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  1. Why not transmitter?
  2. Didn't know about SKP300. Thanks Constantin!
  3. Check from Mozegear, Mini Papi and Papi Lite
  4. I would choose DPA 4060 over 4061. The DPA 4060 & 4071 via hardwired it's a whole different microphone. I am a little bit skeptical about this setup. First because the low-mid wind situation. Second about stereo technique, only AB comes to my mind.
  5. I would like to work with your DoP. Especially when the frame has shadows from boom.
  6. This. 1. Do we need only a mixer? 2. Do we need mixer/recorder (Sound Devices 633 type)? 3. Do we need to roll sound in sync for all shoots? 4. Do we need timecode? 5. Do we need a camera wireless hop (from mixer or mixer/recorder)? From my experience: - Mixer/Recorder - Wireless to "talents" and presenter or journalist - Of course a shotgun microphone with windshield - Wireless camera hop - Timecode (Time of Day / TOD, be specific about 23.976 or 29.976 or 25) - 48/24 - Provide Mix Track and ISO Tracks - Prepare yourself for 10+ hours working - Drink water Make the calculations about labor rate and gear rental rate. Have fun and good luck!
  7. You can contact Tim Prebble, creator of HISSandaROAR sound libraries. He is based at New Zealand
  8. Hi, Do we have Nico Ruderman from Spinrad Sound with us? He was the sound supervisor for The Selection: Special Operations Experiment; a huge amount of recorders, wireless and microphones being used for this project. You can get a glimpse through DPA article for what I am saying.
  9. I have used DPA 4071 with Sennheiser G3 and hardwired. A whole "different" microphone when it's hardwired. I like the DPA 4071 for male voices, low-mid tonal emphasis and under clothes. If I would buy a new lavalier, this will be DPA 4060 Slim.
  10. Dear Lockit users, we've just released the Lockit Firmware 5.0 including the new LockitToolbox. Release 5.0 sets a new milestone in intuitive configuration and enhances the fail-safe automatisms introduced with previous releases. This has been made possible by merging code with the all-new, display-less NanoLockit. We also added configuration options for the NanoLockit with the LockitToolbox. The core features are setting: - Real Time Clock - TC Framerate (FPS) - ACN Channel Versions for Mac and Windows as well as in depth change notes and manuals are available under Your Ambient Team
  11. I think, only Rycote make windshields for such big microphones. I don't recommend Blimp from Rode with Extension.
  12. Hi Eric, Does that means there will be new website & emails for the three separate companies?
  13. Great example of swimming pool! Thanks, David
  14. From the official Facebook page: COMING SOON... We're releasing a range of additional cables to buy for the UltraSync ONE including: - Coax to BNC - Coax to LEMO5 (two will be available for timecode in/out) - Coax to XLR (two will be available for timecode in/out) - Coax to Minijack - Coax to Minijack Y/splitter cable - Coax to BNX converter cable When you purchase the UltraSync ONE, you will receive two coax to BNC cables (one for timecode, one for genlock) and a USB charging cable as standard. Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter pages for more information including prices and shipping dates.