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  1. nagra1

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    My preferred solution is one SX 42 with 4 A/D 's on direct outputs. Another SX 42 with the same configuration is already in place for a complete 8 digital solos and 4 analog mix out's . Sounds great with real analogue limiting. But weights an extra 2 kilos per unit- but they are really rugged.
  2. nagra1

    best preamps in a small 2 track recorder?

    My SX Mini 82 runs 6 hours on 4 ipower 1.5 volt( built in 128 GB SSD )In combination with an unsymmetrical cabled RSM 191,-the best thing I listened to over the years.
  3. nagra1

    Aaton Cantar X3 user feedback?

    My worries concern the power consumption of the X3. The amount of weight you have to carry on somewhere in the desert for a twelve hours shoot, I believe more than additional 3 kilos for batteries would bother me. Thinking of this I decided to buy the tiny Sonosax R4+,which demands for 12 hours only one tiny build in battery (same kind like the X3 ones), I do add an Sonosax SX42 for shoulder work, you can feed the mixer from the recorder and you also have a lot of tracks and best limiting. and... less than 3 kilos on your shoulder. With the promised software update with delay for all inputs I´ll might be the lucky one and store my X2 in the truck!
  4. nagra1

    2012 Best Purchase/Gear List?

    2 Super CMIT with mobile analog amplifiers.
  5. nagra1

    DPA 4017

    I use the 4017´ for 5 years now, own two mikes from the first edition. But I would never buy mikes pretending of parts like the new model. When actors walk on noisy surfaces I always use it. But when you have multi camera shoots other mikes give much better results.