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  1. Boom Op PL and Talkback

    Yeah looking to get some outside our range. Tried out the ref mute on the boom end, had the wire on boom go into channel 12 of fusion, pre fade to headphones, so when mute switch is on, TB goes only to right ear of headphones. In theory, should be perfect, but the ref mute i rented to test out didn't seem to work on the day. Gonna try out the G3's again away from block 19 IFB.
  2. Boom Op PL and Talkback

    Looking to set up a new PL system on my new show. Prepared to wear a wire, but want to have the ability to mute on the boom op side. Tried out the Lectro REF Mute switch, but didn't seem to work for me. Thinking of G3's, but every channel I tried seemed to interfere with our Lectro IFB feed. Anyone have a setup of their own that they would recommend?
  3. Bag-cart shelf

    Thanks! It's much lighter then going to flight case route, although you can imagine it doesn't fly well. Working on another one for a mixer friend of mine in Richmond Billy Britt, going to be making some upgrades and will post more photos soon.
  4. Advice on cleaning 788/CL8

    I'm looking to give my 788 and CL8 a good cleaning. Any advice on how to go about it? Is it as simple as opening it all up and hitting it with air?
  5. Bag RF Distro custom cabling

    I'm working on finishing my bag RF distro and I'm looking for low profile 50 ohm cabling for my 411's. It'll be feeding 2 PSC distro's as of now, but may upgrade to the newer PSC RF Multi SMA to save space. Any recommendations on where to get custom cabling?
  6. Bag-cart shelf

    Here's the shelf at about 95% completion. Added spring handles on the sides, small D-rings to strap down the bag to the top using some k-tek headphones straps. Finished it with a few coats of spanish oak stain and satin polyurethane. May add a bar on the back to clip a comtek transmitter, hops, etc...
  7. Bag-cart shelf

    Glad I can help stir up some new ideas! Its all all knotty pine, so extremely light. Haven't weighed it yet but can't be more then 5lbs!
  8. Bag-cart shelf

    So I've made a slide on shelf for my pelican storm case for my bag to sit on, but i wanted to make another one that could be used on my standard cart top with my bag as well as have a pull out drawer for my CL9. For a first pass, I think it came out great! Used a knotted piece as my pull handle and found the drawer slides at Office Depot for free since the hardware was missing, so everything used was free and recycled! Still going to put a tung oil or ling seed oil to finish it. Let me know what you think!
  9. I'm currently modifying my wheels on my IM2750 storm case, and I'm trying to put 6" wheels on without drilling a new hole in the original wheel framing. I'd love to have a quick release pin system so I can swap out the 6" with the original small stock wheels. There aren't any quick release pins 8mm small, so would it still be possible? Looking to anyone with any advice! THANKS! Steve
  10. Proper Tie Rigs

    +1 to hush lav. If it's a full windsor knot, there's always going to be a side that is a little higher in the construct of the knot, so I always feed the cable on that side of the collar. I'll always put a loop in cable on back of the shirt under the collar, then transpore... Allows for some slack. If it's a loose tie or a little starchy, I'll take a small piece of Joe's Sticky Stuff and wrap it around the hush lav, place in knot then lightly squeeze the knot around the hush. This method works great for me with loose knots, pulled down ties and when there's a lot of running/movement/stunts. With a tie knot pulled down, I'll tape the cable behind the the neck loop of the tie and tuck the cable slightly around the knot. When its windy, I'll usually put a pop-on windscreen for the sanken's, and if it's really bad, I'll also hide a Rycote Overcover, which work really well! Neck stubble, hairy chest's and starchy shirts don't help at all, but there are some things to help, like having talent wear an undershirt. When I wire on Veep, It's always a pain since most of the action happening on camera consists of talent looking down at their phones while they talk, but that's the least of my concerns. Once you find what works, you can do it in your sleep!
  11. Shipping apple box

    I have a homemade applebox that I use as boom storage on set. Working in LA for a few months on a show and am wondering if I could simply check it at the airport, or If I should ship it. If ship it, would I even need to package it? It's really sturdy so I'm not worried about it breaking at all. thanks, steve
  12. Pelican Mobility Case as peel-cart

    Has anyone had any experience using the Pelican Mobility line of cases as a standing peli-cart? Looks like it stands up level and the door can open in that position, but wanted to check if anyone had any experience with them. I'm looking to build a pedi-cart with drawers and boom bobbers on side with much influence from Pascal's work. Let me know what you think! Thanks, Steve
  13. Modifications on a Peli iM2750

    I'm definitely going to do this with a addition of my custom bag shelf I'm designing. I'm wondering if anyone has used the Pelican Mobility Kit cases before? It seems like they allow you to have the case stay level when upright and still be able to swing the door open. I LOVE Pascal's case with it's removable door, but be cool to have it still stay on at times. BUT, is it just easier to do the modifications on the IM series cases?
  14. My Custom Sound Cart Shelf

    You read my mind, Jim! Cheers!
  15. My Custom Sound Cart Shelf

    Thanks, Rachel! As of now, the only locking idea i have is a simple velcro strip and a velcro tab on each battery. I don't want to invert them since it would probably be more prone to the elements (dust, particles, water, etc.)... we shall see. thinking of making the power distro on back removable in some way, whether I set up grooves for it to slide onto or maybe keyhole hooks. may be a bust, but I like the idea of it on the back so far.