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    Noisy Environments

    Disclaimer: The workflows I'm involved in don't need DNS2, so I don't have 1. (But, it occurs to me) 1 of the advantages of using DNS in the context you are working would be to give those that care, a better idea of what is possible in post (in terms of clean up) with the material you are recording. Eg. Perhaps you can convince production to hire/buy 1 so that you and they may preview a 'treated' version of your mix (on location) as a reference for a better clean-up later (like a Lut for monitoring log picture on set before it gets a bespoke grading). Of course there's a chance they think they can use your DNS track instead of doing the right thing in post but you'll have put forward a credible way to judge what will work etc, done what you can in the context and the cost is relatively cheap compared to rescheduling and relocating / treating locations / ADR / reshooting etc.
  2. daniel

    News from Audio, Ltd

    "Sound Devices apparently have found something of a loop-hole. Oh, they have(?). Good to know.
  3. daniel

    News from Audio, Ltd

    “Version 2.0 brings recording to U.S. market A10-TX transmitters for boom microphones and other balanced microphone and line-level sources. In these applications, the A10 is not worn by the actor or presenter.” "The A10-TX transmitter offers a universal audio input accepting two-wire lavalier microphones, balanced microphones (selectable 12V or 48V phantom power), and balanced line-level signals. It includes an integrated digital recorder with a precision timecode generator (recording not available with lavalier microphones in U.S. market transmitters). An internal microSD card in the transmitter stores audio data in proprietary .mic format. The free Mic-to-WAV utility for Mac OS and Windows converts .mic files into industry-standard broadcast WAV files with timecode." Are the above details indicative of some development Re recording TX?
  4. daniel

    Simultaneous Translation

    Maybe loose 1 box by having the 3 feeds from comtek replaced by 3 RX, tuned into the same TX the translator is on (and you are receiving at 633). I imagine the specifics of the other variables would make this more or less possible/worthwhile.
  5. I really like the look of the build quality of the Cinebags - would be great if they had 1 with a side access like some of the LowePro bags. Could set bag up so a M.P3/6 could be operated through the the side access and then zipped up and quickly swung onto the back for a fast move. https://store.lowepro.com/slingshot-edge-250-aw?_ga=2.82009558.1779729650.1529094340-1538507024.1529004073 https://store.lowepro.com/freeline-bp-350-aw?_ga=2.19017208.1779729650.1529094340-1538507024.1529004073
  6. daniel

    Zoom F8n.

    Nice to have Zoom as a back-up to a 6 series. Not sure having a Zoom as back-up to a Zoom would go far though - even if 2 zooms are better than a single 6 series (in terms of redundancy).
  7. daniel

    On My Radio

    Yes, I anticipated moments in a decaying process in both pieces, yet i am surprised and intrigued as we move through them.
  8. daniel

    On My Radio

    Marie Osmond brought her Dada bag to hang out on the same youtube page:
  9. daniel

    Zoom F8n.

    "Interesting to see automix on the new f8 and better hp amp sounds like a good addition!" Yes, 'automix' hopefully makes up for the 8 small faders and the HP needed upgrading, hopefully this includes the 'monitor selector'.
  10. daniel

    Advice for a novice

    +1 And having a reference 'mic' is useful to do this. For me being familiar with 1 type of mic helped me judge the next. Whether you make the 416 your reference (like lots have) is another matter - many interior scenes have been boomed with a 416 but there are more choices these days - on paper (i've not heard it) the new Sanken CS1m could be the 416 of this era, not least as we all use more radio mics and a long shotgun with lots of 'suck' doesn't seem as important. I use my 50 more than the CS3e or 416, as it has great off axis rejection and is more forgiving in use for a OMB (it also sounds superb and very quiet).
  11. daniel

    Question for the Nagra aficionados...

