radio

  14. daniel

    SD 633 X3/X4 question

    'Input to ISO Routing' - Are your ISOs are set to 'Postfade'? I just checked on my 633, whatever option is selected in 'Input to ISO Routing' has no bearing on the X3/4 routing page. My X3/4 routing page allows: Postfade (only) from L/R and X1/2. Prefade (only) from ISO tracks. Which kind of makes sense.