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    I'm a freelance sound recordist in Melbourne and run my business as Moose Audio. Cut my teeth on friends short films and worked my way into the sound business over the last few years. Currently working on a cooking show for one of the national networks and hoping George Lucas will discover me for his next film...

    My gear setup is a fairly standard ENG one. I run a Sound Devices 552, Lectro UM400a/UCR411a's, Sanken COS11's, a Rode NTG-3 and an Audix SCX1-HC. Got some more kit but this is my "everyday wear". Do I make the switch to Nomad or save up for a 788t/CL8? That's my next decision...


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  1. Ed Denton

    Audix SCX1 HC and Sennheiser MKH 416 Audio Sample.

    I would agree that the 416 has a little more bite and a little more natural sounding. For a voice over I might choose the Audix out of these two samples. It seems warmer and more pleasant with the highs rolled off a little. On-location performance for normal dialogue and in a more testing environment may yield a different opinion from me however.
  2. Ed Denton

    Countryman B2D cardioid Lav Review

    Has anyone experimented with these as a car mic. I’m looking at getting some cardioid lavs as car mics and interested to know how the B2D stacks up against the 4080 and the CUB.
  3. Ed Denton

    Cloud-based mixing

    I there any good options for cloud-based mixing/audio post like what Frame.io is for video post production? I have some collaborative projects and it would be good to be able to work with other mixers online.
  4. Ed Denton

    Zoom F8n.

    Was really hoping they'd change the buttons where the writing rubs off/fades and the painted blue strap bars that chip and flake (why not use that lovely anodised blue metal you have on top and bottom?). Only cosmetic issues but I experienced both after only a few weeks of use.
  5. Ed Denton

    LW-216 whip for Comtek M-216

    I recently bought a Comtek M-216 transmitter (not option 7 version) and it didn't come with a LW-216 1/4 whip antenna. I naively thought it would be easy enough to pick one up online...but think again. It is exceptionally hard to track one down. The Comtek distributor here in Montreal, Studio Economik, can put it on order but they only do orders for Comtek stuff when they need a few things so it could be weeks before they even put in the order. Trew in Toronto same deal plus the extra postage and wait time for it to bunny hop through Toronto before it gets to me. Sadly Remote Audio do not make an antenna with the 2.5mm jack. Nothing on ebay. Exasperated I think I'll try to make one myself. Anyone have an idea where to get the the 2.5mm locking jack connector? What wire would be suitable for the antenna and where would one buy such a thing? What do I have... a soldering station, and time on my hands. Any help from those of you who know your wireless tech would be great! Alternatively if anyone else here makes them, let me know.
  6. Ed Denton

    Phase alignment drifting

    Ok this makes sense, it is probably to do with the movement of the boom. I wouldn't have expected the effect to be quite so pronounced over such a small distance but I guess physic has other ideas. It's a real PITA to line up everything sentence by sentence to avoid phase issues. How to you post guys usually do it when mixing lav and boom tracks together when there are slight changes in phase. Sentence by sentence?
  7. Ed Denton

    Phase alignment drifting

    I have some multitrack WAV audio delivered to me and I'm experiencing a weird issue regarding phase alignment. In Pro Tools I'm going through the audio and matching up the phase on the boom and lav tracks. I'm using the boom as the primary and matching the lavs to the boom. I'll sync up the phase on a clip at the start but then I'll move further down the clip and the phase will be out again! Its not consistent, sometimes its just a few sample forward, sometimes a few samples back, sometimes up to 1 or 2 milliseconds forward or back, all within the same clip recorded together in real-time. I know there is a delay involved with the wireless, but once synced I would expect the phase to remain in sync for the entire clip. Can anyone offer an explanation? Below is the recording setup: Ch 1: Boom, Audix SCX1-HC, Ch 2: Sanken Cos11 -> SMDa -> UCR411a, Ch 3: Sanken Cos11 -> SMDa -> UCR411a. Recorded on Zoom F8 at 24bit/48 kHz polyphonic WAV. No record delays. See below example of the drift after only 2 seconds.
  8. Ed Denton

    633 PFL

    Ahh that explains it. Pity that you can’t have post-fade ISO’s and pre-fade monitor on $3000 piece of gear. Would love to see this remedied in an firmware update. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Ed Denton

    Hirose-powered Mac Mini.

