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  1. Zoom f8 audio files overwritten

    Of course I am joking. (:
  2. Zoom f8 audio files overwritten

    Don't even worry about that. Nobody going to notice the difference between interviews. - Does this changed your life after surgical? - Yes, sure! Cutting three slice of lemon and putting an extra bit of ginger; takes the receipe into next level. So, what.
  3. 4018c or a second 641

    Second Schoeps CMC6 MK41 Main reason: "Continuity" for double boom scenes or interviews.
  4. Headphone

    Sorry mate, I missed the "1". Hehe
  5. Headphone

  6. Update on the upcoming Tentacle Sync-E

    Zaxcom must be become with an ERX in the size of ZMT (or little bigger) with audio & timecode capabilities. Otherwise, it's waste of money.
  7. AudioRoot eSMART K-ART The AUDIOROOT eSMART K-ART is a low footprint power distribution box with a total of 16 direct DC power outputs and 4 x USB 5V ground isolated outputs. The K-ART includes 10 led illuminated power switches, a main power switch and 2 battery fuel gauges. Like it’s little brother eSMART BG-DU the K-ART is fully compatible with any type of battery ranging from 9 to 18V. When used with our eSMART Li-xxWh batteries the K-ART provides full battery informations without any calibration routine. This product was designed for use on small to medium size location sound carts. The power distributor can be connected to 2 batteries at once. The 2 batteries will discharge simultaneously thru an integrated ideal diode. These batteries can be of any type of chemistry (SLA, NI-MH or LI-ION) and the 2 fuel gauges provide all the informations required to monitor the batteries state of charge (voltage, current, power, etc…). The eSMART K-ART uses internal coulomb counters and a calibration routine to measure each battery’s true capacity and display it’s remaining capacity in real time. This power distributor is also fully compatible with our full line of Li-XXwh smart batteries. When plugging an AUDIOROOT eSMART Li-xxWh battery to the K-ART the user will have access to all the battery’s information without the need to perform any type of calibration. More informations: http://www.audioroot.fr/product/esmart-k-art/
  8. ISO's vs. Mix Track

    I thought the "debate" ISO vs Mix Track has been covered very well in 4 years reading this forum. Agree with you, Philip.
  9. NEW: Audio Ltd - DDX1010

    Hi Hugh, Please post it here, not in Facebook platform; as not everyone has a Facebook account. As for range test suggestion; would be great between: - Audio Ltd A10 TX & RX (dual mode) - Lectrosonics SRc (dual mode) & SSM - Zaxcom QRX 200 (dual mode) & ZMT 3 All of them in 50mW and whip antennas
  10. #metoo and sexism in general

    Salute, Jan!
  11. Sometimes things slip through

    I tend to believe, this is not a job from boom op or sound utility. This is a non professional job, coming outside from sound department.
  12. Yeap, every time a bad quality from "AV" / "PA". Maybe I should look to be involved into this area in future. I can only count in one hand the times who got a good quality.
  13. Just a rant

    Call sheet by our tribe
  14. Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    One of the reasons to visit US. Watching these to rolling and doing nothing. Yeah, I am weird. Haha
  15. Hi Ilari, Great introduction. Please feel free to post your email here. Best, Vasileios
  16. ATL Mixer Mixer 2017

    Drink a beer for me, Whit! Have fun!
  17. New from Zaxcom, RX-12R More: https://zaxcom.com/zaxcom-adds-to-its-receiver-line-with-new-rack-mountable-rx-12r/ Video from Gotham Sound
  18. Belarus - Legal Frequencies

    Something below 700 MHz. 600 MHz "story" is coming fast to EU.
  19. Sound Devices & Audio Ltd

  20. NEW: Audio Ltd - DDX1010

    Not possible through RX
  21. Deva 24 seminar

    https://vimeopro.com/ipstv/ips-tv-at-ibc-2017/video/234120240 I want Deva 24