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  1. Please Post SIlly Things

    There is an inexplicable Wilhelm Scream at 3:39. Oh, and remember to ground your cart to the radiator.
  2. Alexa Mini TC sync

    Is the Alexa Mini TC in connector the same as the one on the studio Alexa, the Nagra, Sound Devices, etc? Having read this thread 3x I still see contradictory answers.
  3. comtek ifb noise

    I can see a potential problem: were both transmitters turned on at the same time?
  4. Floor Stands and tablet mounts for LocLine Hose!

    Cool stuff, Karl.
  5. Christmas Cards

    The stamp needs updating to the 21st C.
  6. First Look at the Lectrosonics Venue 2

    Chris- +1 post your Venue 2 first look here.
  7. To Update - or not?

    Rant: After feeling the need to upgrade to Yosemite from Snow Leopard I was given the "gifts" of: Preview annotation is crippled. Forget being able to easily fill in PDF forms. No more "Save As". And when you use the hidden option<save it overwrites the older versions. I mean WTF Apple guys? /rant
  8. What´s your SD 744t workflow?

    STOP + FF will advance the scene to the next letter (i.e. from scene 1 to scene 1A). Pro tip: erase all of the scenes that have accumulated and rewrite all new scenes starting with 1 and go to say 70. Then you can scroll in numerical order to get to the desired scene #, and then add a letter as needed. Above all those scenes I add the names of all the productions I work on so I can use that name, plus the SR#, as my slate file name.
  9. On Prepping

    Jan schooled me on the Tubigrip last season. Very useful product, and it's an expendable. Thanks, Jan.
  10. New wheels

    And are the handles rack mounted?
  11. Honda’s radically efficient, energy-producing smart home

    Today's a beautiful day-- 81° and it just showered:
  12. 788t remote roll/ movie slate

    @Scott the Remote Audio link is broken.
  13. Honda’s radically efficient, energy-producing smart home

    My home is a circa 1730 Dutch colonial. It has a front porch with an extended eve overhang. This eve blocks the sun coming in the front windows during the summer when the sun is high, and allows the sun to come in all day during the winter when the sun is low. The house is oriented slightly to the southeast to allow the sun to find the house at the earliest moment, and at dusk the sun is coming in my "north" windows. When I had my solar panels installed a NJ state agency surveyed and inspected to determine the amount of subsidy they would apply to my system. The agent told me that my house and its orientation along with the steeply pitched roof were the most ideal he had encountered for sun exposure. There are many houses of that era in central Jersey and a lot of them exhibit these characteristics. Passive solar use as well as other environmental stewardships were practiced by these early settlers.
  14. Do you all still voice slate

    I appreciate the NY style. If the head slate is important and I slate it, and then the Script Supervisor changes it later, or communication fails and I am incorrect, then there is a glaring error that negates most of the advantages stated above. I prefer the Clapper to slate it. The Director and Post, and I, will seemingly be more understanding if the overworked person whose face is occasionally seen while closing the slate is incorrect.
  15. RIP Ellas Mc Daniel aka Bo Diddley

    Lovin' the 20 Feet from Stardom women- one playing rhythm.