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  1. Experience in Russia

    Never been but as I live in the neighborhood I've heard things... The main one being that customs is super-strict with your gear, apparently you're to catalogue (with pictures? Not sure) pretty much every separate item, possibly down to individual batteries, lav hiders etc. to avoid trouble.
  2. I've only been to Vietnam as a tourist, but some googling around would suggest that shooting in Vietnam requires permits, which according to the sites advertizing production and fixer services aren't hard to get. On a hunch, I probably wouldn't bring anything bigger than a Zoom unless I or a production person had procured the necessary permits.
  3. I'm so, so sorry. Maybe we ought to let this thread die already.
  4. Maybe I'll just hang a metal plate on my chest whenever near a body of water and ask the spirit of the amazing Steve to protect me.
  5. In case it doesn't work I'll also bring one of those dangerous animals handling outfits for extra protection and chlamydia antibiotics for bribery.
  6. Good to know, thanks Nate! I would imagine the show itself has some bouncing around different locales, don't have the details but I'm imagining food/travel/lifestyle. Apparently two days off per week, so I should even have a chance to activate tourist mode and get mauled by a koal, then subsequently eaten by a huntsman spider!
  7. It's starting to look like I might be doing a gig Down Under. I've already checked that most of my wireless is in the new permitted frequency range. However, in here in Finland we're required to get a license to use our gear from the Comms Authority. Is there a similar thing you need to do in AU? Cheers, Karri
  8. Hardwired Lavs

    DPA mics are great (right up there with Sankens) and have a system of interchangeable connectors, including an XLR one. However, for the price of one DPA mic and one adapter you could probably have the whole 4 hardwired OST's...
  9. Lectrosonics L-series

    Cheers. I already sent a mail with the serial numbers and a general question if they know of any improvements devices with those serial n/o's should have.
  10. Lectrosonics L-series

    I just got 3 sets of LR/LMb. I've been using the green Varta 2600 mAh rechargeables but while they fit fine in the LMb, they seem to be too big for the LR, I can't close the battery door reliably. I already ordered battery eliminators for them, but just in case can someone recommend rechargeable AA's that properly fit inside the LR's?
  11. Sennheiser Frequency Mod

    The 800 band Sennys also have another 2 MHz wide free slot in the upper range. Someone doing Sennheiser maintenance can do a firmware update to your Sennys that only leaves the allowed frequencies selectable, making them totally legal.
  12. Wisycom ENG Kit

    No experience but... I was just weighing between this and the Lectrosonics L series. The Wisy set had going for it great battery life and frequency range. But then I realized (on jwsoundgroup, of course) that the transmitter doesn't have input limiters. So the Lectro way I went.
  13. DPA - Slim

    Judging by eye the diameter of a 4060 with the grille on seems to be around 3/4 of the diameter of the metallic part of the MicroDot connector. So this might actually be wider but of course more... Slim.
  14. New Digital Radio from Audio Limited

    Cheers! Looks like premium product, premium price.
  15. New Digital Radio from Audio Limited

    Anyone have any idea of pricing yet?