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  1. ShubiSnax

    So, antenna issues with 941

  2. A 1/4 wavelength whip antenna would be a hair under 3 inches long.
  3. ShubiSnax

    Comtek LS-3 replacement foam

    I'd say they're about the same thickness as the stock Comtek pads, maybe a touch thinner. I didn't notice any difference of comfort, but I haven't worn them for a 10-hour day. I haven't had any complaints from producers or clients in the 2 weeks I've been using them. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bluecell-10-Pair-of-Black-Color-Replacement-2-50mm-Foam-Pad-Earpad-Cover-Cush/253360275733?epid=1807465820&hash=item3afd730115:g:UmEAAOSwZ3BaVqjp
  4. ShubiSnax

    Comtek LS-3 replacement foam

    Just following up, Comtek got back to me and they sell replacement foam pads(LS3-ER) for $3.75/pair. I ended up sourcing some cheaper ones on Ebay made by Bluecell. 50mm size circular but they fit perfect. $7.41 for 10 pairs shipped.
  5. ShubiSnax

    Comtek LS-3 replacement foam

    Did you find anything that worked? I'm having a hard time finding some replacements. I contacted Comtek but I imagine I won't get a response until Tuesday at the earliest.
  6. ShubiSnax

    Rain protection sound bag

    I use $20 backpack rain covers from REI for both my bags. They compress down smaller than a can of soda and are permanently hooked to the sides of my bags. The elastic draw string helps secure the cover. Only downside is you can't see through it, but for $20 it's not really an issue for me. The 20L size fits over my Petrol PS602 no problem.
  7. ShubiSnax

    Canon C100 timecode synch

    In my experiences with consumer cameras, post is always fine with a TC slate and clap. There's been only a handful of instances in my career where audio TC has been requested and I'm happy to oblige. I just don't want to give an editor a nasty surprise when they first hear that TC audio track with headphones on.
  8. ShubiSnax

    Is a new Sound Devices MixPre-10T coming soon?

    From SD: "The MixPre-10T is expected to ship by the end of October"
  9. ShubiSnax

    Reality TV Gear Setup/Worflow

    Although reality tv is a different beast, approaching a shoot like this is like anything else. Find out what type of camera(s) they are using and how many, find out how many wireless mics and how many IFB's you will need. It's pretty standard to send a wireless reference (mono) mix to all the main cameras, as well as a decent camera-mounted mic and timecode sync between audio and all cameras. Any secondary cameras without timecode should be slated with a TC slate. When dealing with lots of mics in reality, automix is your friend. Also good to have an A2 that can run around with a light boom rig and help with miking cast(booming all day with a 788 rig strapped to your chest is asking for back problems). Finally, talk to someone in post to find out their preferred delivery formats and file types and as always, name your tracks and create sound reports.
  10. ShubiSnax

    cable wiring question

    Hey guys and gals, Bit of a noob question, but I'm having some trouble figuring out how to wire my cable. I want to run a Lectro R1a as a wireless reference track to camera(Arri Amira) I need to wire a 3.5mm trs to XLR. I'm concerned that the R1a will output a dual mono signal because it thinks stereo headphones are plugged in. I just want a balanced mono signal from R1a to single XLR input on camera. Is this possible? Thanks for your input and or output
  11. ShubiSnax

    RIP - Haskell Wexler

    Sorry for everyone's loss. He leaves much to celebrate and remember.
  12. ShubiSnax

    What 9 volt rechargeables do you use? Li-ion or Nimh?

    I've purchased NiMH 9v's in the past, used them for about a week before I bought the iPower 520 9v's and I've never looked back. Definitely stay away from NiMH. Lithium batts are lighter and generally last much longer.
  13. ShubiSnax

    I hate sound!

    It's only when everyone quiets down and you're focusing on sound when you can hear the airplanes, leaf blowers, big diesel engines etc.. The noises are usually there, but much more noticeable when everyone shuts up and you put on your headphones. My favorite is when I ask for room tone and I can hear people breathing, shuffling their feet, whispering, crinkling a plastic wrapper... I have a 2-stroke leaf blower and I LOVE it. Yea it's noisy, but it's way easier than raking. I have a tree on my property that drops really tiny leaves that my rakes don't like to gather. Leaf blower gets them no problem. And I use my leaf blower to gather leaves and put them in refuse bags, not blow them onto my neighbors lawn.
  14. ShubiSnax

    Best Batteries for the 788T?

    I use two Swit NP-L60 batteries at a time. One of them feeds 788 only, the other feeds 4x SRb, 2x LMa and a T4. I can make it through most days with 4 NP1's, but If I'm running 7 wires, a boom, dual channel camera sends and IFB, 6 NP1's will easily get me through a 12-hour day.