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  1. mongo hp amp - can't find info - got any leads? manufacturers website perhaps, dah. https://www.mozegear.com/mongo
  2. Could be a low profile way to record stereo atmos's on an ios device. At €1100 (for a double lav kit) not particularly cheap especially if you factor in the cost of the ios device but a DPA 4060 is a DPA 4060. That said, i think i'd rather go with OKM binaurals and a handheld recorder (and some of the tascams allow for easy transfer to an iphone).
  3. Horribly unprofessional of me to suggest this but as this Cine-Tape device is working with sound (in the audible range of our mics), it would be interesting to see if it could be sabotaged by recording the emissions and playing them back in a calculated way. Obviously neither the original emissions or the 'fake' ones would be of much help to the sound department in the moment but in the long run if the device gives the wrong read out it would be of no use to anyone. Was there not an infra-red equivalent of this thing which was synchronised with the camera shutter (to not damage the acquisition)? May be this only worked with film cameras (as opposed to digital)?
  4. Gosh, 100 x 10 hours of un monitored audio from 1 day! I've heard of a production like this and it's still in post 6 years after they finished filming. Joking aside, nice size for body worn recorder.
  5. Great form factor for a plug-on TX, kind of reminds me of something else. Most plug-ons have a way of tightening up against the XLR of the mic. I'm guessing this 1 is so light it doesn't need it?
  6. No apologies needed Simon, I really appreciate the sharing of the video. Please excuse me for making anything of the 'orientation', it was a childish excuse for extraneous banter. Very much looking forward to hearing/reading/seeing more of this wonderful looking Radio system. Kish should be very proud, so many years of hard work developing these products for our market.
  7. Yes, but it'll cost you another $185 because the sand is special acoustic sand.
  8. The display flips like last 1 iirc. Incredible switching BW. I notice the display show TX temp - nice touch. What's the power usage like compared to other dual RX (digital or analogue, eg Wisycom, Lectro, Sennheiser 6042 and Zaxcom). Re 'portrait' mode for video. I imagine the hours of video shot like this and on youtube is now an equivalent to all the moving picture material shot in 'landscape' in the years before camera phones and fortunately this vid is short enough not to induce neck strain (but only just ;- )
  9. At least you know how much to put down on the 'lost and damaged' form when your DIY 1 goes missing on the grips truck.
  10. Any idea of cost?
  11. Those Peli style cases cost near nothing to make but by putting this mic the manufacturers have conferred a quality to the item your 'tear down' clearly demonstrates the mic doesn't deserve. Perhaps they meant to say the case was waterproof and not the mic ;- )
  12. Your NP1 almost certainly has a circuit to stop it from being overly discharged (and damaged).
  13. Yeah, but it would be easier to facilitate a DSLR workflow using TC or scratch audio if the TC box at least passed audio or had a built in mic. These days some projects go through various scales of post, including quick, on set edits for social media (where an audio scratch for sync may be more viable than a TC solution) and inclusion in to large scale projects later, where a double system without correctly time stamped media would make things very laborious. But, to be fair this is only an issue for camera's with both audio I/Ps on 1 connector. Eg the minijack on a DSLR. CurrentIy I would settle for a something simple which would let me 'squirt' a second or 2 TC at the beginning of each take into the single channel wireless camera hop I use with my DSLR clients in lieu of a box sending TC and audio (ERX).
  14. But with the right amount of TC bleed into the audio track, you can have 2 ways of syncing and less chance of the wrong audio making into broadcast ;- )