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  1. M/S mic for documentaries

    Stereovideomic-x PDF seems a bit unclear in regards to the polar pattern for a stereo mic. Especially when compared to Stereovideomic-pro PDF (obviously different mics - similar in concept), but it looks like they've only published the polar pattern for a single mic element and nothing to correspond to the xy configuration (unlike SVM-pro): http://cdn1.rode.com/svmx_manual.pdf http://cdn1.rode.com/126-954-2-1_SVMP_datasheet.pdf
  2. M/S mic for documentaries

    xy can also be matrix'd to m/s tho.
  3. M/S mic for documentaries

    What's it like with speech if you collapse it to mono? Strange question maybe - but if it happened to be the only source (mounted on a camera), at some point it the chain it may well end up summed.
  4. Sound is no longer respected on set?

    An 'Above the Line' sound recordist perhaps :-).
  5. David Letterman new show

    This had to go on my pintrest page. Although could have done more with the cable :-)
  6. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    Would the Tentacles need to be re jammed with a cable after any changes made through app (inc frame rate changes) or once the clocks are jammed the other changes just work?
  7. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    Is app showing if Tentacle cable is attached to Tentacle/camera/either? Sounds like a very nice feature and (if not available on other TC devices?) would put Tentacle close to the top of my list - for it's simplicity and solutions to 'real world' usage (like being unplugged :-(.
  8. David Letterman new show

    In the beard would be cool (to accommodate multiple head positions).
  9. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    Exactly. Not all buyers of the new TC boxes have lockits in the cupboard (to go back to). There's a lot of choice out there for c.(£€$)300, all impressively small and light (albeit with differing style of cases, powering solutions and connectors) but in usage, TCS seems to offer the most complete set of 'historical' functions (GL/WC) and modern (wireless jamming, display and ios control). The price differential for me is the least significant variation across these systems: ~ Extra tough - Mozegear (Q28 has 'Flow Through Audio'). ~ Wireless jamming, ios control, built in mic - Tentacle. ~ Wireless jamming, ios control, ACN - Ambient. ~ Wireless jamming, display - Betso (Sbox-2RF has WC). ~ Wireless jamming, display, ios control, blink network, genlock/WC - TCS.
  10. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    Like I say it was a while ago - multiple camera and sound operators on a reality gig with radio channels shared across recorders iirc.
  11. DIY camera snake?

    it was to do with the spacing between the XLRs - which varies from camera to camera. I think ravenscourt had a box which had a bit of adjustment but not enough to allow your digibeta box to fit on a Panasonic (with XLRs). I think they also had their own (medical style) multipin connector so it wasn't a case of using your old tails.
  12. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    Sound needs Genlock for multiple audio recorders. If cameras are using Genlock this doesn't preclude the use of a (single) TC (only) recorder. TC and GL need to be referenced to something - a small box for everything (TC for sound, GL and TC for camera - its often not easy to run the BNC between all the cameras) would make sense. It's been a while since i've been asked for GL but with such similar prices for these boxes why have 1 without?
  13. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    Is there really much point in owning a sync box that doesn't have genlock/word clock? I like the look (and price of the tentacle boxes but) a proper multi camera (and/or a multi audio recorder) shoot should have genlock, no? A single camera shoot (or multi camera shoot with cameras without genlock) would work as well with a scratch track as it would with ToD/Free Run. If there is so much riding on sync (conforming) then production would specify a proper camera, no. Distributing LTC (wirelessly or otherwise) seems like overkill on the simpler stuff and underkill (™) for the more complex stuff. TC box with genlock would be a way for a recorder like SD633 (no word clock) to be (a single recorder) in a shoot with multi cameras using genlock? I keep looking at these boxes and reading about choice of connectors, display/no display, size but if your recorder has genlock why would you want a TC box without it? Equally if your recorder doesn't have genlock (633) then having a (WC/GL) TC box makes more sense too? What am I missing here (other than a bit of redundancy or using ios/android for TC read out)?
  14. DIY camera snake?

    Beta box looked like a nice idea if you mainly worked on sony digi-beta for example, but didn't you need a different beta box for each type of camera? Great being able to plug and unplug 1 handed (because of the beta box solid attachment) but otherwise an expensive solution. I'd have liked a 'beta box' that fitted to a 'cold-shoe' and a 1/4" thread - keep the 1 handed thing but just 1 box fitting most cameras. Either way still need to take strain off multipin connector by hanging umbilical from camera.
  15. Sound is no longer respected on set?

    Possibly less worried about food poisoning.
  16. DIY camera snake?

    I have 'old school' (heavyweight) Tajima snakes (straight and curly) with break aways at both ends, can be joined together, various 'fans' etc. Very useful especially on certain types of shoot and can be repurposed easily. But a couple of years ago I had a lightweight umbilical made up: 7 pin XLR, 10 metres of Mogami (20002 AWM VM-1, o/d 5m) with only 1 breakaway. I elected to put this at the mixer end. My reasoning being: I don't like leaving 'tails' on cameras these days (and nor do the camera folk - unless they have to) as they swing about and can get damaged or dirty in some environments unless secured on a top handle of a 'beta' style camera. The other reason being, with Lopro XLR connectors going into the recorder/mixer I don't feel the need to unplug connectors for travel ('normal' XLRs I did because of the potential leverage on the recorder/mixer's I/Ps) so i wanted to leave the recorder/mixer end connected (even when travelling) so having a break away at that end means I don't have to carry 10 metres of cable around with me when I'm not sending to camera (hardwire) and i don't need to dive deep into the bag to get to the recorder O/Ps - the 7pin XLR sits in the RH pocket of stingray (with enough length on the 'tail' to sit in or hang out). If I do need to carry the umbilical, it fits into the same stingray pocket and with only 1 breakaway the amount of steel tubing I carry is reduced (btw, I would pay the extra for titanium connectors if available :-). I would not have gone for such a thin cable in my mixer to camera only days (and I still carry redundancy now). If the shoot has 10 or more crew I use the heavyweight Tajima.
  17. Easily portable mats/carpets/alternatives?

    1 blanket, croc clips, tape and some rubbery bits (padding door closures, heels etc). Remove some foam from case to make room for a lightly bagged blanket or carry in light backpack. Well worth it and a blanket is not only versatile but can help set the mood. Camera is to sound recorder as lighting is to blanket ( I carry grey and let them fret about fill). NB. You can't really use blankets for footsteps on a smooth floor without something to stop it slipping. The rubberised door entry mats or carpet tiles are far safer (but heavier and bulkier to carry around).
  18. I think if this forum did 'likes' LF's number would need a power function. Thanks for the Rube Goldberg ref. I hadn't heard of him, in UK we had Heath Robinson and Norman Hunter with Professor Branestawm. I think all 3 were born within a few years of each other.
  19. On My Radio

  20. TentacleSync E review

    Thanks Rado, insightful and informative as ever. Totally agree with you about the weight and build of devices too.
  21. Is a double recorder system planned/viable in the context? Any hiccups on a single long record could be painful.
  22. UltraSync One = small TC+Sync box

    Like this?
  23. Not sure I understand your question (and I'm not a regular console user) but if your HPs are plugged into the board you might patch HP O/P of recorder into 'return' I/P of board for "monitoring select record enabled tracks", which you would select from the recorder's monitoring options. ?
  24. Underwater Mics

    Was the TX floating? Wondering about signal strength.