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  1. NEW: Zoom LiveTrak L-12

    New one from Zoom Zoom LiveTrak L-12
  2. DPA 4063 loud pops

    Yes. Send it for service. That's the weak point of DPA Microdot.
  3. MixPre-6 – worth it for this beginner?

    Today, second hand Sound Devices 788 is around 3.000 - 4.000. Crazy
  4. It has. Manual Page 37.
  5. MixPre-6 – worth it for this beginner?

    Do not follow what camera industry does in terms of marketing. Zoom F8, Zoom F4, Zaxcom Maxx, Sound Devices 633, Sound Devices MixPre will do the job. Having used Zoom F8 and Sound Devices 633; my choice is Sound Devices 633. It's not look "pretty" in front of client, I feel more comfortable with Sound Devices 633. If your clients can pay the cost of renting Sound Devices 633; then go with it.
  6. NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    More: https://nanolockit.com
  7. Ursa Strap

    Call Trew Audio or Remote Audio
  8. NEW: Zoom LiveTrak L-12

    You are pushing so hard for $600 digital mixer (recorder).
  9. Updated Forum today

    Hi Jeff, Everything runs fine now. +1
  10. Lectrosonics LT vs SMQV

    With better gain setting, not attaching the body etc... Last, more auxiliary output power (mW).
  11. Updated Forum today

    Hi Jeff, This is what I see after upgrade.
  12. Schoeps MiniCMIT

    A new one from Schoeps http://schoeps.de/en/products/minicmit
  13. Low-End Saramonic Wireless

    It's better to spend few bucks in something different rather than Saramonic.
  14. Low-End Saramonic Wireless

    I was surprised when I didn't find any level control on the transmitter. Really waste of money, doesn't matter if it's super cheap. I prefer to spend some money in chest straps from URSA.
  15. Low-End Saramonic Wireless

    Saramonic is a waste of money, doesn't matter if it's cheap. Cheap is G3 also.
  16. NEED Vdb Boom Pole Cleaning recommendations

    Have you contacted Trew Audio or Gotham Sound? It's their official retailers.
  17. Alexa Mini TC sync

    I had one AC to tell me: "Camera is free run, 25". I asked to check it in personal and I found it was rec run and 24. Later I was told her "when we change frame rate (from 50 to 25) I need to jam every time (I didn't had sync box)". Her question "Why" gave me headache. I am really worry about future generations.
  18. RIP LOON

    R.I.P Mr. Wetzel
  19. Emmy Nominations

    Congratulations to all! I did notice the ''Production Mixer'' instead of ''Production Sound Mixer''.
  20. It's time production to re-think their wireless.
  21. Hi, I am heading next Friday (07/07/2017, wow) to Serbia, Belgrade. I will use Sennheiser G3 100, 780 MHz to 822 MHz band. Any information about clean frequencies between 780 - 822 or in general are welcome. Thanks VA
  22. House of Cards Season 5

    Hi Ben, Lorenzo has been posted to my Facebook account for your first question. I will re-post it here. "OK let’s see, the director was Alik Sakharov. So it was a little bit of a jumble. I think initially the plan was green screen but Alik had the idea of them standing in the light of the projection. The video playback was coming from a laptop to a video projector. Initially the projector was mounted to the ceiling, but once they realized it wouldn’t go through Kevin and Robin when they stood up, it was taken down from the ceiling and I think placed in the back of the room in what was made to look as the projection room. I realized once I saw the playback that it had been meant for reference and was not a good copy and the audio actually preceded the video, I think by a few frames. As always people were asking telling me the audio was off and I had to explain that I was getting a feed and the audio on the feed was off and not of my doing. So the feed I had to get was a headphone jack from the laptop, which sounded like ass and had a bad hum. Once I found a decent level I then took a three foot jumper and disconnected the ground to make a ground lift because the laptop was giving me a hum and I figured it was from the projector on AC power coming through the laptop (which was on battery when we tested it) to me. So I used the Zaxcom Fusion 12. The actors were wired because of them standing in front of the playback and seeing their shadows on the screen, but when we faced the other direction we were able to get the boom in when we needed to, sometimes both booms. I took the feed from the video playback and ran that into two earwigs for Robin and Kevin and hide the Comtek base station in the room. All they got on the earwig was the playback which I controlled the level. Then I ran a speaker into the room to run the playback through when there was no dialogue for some of the shots, specifically the later screen when Stamper comes in. I just used the small Remote Audio Speakeasy battery speaker. After rehearsal, we had to work some kinks out of the timing and everything of the playback and the earwigs. Kevin and I worked out so that he didn't want all of the movie in his ear but wanted to make sure he heard the part leading up to the “Wonder” line from Fred MacMurray. So he could time it out. I mixed it with the playback to never overpower their (Robin and Kevin) voices but to work with them, create a backdrop but punctuate the moods when needed."