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  1. 7 hours ago, CJRobertsIV said:

    1. Yes and yes.

    2. Where do I buy unidirectional cables? 


    Phillip, I have a good relationship with my local rent house but I usually run tests on cameras owned by friends. I will, however, reach out and see if they have a cable that works if I have another job with a mini before I get one shipped.


    Sound Devices XL-LL is one example, but you can find a find cheaper one.

  2. 14 hours ago, CJRobertsIV said:

    I'm thinking this must be the issue because my cable works on everything else but I've been unable to jam 3 different mini's now. I have tried all the other troubleshooting tips over and over again.


    1. Did you check the project frame rate with timecode frame rate on camera settings?
    2. Use cables which is not bidirectional, but one way.

  3. Hi NCH,


    From Facebook page of Hide-A-Mic:


    Hi Lemuel,
    Thank you for your message. The DPA clips are almost ready. We did our first production test run last week and this week we have to adjust the mold and then we can start production. The B-Flex is a little bit delayed. Hopefully the mold for that will be ready in Q1 of 2018. Sorry for that, but some things are out of my hands. We will do our best to get it out there as quick as possible. Better yesterday then today. Stay tuned!




    Maybe it's already. Better to contact Hide-A-Mic

  4. Does ARRI has been solved the "timecode freeze" when changing frame rates from higher to lower (50 > 25 as an example)?

    On 12/30/2017 at 9:00 PM, CJRobertsIV said:

    Hello everyone,


    The Alexa Mini has given me a huge headache because I can not get it to jam with my 633 or betso lockit box for the life of me. Ive read through this entire thread and have seemingly tried everyone's suggestions but for some reason my gear will not sync with the two different Alexa mini's I've worked with. Even worse is that I hear from DP's that no other audio mixers have ever had this issue so I look like an idiot. This is the first time I've ever had a technical issue in the field that I was unable to troubleshoot by lunch time of day 1. 

        Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I am suspicious of the Betso box since it's a word clock out but why wouldn't the camera jam from my 633 directly? 




    Look for answers here (as you started a new topic): 


  5. Hi Alejandro,


    DPA 4060-BM it is for black color. The letters "OC-C" is for the new DPA Core Series.


    There is: 4060, 4061, 4062, 4063 and 4071 for lavalier/miniature series. The rest letters is referring for colors, microdot/lemo etc connector and so on.


    If you can, rent a 4071 for under clothing scenario. Sounds better from 4060; at least to my ears.



  6. Happy New Year, Jeff!


    I just donated 8€ to support this forum.

    This is my first time and I wish to do it more frequently.


    This forum has helped me a lot to learn, explore and understand; not only about sound for film, but film making overall. Great stories, great analysis over the years, great personalities and finally great professionals. I feel this forum as school, academy and mentoring program in my professional career.


    Thank's a lot!

    Vasileios Alexandris

  7. A room tone usually gets around 3-5 minutes to set up and record it; not everybody is "ready" when AD calls for room tone. Then, you have to be lucky to get a .30 seconds clean room tone. Wasting 9 to 15 minutes (total) on set for room tone, which the post production not going to use it; it's waste of time really. I am not saying room tone isn't usefull. I am saying post production have much more smart tools these days, espacially in the age of iZotope. Agree with Constantin overall here.

  8. Sonosax News - December 2017



    Also, a new firmware update for SX-R4+.

    Version 3.2 - Look here: https://www.sonosax.ch/product/sx-r4p/



    • Fixed peak hold freeze problem (very rare, but can freeze the SX-R4+)
    • Fixed 23.976 & 29.97 timecode encoding
    • Fixed/enhanced SX-AD8+ and SX-RC8+ operation (spurious touch screen events when modifying SX-AD8+/SX-RC8+ pot positions.
    • Fixed input delays (wasn’t restored properly after a power cycle)
    • Fixed max file size parameter (was not saved/restored)
    • Fixed empty project bug (‘UNNAMED’ folder is created instead)
    • Fixed FAMILY_UID iXML tag, in order to solve an import problem with Pyramix with multiple files created due to the max file size file split
    • Added scene/take in the filename
    • Added AMBISONIC decoder, with A&B format recording/monitoring capabilities
    • Added AUTO WORKING DAY button in SETUP/SYSTEM/MISC that prevent working day screen to display at startup
    • Enhanced web interface (horizontal meters, system menu)
    • Minor interface bugs & enhancements

  9. 3 hours ago, Philip Perkins said:

    An IOS device makes a terrible slate.  Fragile, awkward to handle, mirror screen, generally not bright enough for direct sun, power issues, latency issues and no clap stick (the most important part!).  I actually think that Denecke slates are great deals--they last and last.  I have slates that I bought from the late Mike Denecke himself in the early days that have been upgraded and refitted several times and have survived many drops, kicks, airplane shipments, sea-water dunkings etc and still function perfectly.  To some, slates seem like a minor or peripheral accessory, I say they are an essential tool for professionals.



  10. 29 minutes ago, Ohrenzeuge said:


    I am not talking about the DT 770 Pro, I am talking about the DT 1770 Pro. Got the DT770Pro myself but do not really like them. To me the HD26 is better in any way: comfy, better resolution and linearity, more depth and Stereo Image. I would like to know how the 1770 compares to that.


    Sorry mate, I missed the "1". Hehe