    I really liked my Halliburton - most of all, as it was so light for kit case but you probably would want to protect the investment in this case with a pelican or similar :-). The handles and latches break easily because they are not recessed and the the 2 aluminium shells the case is made of, are thin enough to puncture quite easily imho (although I've not tried). Not waterproof like a peli either. These days they seem to be marketed more as luxury luggage than seriously protective.
  12. daniel

    Looking for a non audio looking bag for my MixPre 3

    i came across this and thought of this thread, probably a bit big, but looks like it has structure and nice place to carry a rycote and boom pole (if that was a requirement): https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01N5V58P2/ref=sspa_dk_detail_0?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B01N5V58P2&pd_rd_wg=U64u2&pd_rd_r=GH5FB1XQAK0YBH90WH27&pd_rd_w=sOnUn
  13. daniel

    On My Radio

  14. daniel

    SD 633 X3/X4 question

    'Input to ISO Routing' - Are your ISOs are set to 'Postfade'? I just checked on my 633, whatever option is selected in 'Input to ISO Routing' has no bearing on the X3/4 routing page. My X3/4 routing page allows: Postfade (only) from L/R and X1/2. Prefade (only) from ISO tracks. Which kind of makes sense.
  15. daniel

    Audix SCX1 HC and Sennheiser MKH 416 Audio Sample.

    Cos if it's sound/usage is comparable to (or better than) a 416, weight/size/price/reputation will make it very attractive? I like my 416 and CS3e but the big rycotes less so. It looks like the bottom end might be better balanced for boom use than the 8xxx series and its $500 cheaper (and smaller) than an 8060. It's $850 cheaper than the 8060 with the filter module. At 104mm, with a LP XLR, it might even fit an extended BBG.
  16. daniel

    Rain protection sound bag

    Great comparison and write up, thanks Tom.
  17. daniel

    AETA Audio Systems stops the production of 4MINX

    "4 nice preamps (Probably the best of the market in a portable device)" X3?
  18. daniel

    AETA Audio Systems stops the production of 4MINX

    Had a look at this machine at a couple of trade shows - It had some good things going for it but support didn't look to be 1 of them - the folks representing were vague and didn't seem to be very familiar with the features. TBF, they weren't as bad as those from Roland whose disinterest in the R-88 could not be more tangible. Obviously different machines, at different prices, for different markets but a curiously similar lack of commitment by the people 'trying' to get the products out there.
  19. daniel

    Seeking GOLD RE-20 (a la Rush . . .)

    Cheap and cheerful for a quick shot: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/High-Quality-Stretchable-Ultra-Gloss-Mirror-Gold-Chrome-Vehicle-Vinyl-Wrap-Foil/222485455376?epid=800967002&hash=item33cd2aa210:g:BP0AAOSwtZJY~J4- Maybe this for a close-up and/or longer lasting finish: http://goldgenieworld.goldgenie.com/
  20. I don't have any of these machines but the the sections of the manual you've included in your post suggest to me the following (and your understanding is correct): ~ 'Remix' to remix original ISO's to recorder outputs (Tascam dr-680 can do this and is quite useful for previewing 'something different' with the ISO tracks). ~ 'Re-record' to record the remix as a separate file (with an 'R_' prefix). 'Remix' needs to be enabled to allow Re-recording.
  21. daniel

    Best small format recorders for planting

    Saramonic SR-VRM1, I tried 1 out: horrible. I tried it for precisely the reason IF included it - phantom powering. Sound was ok, but the menu was poor and the XLR doesn't lock well or at all so a jumper lead is required for use with some mics. It's available if anyone's interested - used once, still boxed etc etc :-) The ultimate SF recorder is: ~ Easy to configure with menu and/or app. ~ Phantom powering and 'plug-in' power. ~ Dual level mono recording. ~ Balance mono / unbalanced mono/stereo I/P and O/P. ~ Mic/line I/P and O/P. ~ Wifi/BT transport control, metering and QC audio. ~ 12 hour built in battery (AAs are too big now). ~ Headphone O/P. ~ Built in mic (for stand alone use in pocket etc) but not some BS XY stereo array designed by the marketing department, a single, DPA quality cap would do :-). ~ I don't mind if has a (recessed) multipin connector like a 6 pin lemo / TA5 to get all signals in and out of 1 plug (I'd rather pay the cable guys than the lawyers :-). ~ 1/8" female thread. ~ Form factor of small belt pack TX eg. SSM. ~ TC would be gravy.
  22. Curious to know how the re-mix function works while mix-pre is in 'interface mode'. Software dependent I suppose - is it possible to view wav forms (on computer screen) of isos while re-mixing them?
  23. daniel

    Sound Devices Wireless (rebranded Audio Ltd)

    "I think the author of the article may have got his wires crossed. " He should have gone wireless.