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  1. If the production is being taped, camera ops can (or know to) zoom in tight enough to hide the forehead mounted lav...
  2. Yep. I just got an Azden 105 Tx/Rx pair (560MHz-590MHz) for $41 because the box was missing the handheld mic. It's not diversity Rx, but perfect for a DSLR scratch track hop.
  3. From "As of January 15, 2010, the FCC prohibits the import, sale, offer for sale or shipment of wireless microphones and other low power auxiliary stations (i.e. similar devices) intended for use in the 700 MHz Band in the United States. " So strictly, even selling on ebay in the US for shipping outside the US is covered.
  4. Blood pressure rising... From another auction by the same seller: "I am a professional sound mixer of 24 years." "I am known in the industry world wide"
  5. The DR-70D and DR-701D have 10ppm clocks, which is 1 frame/hr worst case. OTOH the 701D is designed to be constantly clocked to the HDMI output of a DSLR camera or LTC output of some other device, which gives you 0ppm slip. I have no problem recommending the DR-70D for the use case described here, it's part of my own kit.
  6. Yes, in the UK it was sold mostly as 4"x5" sheets from what I remember. Held my collection of postcards on the bedroom wall just fine. Still can't find any background info on why Bostick never marketed it in the US under the Blu Tack brand, or licensed it to any other manufacturer.
  7. I used blu-tack at home all the time in the UK, but I've never seen it in the US shops. Wondered if there was some legal naming thing blocking it. It's only the last few years I've seen similar "Picture putty" or "Mounting Putty" in the DIY stores, but only as tiny strips.
  8. Trivia: TASCAM had the first US-legal (i.e. with SCMS copy protect) DAT deck, the DA-50 in 1989. MD had a much longer life in South America, radio stations there standardized on it as a replacement for the endless-loop tape cart machines for playback.
  9. Too good not to share. Not mine. K-tek customer image from their website:
  10. After the 2009 closedown of the 700MHz spectrum, manufacturers did a good job of educating users & providing upgrade paths. newly obsolete equipment sold on eBay seemed to be fairly carefully worded "for export only". Any that didn't sell was expected to be trashed over time. I carefully dismantled and recycled my Audio Technica kit I used for PA gigs, which had become worthless... Forward 7 years, and all that obsolete 700MHz band equipment is boldly available on eBay, no disclaimers or warnings to the purchaser. If/when the 600Mhz band gets chopped up, expect to see the same - some self-restraint in used sales for a couple of years, then free-for-all. Am I too idealogic, hoping that something being illegal actually affected people's behavior even though it impacts their ability to make a quick buck?
  11. Don't forget HS-P82 + RC-F82 at 3000usd
  12. Had it on the DVR, watched it last night because of your comment. Loved it, my wife couldn't understand why I cracked up laughing. I follow McFarlain for his pithy comments on Twitter too.
  13. Jeff, please close this thread. JWSound is a globally accessible site, and any non-US citizen donating to a US political cause is breaking laws (or causing that group to break laws by unknowingly receiving it).
  14. Not wishing to hijack Lectro's awesome announcement, this was replaced in the US with the DR-10L:
  15. From the picture and spec, it looks like a cost-reduced version, with the latest firmware that supports node locking (prevents accidental routing changes, etc). They're no longer using the Audinate module, the parts are directly on the board. Makes sense, they have a very close relationship with Audinate.