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  1. dBFS metering scale EVERYWHERE for God sake. Dear manufacturers, can you hear?
  2. Check Location Sound Corp:
  3. +1 for Jose
  4. Pinknoise Custom Sound Devices MixPre 3/6 Battery Eliminator for External Hirose Power
  5. I hope the guy behind Pro Tools, has vacation time of one year. Including free cocktails. Haha Nice Glenn! Do you know which microphones being used for this?
  6. Probably wrong answer: Blackmagic Design
  7. 23 years without Manos Hatzidakis.
  8. Opinions about this microphone? Has ever tested?
  9. Hello Jacques, All the features of SX-ST mixer, plus: - Adjustable LED brightness - Power via R4+ or external battery (Hirose connector) - 12 physical faders, 100mm - Record / Play / Stop / >> << physical buttons - Metadata button - Timecode button - Flat surface, not with a little angle like CL-12 from Sound Devices and Oasis from Zaxcom - Matte finish - Slim design in terms of height (like prototype) - No rubber buttons (like SD 788 buttons) - Water and dust resistant - Lightweight - Does the Ethernet connector make sense? Really, I don't know. - Headphone jack with volume rotary fader I think it's time to stop. Haha
  10. Specs isn't great, but solves some problems in workflow.
  11. Sennheiser MKH 416 and Sennheiser MKH 50 is quite popular in foley studios. I think, Neumann KMR 81i, also.
  12. As Mark Ulano said: Be a filmmaker who specializes in sound, rather than a sound person who specializes in filmmaking.
  13. I would said it "typical". Different impedance.
  14. This is my main problem watching movies. I can't enjoy a movie anymore; as I am paying attention to those details. For me, a good movie is when I am absorded into the story; which happens when technical parts are good or perfect. Of course this a personal subject, I think.
  15. Hi, I will suggest you a different forum, the Gearslutz. You build a 5.1 mix in post production, not in location. Make your life easier and use a microphone like Ambient TinyMike. Ask a supervising sound editor / sound designer about stereo recording techniques; how translated in 5.1. Have fun!
  16. Hi Nico, I watched the first episode (illegal - oops) after reading the article from DPA. For this type of workflow and conditions, sounds good to my ears. Hint: English isn't my native language, so I watched without subtitles. So, questions coming to my head; if you have time to answer will be beautiful. - The workflow was 1:1 in terms of "field units"? I mean, 1 Camera Op - 1 Sound Op? - Time management of putting lavaliers on instructors - Sending T/C or Wireless Camera Hop to cameras and video recorders I am looking forward to watch the second episode!
  17. Hi, Do we have Nico Ruderman from Spinrad Sound with us? He was the sound supervisor for The Selection: Special Operations Experiment; a huge amount of recorders, wireless and microphones being used for this project. You can get a glimpse through DPA article for what I am saying.
  18. Hi Crew, Thanks for the reply! I will add this to the conversation; recent interview with Michel Chion from Designing Sound. On long plane trips, I sometimes watch an action movie without putting the earplugs (the ones they offer sound really bad and you still have the noise of the airplane disturbing your perception). I can still follow the action thanks to the subtitles. The film is still enjoyable, even if we “lose” a lot of its expressive intentions. I think that today those who work in the film industry know that a film should be “audio-viewed” in very different contexts and therefore it should be compatible with all of them.
  19. Hi Constantin, I searched for this and I found:
  20. One of reasons why every audio manufacturer should NOT demonstrate "sound quality" via YouTube
  21. I would not named it "affordable" with only 4 mic pre amps and 2 AES inputs.
  22. Does anybody have more information about this in picture below? Signal quality is maximized by transmitting two identical signals on independent frequencies. If the active signal degrades, the other takes over automatically. Website says: Available early 2018
  23. In promo video; the guy with handheld wireless microphone, said 10mW and range was around 200 yards. Did I hear it correctly about 10mW?