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  1. A control surface, like a CL-9 (but with more everything) for the PIX, that was also back compatible with the 7 series. Maybe it could even be a third party modular system ...and also the ability to auto mute certain outputs on 7 and 6 series recorders, when stopped. That's probably just a software thing
  2. Thinking strictly bag work. On large productions like commercials or fiction it's obviously totally unnecessary ; there's probably a DIT on set. And usually on those types of productions the post team is a lot more knowledgeable. Where it's be really useful is on small scale ENG productions where you, the camera person and maybe another person is the only team. Usually those kinds of productions have very fast turnarounds and very newbie post team. Very newbie everything, except the sound and camera people... I totally get that it's a niche market, but still. A feature, or even add-in on a mixer. The PIX is great but not handy in a bag. And the union thing, well I'm totally oblivious there.
  3. We have a lot of old gear in my radio station in Sweden, no help to you obviously, but in thinking maybe radio stations in the US also keep old stuff? Just a top of mind late night thought
  4. Video recording on a 688 or the likes. Not kidding. Have had too many projects saying they can't record separate with timecode cus I'll be too much of a hassle in post (BS, yes). With a video recorded on my mixer with all the tracks synced up, there'd be no such discussion. Only problem i can see is that there would need to be a cable. But it's not really a problem, seeing as those shows would rather have me be tethered with än audio cable with a halfassed stereo mix (boom and mix at the same time) than have separate tracks. It would be a good feature IMHO. Video would still be recorded on camera obviously, but I'd be the only person actually delivering anything to post.
  5. You could build one with an arduino or RPi with an external sound card... cheap but not easy
  6. When the script is crap and it's a friday and you're drunk on the job, YES
  7. Your posts are always poetry Jan. I'd buy your book if you wrote one! (And if you did, I'll get it). Great thread, thanks.
  8. Yeah we get it. I hope Trump put you trolls back in caves.
  9. They walk the talk for those walk and talks.
  10. As an outsider watching and reading all these comments, the one thing I see very clearly that the both of them are using crude language towards other people that deserve better. But DT uses that same language in debates and in the open. All of the quotes from HC are from books, as far as I can tell. How are Hillary's words worse? Are you just trying to prove a point that she, too, is a foul mouthed person? I mean who isn't and what does it matter? DT is standing in the stage on TV saying racist crap. I think it really comes down th HC being a woman and you think women should be better. Like she's the mother of a spoiled kid (DT). It's sad to see . And how is Hillary even remotely responsible for Bill's actions? Just because she's his wife? That meme made no sense.
  11. Isn't it like on eBay? That if the asking price is $100, someone puts an "automatic bid"for $200, the price doesn't actually change until someone bids over $100, but the person with the $200 bid still leads the auction..
  12. First, let me say that I love all your work and commitment to the craft. You're one of the people (out of maybe three) who have inspired me to do this in the first place. Thank you! Second, I did a weird recording job a year ago where the two actors were rigged with a gopro each. They had like a helmet with an arm, as pictured. We put a Tram on the inside of the arm and boomed it. I think that helmet was just a standard bicycle helmet with a standard gopro arm, that you'd put on car panels and windows etc, on it. The actors were playing the voices of to-be-animated characters, so I guess the gopros were used for visual reference. No tracking. That lav sounded awesome of course. The only thing would be that the arm might obscure the actors sight... But those two didn't seem to care. I'm thinking that an arm like that from the forehead would be better since it won't be physically in the way on the sides, if you catch my drift... That apparatus looks like a great idea, but it also is a little movement prohibiting I guess, at least thinking as an actor I'd feel it would be. However, keeping it really simple, and possibly with even less rustle, the trick that (you're probably familiar with) you put a band on the forehead and put a lav under that. Accomplishes full mobility, always on axle, small and ubiquitous. Light. Won't introduce unwanted plastic or metallic noise (like from fast movements or whatever). Likely less clothing rustle because it's higher up... I dunno. On an arm I guess you'd be pointing down towards the mouth and possibly getting some of the torso too.. You'll figure it out. What a fun project! Have fun!
  13. Are the transmitters the same block? Could you try switching the rxs? Does the clipping occur in the TX itself or on the receiver or the mixer? If you were to attenuate those Txs, you're doing level 23 now so go down to 16, does that make the audio better?
  14. There's a great story about Breaking Bad where in one of the seasons they needed an aerial shot, like something crashing from the sky (trying not to spoil anything), and they chose to try the balloon for the shot so they could reverse it. Anyway. They rented this very expensive digital camera, when they were still pretty new and rare, and the balloon just took off with it and it disappeared. Until like some time after when a lady had discovered the camera in her back yard. The material was unusable though. Short story: I'd be wary of balloons unless you can get it secured somehow. What about getting up on a construction crane?
  15. Just personal opinion that the VO should never tell the viewer what they just saw, it sort of locks down personal interpretation and reflection, which I think it's pretty crucial to any artwork. But again, that's just like... my opinion... Man