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  1. In the latest version of Reaper, there's a menu called "External timecode synchronisation", which takes an audio track and converts it to TC. At least that's what I think it does. Can't test it though. Just another FYI... I did try to setup a somewhat close-to on set location sound mixing project, and it IS doable, but it does require a lot of Metadata editing after the fact, since Reaper in itself can't write BWF metadata (unless there's a plugin I'm not aware of). And that's easily done with WaveAgent. So basically you could have your Reaper and your WaveAgent running at the same time, record in Reaper, have Auto-Render turned on (for redundancy; the recorded files are stored in one place, and the render files somewhere else. You can also record to multiple locations at once within Reaper), and switch to WaveAgent for metadata entry. It's not as quick or stable as BoomRecorder though, obviously.
  2. When lavs attack

    So it's not a lav shootout? With a duck?
  3. FYI Reaper will run under Wine in Linux. Haven't tried it myself but it explicitly says so on the site. So I'm assuming that it just works the way reaper does otherwise.(Trump'd say, "it's the greatest DAW ever") Just top of mind, Reaper would probably be able to do what you want, but it would require a lot of customizing and tweaking on your part. On the other hand, it's more than worth the money. I bet someone's already programmed a plug in to convert incoming TC Audio to actual timecode. (cus you can do that in reaper: program your own plug-ins) And metadata, well I guess you could rename your tracks as usual, with the characters name. And then you can batch the filenames, like making every file name be (*scenename-*trackname-*take).. Interesting. Will try!
  4. Zuca carts

    Very comfortable for sitting on! I bought the Artist Pro version. I know there's a rugged terrain version that looks sort of the one you got there. Great stuff!
  5. So i need some advice

    Wrong group! We are sound mixers most of us, so you won't get the best answers here
  6. A little rattle in my MKH50

    There are those two black hex screws on the top and bottom, and then there's another in between the pins (IIRC) , and then you push it out of the tube by gently pushing the xlr pins. So no need to solder anything.. At least that's how I did...
  7. A little rattle in my MKH50

    One time, my mkh50 too had a rattle. I opened it and saw one of the switches was loose internally, it was easy to fasten again. Open it up and see what you can see is my advice!
  8. New Boom Pole at CineGear

    I'm sure they're great, just not a great name
  9. New Boom Pole at CineGear

    Looks cool. The threads on the bottom made me nervous. I can imagine the red ring getting loose over time introducing noise.. But I'd never buy anything from a company with that name. I never buy food from a restaurant with the name King or Best or anything like that either.
  10. Location audio dealer in Stockholm

    Oh yeah Akkurat is great too. Never been there myself, but so I've heard.
  11. Location audio dealer in Stockholm

    It you're in Stockholm, pretty much every little pub on smaller streets have some sort of craft beer thing going on. Södermalm is thick with those places. My favorite joints in no particular order: Omnipollos hatt (slussen) Brewdog Södermalm (there's also one on Kungsholmen) Nya Carnegiebryggeriet (Hammarby sjöstad) Katarina Ölkafé (SoFo, near Slussen) Babajan (a stone's throw away from Brewdog Södermalm) or any Monk's pub. I've never been, but there's also a Mikkeller bar in Stockholm somewhere, Mikkelles is a danish brand, but most of the pubs have local beer as well as the main brand. Have fun!
  12. Location audio dealer in Stockholm

    Hey wandering, definitely speak to Börje or Jan at Visono media. They're quick and good, not cheap though. Your other option would be to get in touch with Ljud & Bildmedia, www.ljud-bildmedia.se. You do have a fixer though, right? He/she should know this. Anyhow, have fun and enjoy Stockholm if you can. I'd buy you a beer if I were around and not having small kids
  13. Sooooo... Better or worse noise wise? The only thing I miss is the respect for the takes, and the concentration shooting film requires.
  14. Those motors sound a lot too.... Oh well. I'm glad the pullers won't have to put on any more boxes than they have to. I bet Steadi-ops will be happy too
  15. new plugOn TRX from Zaxcom

    Impressive, as always. But, the audio we're listening to never changed, so unless the 4017B sounded EXACTLY like the lav he wore in the video, we didn't actually hear the ZMT Phantom.. Not a big thing just saying... Or am I wrong?