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  1. Interference between different radio frequencies can be a time-consuming issue for camera crews. The ARRI Wireless Video System eliminates this issue because it works harmoniously with ALEXA SXT W’s other radio-based offerings: the WiFi and the ECS, ARRI’s proprietary camera and lens control system. Since ARRI now fulfills all wireless requirements, crews can be sure there won’t be any problems on set. The high-quality video feeds from the ALEXA SXT W and stand-alone transmitters are long-range, uncompressed, and encrypted for safety. Audio, timecode, and REC flag are included in the zero-delay signal, and up to four receivers can be used per transmitter. More: -- Interesting about: Audio, timecode, and REC flag are included in the zero-delay signal, and up to four receivers can be used per transmitter. NAB is coming. If anyone can ask which frequencies works and audio / timecode; will be great.
  2. Sell a house. Haha
  3. Does the AVB interface works on SX-R4+ or it's only for the SX-AD8+?
  4. Hi Simon, or maybe someone screw up the words between "transmit" and "receive". I don't know.
  5. Agree. Not only 2ms delay (standard mode), but AES256 Encryption, Dante output (AES67 support) and wideband. I am also curious about this: Two identical signals transmit on independent frequencies, with one taking over automatically should the other degrade.
  6. - Fairlight Audio inside to DaVinci Resolve 14 - Shure Axient Digital Wireless
  7. New firmware update for ARRI Amira. According to Marcus Duerr, Jam Sync added and switching higher frame rate (say 50) and back again to project frame rate (say 25) will hold the timecode without a need for re-sync.
  8. Read more: From official Facebook page, about connectors: "It's a mini COAX rather than a mini BNC. The official connector name is DIN 1.0/2.3 and is an off the shelf connector available from most electronics hardware suppliers. Two cables are provided in the box to BNC (for timecode and genlock) and more will be available."
  9. New from Audio Ltd, DDX1010 This is the new DDX1010 fully digital dual receiver. It contains two Maximal Ratio Combining (MRC) true diversity receivers which operate fully independently of each other. But it’s still the same dimensions as the DX1010 receiver. It features full encryption and has an analogue output and an AES digital output that’s SuperSlot™ compatible. Bandwidth: 224MHz in 25kHz steps Digitally controlled RF tracking filters Up to twenty 1010 systems can be operated together in just one TV channel 2ms end-to-end delay More:
  10. Pay attention at 02.27
  11. ZMT-PH has no NeverClip; dynamic range it's 114 dB Max 75mW aux output power Does the ZMT-HM has NeverClip?
  12. New from K-TEK, Boom Box More: Listed Price: $185
  13. New from Zaxcom, ZFR400 More: Video from Gotham Sound
  14. New from Zaxcom, RX-12R More: Video from Gotham Sound
  15. I am wondering about the balance. Putting your boompole there; going for water, you found it at the floor, is no bueno and no safety for the rest crew.
  16. More:
  17. $185 is a bit pricey. Does it have a sandbag or something to not flip?
  18. Do you have a full control of DDX1010 through SL-6?
  19. Thanks, Constantin!
  20. Sound Devices unveils MD-4: 4-Input, 4-Output Analog-to-Dante Interface More:
  21. Is the HPF with fixed setting? I read: -6 dB at 75 Hz, 18 dB per octave
  22. Daniel, good question. From one hand we have a comment from Scott Boland in Freelance Sound Mixers and Recordist - Europe - on Facebook which says: We'll be showing the [still pre-production] DX1010 Twin at NAB with Kish on hand [Redding Audio booth]. It's still not in production and a final RRP price is also not set as of yet. From the other hand; Noyz Boyz has a price for DDX1010, which is 2.725€ ex. VAT
  23. Looks like ORCA OR-27 and K-TEK Stingray KSTG70 are the right bags for Sound Devices MixPre-6. For tight bag lovers.
  24. My suggestion also. More information:
  25. M2R Receiver: M2T Transmitter (without Dante): M2T Transmitter (with Dante):