    Running a computer based workflow on a cart with all the challenges of on set conditions? No thanks. Extremes in temperature, portable battery setups, rain, humidity, running your cart over rough terrain. There’s no chance in hell that I would trust a Mac computer to operate reliably in those conditions.
  10. Ed Denton

    633 PFL

    Apologies in advance if this has been covered but I can’t find any reference to this in the manual or online. My PFL switches are operating as “post-fade listen” rather than pre-fade. I have my Input to ISO routing as post-fade which is how I prefer it (in case I need to mute actors who walk off to the toilet without notice or something). But I would like to be able to have my PFL as Pre-fade listen so I can audition mics before bringing them into the mix. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Ed Denton

    633 firmware improvements

    Here is a copy of an email I sent to Sound Devices regarding my experience with the 633 and firmware improvements that would be useful. Please feel free to add any more that I missed: I recently bought a 633 and I just wanted to say congratulations on making a great device and also give some feedback as a user. I am a location sound mixer, I do primarily run-and-gun, one man operation where I am mixing and booming. I believe the 633 is an excellent machine for this style shooting but there are some improvements that could make the 633 better. Firstly, while there are many visual metering options one that I find lacking is the ability to remove the Left/Right meters from the screen. Most of the productions I work on these days require minimum of a boom and two wireless, which they want on iso tracks. There is less and less want or need for a LR mix track, basically it is just unwanted data that goes straight in the trash. I rarely record it any more and if they do want a mix track at all it is usually just on camera for playback. I would love to be able to have a monitor screen that only shows the iso tracks, both 3-channel view and 6-channel view. Secondly, everyone knows that typing with an encoder knob is annoying as hell. But there is a few things that would make the task easier (some of these taken from the Zoom F8 that, for all its flaws, has excellent keyboard navigation). One particular feature is to be able to scroll vertically by press-turning the headphone knob (turning the knob while it is depressed). Another would be to create a space by moving the mic/tone switch to the right. At the moment the mic/tone switch toggles Caps either way it is pushed. Personally I would love to quickly put in spaces when writing notes. I would also l would love to be able to move the cursor through the text without deleting the text. For example by holding the menu and moving the mic/tone switch. Sometimes in the heat of the moment on set I need to quickly write notes but make mistakes due to the difficulties of writing characters with a knob. It would be great to be able to quickly correct these mistakes without having to delete everything after the mistake. Lastly, it would be great if the take counter was able to display characters after instead of only 1, 2, 3 etc. Sometimes pickup shoots are slated like “scene 1, shot 1, take 14PU”. At the moment there is no way to represent this other than to change the file name. I hope this feedback leads to improved firmware in the future.
  12. Ed Denton

    Comtek “compand” switch missing

    Oh right yes! I saw that in the M-216 manual but when it said “optional compand auto/off switch” I took it to mean that it was optional whether the device was “off” or “auto”, not optional whether the device had the switch or not. But that clarified things.
  13. Ed Denton

    Comtek “compand” switch missing

    I just recently bought these Comtek units from some sound recordist and I noticed that they are missing the little “compand” and “mic” switches are missing. Is this normal or are these fake units? They seem to work fine but not sure what to make of this.
  14. Ed Denton

    633 loose object inside machine

    I was just playing with my Sound Devices 633 and I noticed there seems to be something loose moving inside the chassis of the machine. At first I thought it was the AA batteries but I removed them and noticed it still happens. It seems to be coming from the underside of the machine and when I hold it and rotate it I can feel the slight vibration of the moving object inside. Can anyone give suggestions about the cause of this? The 663 seems to be working well otherwise but I just got it so I haven’t used it extensively yet. On the video below you can clearly hear the sound as I rotate it.
  15. Ed Denton

    Comtek Questions - 72 vs 216 - Old vs New

    On the topic of Comtek Option P7 vs Comtek jack version, has anyone got opinions on performance of either? Is the jack version considerably less durable than the BNC, so much so that it affects performance? There’s an M-216 up for sale but it is not Option P7 and I’m wondering whether it will cut it as a bag IFB transmitter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk