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  1. Yullover

    Show me your bag

    My little bag, Sound Devices 633. Audioroots power system, with HI-Q remote audio battery. wisycom MCR42S with two MTP40S - sennheiser MKE-1 lav. Two sennheiser G3 kit for extra mic if needed. (Senn mk-2 gold) Two cam hop with G2 (one transmit, two receivers) Two tentacle for sync/timecode
  2. Yullover

    Need 3 wirless mics

    Place your mic closer or increase gain in the transmitter, yes more ambiant noise but you get more clear voice.
  3. Yullover

    NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    It's ok, i just find my answer... i was asking (because i saw in the video) that they just open the device, and it sync to the other device... but not inputing a generated timecode. But as i find in the web : After being set to the internal Real Time Clock or jammed by external timecode, any NanoLockit can wirelessly jam sync all other units on the set.
  4. Yullover

    NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    I just don't understand, they just give hours of the day or you can choose any timecode input?
  5. Yullover

    SD 633 or 664

    Thank you guy's, i will definitly wait after the NAB... but as i think of my need... more and more the SD633 in making my need, and the digital side make that will have more evolution in the time ... i hope! As far, the new mixpre6 is not a field mixer as i really want, not sure is enough fast to ajust gain in the live recording field.
  6. Yullover

    SD 633 or 664

    Hi folk!!! Long time didn't came here!!! but now in process of updating/upgrading my work bag... I still have my old SD302 but now i want to be up to date with multi-track recording. So my question is : I have the opportunity to have a used SD664 for the same price as a new SD633, but i can't decide which one to choose. All my Wireless are Senheisser G3/2000 so i don't know if it will work well in the line level of the SD633? My hesitation are the weight and size of the two mixer, the new technology inside the SD633 vs the SD664, the number of tracks available, the futur expension possible...I'm uncertain. What's your PROS/CONS for helping me with this choice P.S. --- And still hesitate to switch to Zaxcom too? worth it? I never try Zaxcom mixer before. (The 2 output/timecode cam-op it's so cool) Thank you in advance for you opinion