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  1. Is this Long Island Iced Tea?
  2. I don't think Dugan or MixAssist will under-cut the necessity for sound mixers and good production sound. Dugan or MixAssist doesn't change the routine for good production sound IMHO. They will not replace the collaboration between 1st Assistant Sound and DoP. They will not replace the overlapping cues, if a second boom isn't there for off camera dialogue. They will not replace the balance between dialogue and SFX (imagine a cue when a bottle touching the hard surface). They will not turn off the fridges in a restaurant. And the story goes on... Today technology tend to blur our craft. Look what they did technology in post production; opened new fields and gave more freedom. Post production colleagues turned the technology into their side. It's our hand to turn technologies like DNS, Dugan and MixAssist into our side for better recordings. One thing is for sure: Our market will change; as everything in all industries. My favorite quote from Rupert Neve "The shift from laquer disk to multitrack tape gave engineers the ability to create better sound quality and reliability in their recordings, but they aren't always BETTER recordings".
  3. MKH 70 and MKH 50 is my favorite microphones. With thoose two microphones in your kit; you covered all your needs. MKH 60 is a perfect for television related programs due too the very well mid-range frequencies. I learned to boom with MKH 70 and it doesn't sound so "long shotgun" to my ears. Maybe I am wrong. One negative about MKH 70 or MKH 8070 is the little options about windshields. The original one from Sennheiser is too heavy. I haven't tried from Rycote, but will be better in terms of weight.
  4. Selectable output or which input-track?
  5. Did you search the previous topics which I posted for you?
  6. I hope to understand, here is a suggestion topic for Sound Devices; mute outputs. Maybe you can find an answer to your question here & here.
  7. Hi Oyin, Read as many as possible topics here. You will get a lot of lessons (not only sound related). I learned a lot reading the JWSOUND. Also, good resource is the 695 Quarterly. Read "An Open Letter from Your Sound Department". Watch Matt Price, YouTube channel. I am suggesting two books. One is Sound-on-film: Interviews with Creators of Film Sound. Second is Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures: A Guide to the Invisible Art. Best V
  8. I made a documentary series for ERT. 12 episodes total, we made 11; 1 remain. All of them without Dugan & MixAssist. I will install the firmware for last one. Thank you Sound Devices, but too late for me. Haha
  9. - Pre-record = feeding - Record = feeding - Stop = Mute
  10. Hi Manel, That's why my suggestion is both analogue and digital. Today recorders cost to us around $800 per channel with phantom power in average. Will be a fair trade a digital-only-inputs-recorder with $200 per channel (16 AES - $3200); since the end-user use digital wireless.
  11. Thanks, Simon
  12. "Expect to hear". As me and every human in the world. Paying attention is something different. You don't want sound artifacts in your room, sofa, cinema etc; blaming the viewerer or listener isn't something, I don't know, good? Hmmm
  13. Hi Max, Back in 2013, during IBC, I was asked from several manufacturers about the future in production sound. I said, in near future will be all digital (microphones and wireless) so the demand for digital inputs will be increased. Your wish about a high count of digital inputs recorder makes totally senses to me. A six analog in (for surround recordings) and twelve digital in (AES3 & AES42) recorder; will cover all the markets or they can split it to two models (one with analogue in and one without).
  14. Hi Max, Deva 24 has 16 AES inputs with AES42 support. Not available yet, but NAB isn't far away.